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Nigel Farage: Van Rompuy, Barroso worst people in EU since 1945

After a tough night of wrangling, EU leaders have agreed to set up a new authority - tasked with keeping sinking banks afloat. And to do that, the new agency will be given access to Europe's mammoth bailout funds - stocked in a large part by taxpayer money. This exact function was previously carried out by governments. But now, the EU can bailout a nation's banks - without adding to the government's debt levels - at least on the books


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More Like A Romney Than A Paul!

Good speaker isn't he? That's about it. Sadly he is no Ron Paul. I speak as one who has known him quite well; even had his drunken (drink has been one of his failings) arm around me as he sort of apologised (too late) for a previous now obvious mistake when he had scoffed my warnings. His womanising is also legendary (his wife seems to live with it). He's a past city wide-eyed boy financier (not sure what he does now except milk the EU). And the media here love him (acts as a road block to more serious and genuine people coming through and drawing together the over-whelming anti-EU feeling in the UK). Farage's party (UKIP) actually has some very good people indeed (much more like Ron Paulers) - Farage owes them his meal-ticket in the EU Parliament. OK - my part in all this was some time ago (2000 or thereabout) - but I still hear many things. Farage knows next to nothing about liberty - he only knows about how to make sure he wins. Much more like a Romney than a Paul!

I hear others say other things about him - I don't know about that - but these things I say here I'm sure of. So you can see - I really don't think Ron Paul will be too happy at all at being compared to this person.

I voted you down.

Because at least Farage has the Balls to stand in the EU parliament and call its president out for who he is. UKIP is nothing without Farage so I wonder what your solution is to the Rot that is occuring in Europe?

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Prepared To Back It Up

Yes, I expected to be voted down. I'm sorry. It's not easy having such personal knowledge knowing how it dissonates with what the media portrays and so everybody will believe - you know how it goes!

But I'm prepared to back it up. Here's just one link - http://caterpillarsandbutterflies1.blogspot.co.uk where you can spend a few happy hours going through the man's misdemeaners and get leads to as many more links as you might like to further research. You could not do that with a Google search of Ron Paul!!!

You'll also find my name there somewhere as one of the hundreds of hard working party members (I was on the UKIP National Executive) who eventually could take no more and had to leave. (In fact I've just noticed this very full site also contains the leaving notice I sent out to party members at that time - I'm surprised to still see it after all this time).

Yes - Farage is and always has been a very powerful speaker - I give him that - but he is hugely damaging to his cause and is a main reason why the anti-EU cause in the UK has been held back for so long. There are other good speakers in the EU parliament (Daniel Bannerman (Tory) Mike Nattrass (UKIP) Andrew Brons (BNP)) - but it is Farage that is promoted by the media - ask yourselves why!

But - good speaker or no - Farage is absolutely nothing NOTHING like the thoroughly decent and honourable Dr. Ron Paul.


Won't waste my time reading it so can you condense your grievances with Farage?

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Maybe Just One Quote?

I thought I did condense it? Summerised - Dr. Ron Paul is NOT a drunk, nor a womaniser, nor a slick financier, and certainly does not have a devious, destructive character that has made him very well off and has undermined the political principles to which he pays lip-service. Farage - on the other hand - is! The difference between the two could not be more stark.

The website link I gave backs all this up and gives links to far more. I'm afraid I can't help it if you won't read it.

Well - maybe just one quote here? From Dr. Richard North, a very well-known and respected anti-EU author and anti-EU campaigner. He said in his resignation from the position of being UKIP's EU researcher - “I am not and was not prepared to be a bag-carrier. Nor would I fetch and carry for Farage, or write his letters, or be available to pour him into a taxi when he was so blind drunk that he could no longer stand, or cover for him when he failed to turn up for morning appointments because he had been out on the tiles all night long. I am almost old enough to be his father, but I am not in the business of being his nanny."

Farage is liked by the British (very pro EU!) media (one has to wonder why?).

Farage is NOTHING like Ron Paul.

Farage is certainly a strong speaker - as many politicians are. But Ron Paul's speeches contain that consistancy, intelligence, honesty and integrity that makes him very special.

If thats the best you have then you have nothing.

If he wants to get blathered then that is his choice but don't slander him on here we need all the friends we can get.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Surely It Is Dr Paul That Is Being "Slandered"?

OK - that's your view - I've given another.

But "slander"? Shouldn't that be "libel" (slander is spoken - libel is written). Doesn't that mean something that is not true? I don't believe I am in any danger of being sued here!!

The "slander" if anything would be in Dr Paul being likened to this man, Farage.

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Farrage is the closest to being the Ron Paul of Europe.

Thanks for the post.