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Ron Paul's Top Pick for 2012 Senate Race

Ron Paul just sent me an e-mail rallying Liberty members to Support the last day of a money bomb to aid US Senate Candidate Kurt Bills from Minnesota.


Read Ron's message below:

Dear Matt,

Kurt Bills is my top pick this year for United States Senate, and today is important.

With only hours left in the quarter, Kurt is trying to raise every dollar he possibly can.

So far, Kurt has raised over $52,000 in the past two days, and we are close to our goal of $75,000. Can help us push to the finish line right now?

A gift of any amount - $25, $50, $100, even $10 - would be tremendous.

Please consider chipping in right now and, as always, thank you for your support.

In Liberty,
Ron Paul

Want to gain the majority in the Senate... Chip in what you can! Www.kurtbills.com

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Only 6 hours left to reach the $75k goal... Chip in if you can, Bills is awesome.