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‘Jim’, a Police Officer Warns of an “Event” in October, 2012: Alex Jones Show

This call is from the Sunday, June 24th broadcast of the Alex Jones radio show. Jones announced that he only wanted to take calls from members of the military or police. A man identifying himself as a police officer named ‘Jim’ called in to report some startling information.

“We have been told that in October we need to be prepared for an event that will require us to use air and ground support, in conjunction with the military here.”


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You would think they would know we are onto them with an

October Surprise. I wonder why they didn't save the Bin Laden fable for now. I wish an early August surprise would happen to make all the delegates vote for Paul.

an October Surprise? I would

an October Surprise?
I would expect nothing less

October 2012

Does it involve Jack-o-Lanterns and panhendlers running around in cheap plastic costumes?

The Alex Jones show

is the equivalent of the supermarket tabloids for idiots.

I wonder...

Yet Dr. Ron Paul was a guest on AJ's show about 30 times.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I think he does it

as an attempt to correct some of the idiotic drivel that pours out of AJ's mouth.

Le's face it .
Alex Jones proved himself a traitor last week with his prolonged vicious attack against the Pauls, and theres no getting around it.

I can tell you never listened to Dr. Paul on AJ's show.

Yes, Alex committed a sin against the Paul's , but his fan base set him straight and told him to knock it off.

what a drama queen you are

you are just as bad as the people think rand is a traitor. newsflash: neither are traitors.