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Tea Party "Not Sure About Romney?" ...Duh

My response to this horrible story...

"Not one mention of the Godfather of the Tea Party? The one true conservative elected to office as a Tea Party Republican 12 times? The one candidate that has served this country in war and who wants to return this country to fiscal sanity. The one candidate that pulls votes from all three demographics. The only candidate who worked in the medical field for over 40 years. I feel sorry for Americans. Ignorant people are a politicians warm blanket. Uneducated, dumbed down public. No ambition or drive and believe whatever the black box in their living room tells them. Tea Party? We handed them the most qualified person to run for POTUS in the last 100 years and what do they do? They do what the are told to do.. dismiss him. Sheep to the information trough. Im so tired of telling people to wake up. There is not a glass of water cold enough. The collapse of this nation is the only thing loud enough to bring them to consciousness. I hope Romney wins so America might finally realize nobody is really on their side. Wishful thinking...

Ron Paul 2012. Your children are watching you..."


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thanks reedr3v

well said