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501(c) Corp needed for a Donation

I have man with a truck that he is willing to donate to the Ron Paul cause.

Here's a picture:


I would like to paint it olive drab and put a canvas top on it with "Ron Paul Army" painted on the side and drive it to Tampa. I am willing to do the work, and have spent the time and effort getting it running. I need a non-profit that can receive donations so he can get a tax write off.

I see it being a rally point for information for delegates and supporters. I'm willing to equip it with a WiFI hot spot for those alternate media / streaming from the convention.

Could also use any help available with gas, as I'll be making the trip from S.Dakota.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

In Liberty,

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Also, anyone that needs a ride..

If you are on the way, you are welcome to " be all that you can be" and enlist in the RP Army. Will probably sleep about 6-8 when I'm done:@)

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