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Considerations on a Ron Paul - 3rd party or write-in campaign and the future of the liberty movement.

Fight for Ron Paul to get the nomination! If he doesn't get the nomination then you have to consider your options for how you will vote for in November. When you are making your decision you should be aware of certain facts that effect whether your vote will be counted.

8 states do not allow write-in votes: Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota.

See a map that details ballot laws: http://imgur.com/9JvHj

Many states that do allow a write-in vote require that the candidate themselves register as a write-in candidate and be certified for their write-in votes to be counted. To be registered and certified as a third party candidate you must have the required signatures turned in by the dates below or the votes will not be counted and reported. As you can see it is already past that date in some states:

State, Signatures, Due date
CT. #7,500 June 4
NC. 85,379 June 14
VT. #1,000 June 14
IL. #25,000 June 25
NM. 18,053 June 27
TX. 80,778 June 29
IN. #34,195 June 30
NV. 7,013 July 6
DE. [est]6,500 July 15
OK. 43,890, July 15
FL. 112,174 July 15
SC. 10,000 July 15
MI. 30,000 July 19
MO. 10,000 July 30
NJ. #800 July 30
MA. #10,000 July 31
AR. #1,000 Aug 1
CA. 172,859 Aug 1
PA. 20,601 Aug 1
WV. #7,135 Aug 1
GA. #51,845 Aug 6
KS. 5,000 Aug 6
MD. [est]35,000 Aug 6
SD. 3,171 Aug 7
WI. #2,000 Aug 7
AK. #3,271 Aug 8
DC. [est]#3,900 Aug 8
ME. #4,000 Aug 8
NH. #3,000 Aug 8
OH. 5,000 Aug 8
CO. #pay $500 Aug 10
MT. #5,000 Aug 15
UT. #1,000 Aug 15
TN. 275 Aug 16
IA. #1,500 Aug 17
MN. #2,000 Aug 21
NY. #15,000 Aug 21
ID. 1,000 Aug 24
VA. #10,000 Aug 24
OR. 18,279 Aug 28
WA. #1,000 Aug 28
WY. 3,740 Aug 28
NE. 2,500 Sept 1
LA. #pay $500 Sept 4
AL. 5,000 Sept 6
AL. 5,000 Sept 6
AZ. [est]#27,000 Sept 7
HI. #4,536 Sept 7
KY. #5,000 Sept 7
MS. 1,000 Sept.7
ND. #4,000 Sept 7
RI. #1,000 Sept 7
#=partisan label permitted [other than "independent"]

The date for certification will be past in many of those states by the time of the Republican Convention in Tampa. Ron Paul cannot be registering as a write-in candidate if he expects to fight for the nomination in Tampa as this would offend the Republican Party and diminish his chances of securing the nomination. If he is not registered and certified, most states will not count or report write-ins for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has no intention to run third party or as a write-in candidate if he does not get the nomination and has said that he is retiring if he doesn't get the nomination. In light of the facts laid out here your vote for him would be most likely not be counted or reported if you wanted to send a message by writing him in anyway.

Ron Paul has stated that the R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution goes on with or without him. It is time that we look to the future of the Liberty Movement for November and far into the future. It would be a shame if everything that Ron has helped to build fell apart without Ron leading from the front.

I would like to urge every soldier in the fight for Liberty to take a serious look at Gary Johnson the Libertarian Candidate For President. Ron Paul ran for president in 1988 as the Libertarian Party Candidate and is an honorary Libertarian Party member for life. Gary Johnson is spot-on with 95% of Ron Paul's policies and has executive experience as a popular two term Governor of New Mexico where he vetoed more spending bills than the Governors of all the other states combined. No one can be Ron Paul but Gary Johnson is pretty close and by far the best Liberty Candidate that will be on the ballot in November if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination in Tampa. In fact, Gary Johnson will be the only candidate besides Obama and the Republican nominee that will be on the ballot in all 50 states!

Ron Paul pioneered the tactic of fighting from the inside and taking over the GOP from within. If Ron does not get the nomination in Tampa no one will know who you vote for on your secret ballot in November. It's not a primary, you will not be asked your party, you will be able to vote for any candidate from whatever party you wish and no one has to know who you personally voted for. We can fight for Liberty within the GOP and we can fight for Liberty from without by helping to grow the Libertarian Party, a party that Ron Paul ran as the Presidential Candidate for in 1988, all at the same time. If Dr. Paul does not get the nomination in November there will be no Liberty Candidate for President running in the GOP. I know I will never vote for Romney and I don't think you will either. You can send a message of Liberty to the GOP and the world that will be counted and reported by voting for the Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson.

Take a look at Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson with an open mind and consider if you think that the Liberty Movement throwing their weight behind him in November if Ron Paul does not get the nomination is the best option to advance the Liberty Movement at this time. We have a facebook group dedicated to those who want to know more about Gary Johnson so that you can consider your options for a contingency plan if we do not have a desirable outcome in Tampa. Please check us out:

Ron Paul Supporters Taking a Look at Gary Johnson - Libertarian

See a map that details ballot rules: http://i.imgur.com/9JvHj.png



This is the current status of Gary Johnson / James Gray's ballot access. As you can see they are already going to be on the ballot in most states and are going to beat the deadlines on the rest. They will be on the ballot in all 50 states:

This is an example of an application to be a write-in candidate. You will notice on this application that Ron Paul himself will have to sign this application or write-in votes in Connecticut will not be counted or reported. How many states have the same rules to have write-in votes counted and reported?:

Ron Paul has no intention of running 3rd Party or as a write-in candidate if he does not get the GOP nomination. Listen to Ron Paul's own words on his plans after Tampa if he doesn't get the nomination:

Will Ron Paul endorse Gary Johnson if there is not a desirable outcome in Tampa? No one can know for sure but Reason reported last year before Ron Paul decided to run that Ron Paul would "most likely" throw his weight behind Johnson. "I can't imagine endorsing anybody else," he says. Read it at:

The Federal Elections Commission reports that Ron Paul got 42,426 votes as a write-in in 2008 while the Libertarian Party candidate got 523,715 votes, more than 10 times as many. More may have voted for Paul but because of the rules they were not counted or reported. Gary Johnson is a much better candidate than the candidate that the Libertarian Party ran in 2008 and will surely get many more votes. Gary will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

Federal Election Commission 2008 Presidential Votes:

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Since I do not live in a swing state,

I will be throwing a protest vote Virgil Goode's way in November on the presidential slot.

Sadly, I will be unable to

Sadly, I will be unable to write in Dr Paul if he doesn't get the GOP nomination because I live in LA. If he doesn't get the nomination and isn't running third party, I'll be voting a straight Libertarian ticket.

"As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it." - Albert Einstein
"Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?" ~ Wead

If he doesn't get the

If he doesn't get the nomination and isn't running third party, I'll be voting a straight Libertarian ticket
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That Ballot Access update page needs to be updated.

Some deadlines already passed with the status as "in progress."

You'd think they'd be more on top of this.

And don't count your 50 chickens too early.

Already Oklahoma and Michigan are in litigation - that means, barring a nice judge (well, make that several rounds of nice judges) you can count those two out.

So more likely, you're looking at 48 tops.

They update them when the have been complete.

In Illinois they needed 25,000 signatures and they collected 47,000. It said "in progress" until after the date had passed where they could challenge the signatures. Oklahoma and Michigan are tough ones but they still are not out yet.

Anonymous Libertarians

I call bullshit

1. Write-in votes are simply not counted, and are not processed in this Country. This is a huge waste of time, and it accomplishes absolutely nothing.

2. We have some good people running in this Election, who will be on the ballots:

Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
Rocky Anderson (Independent)
Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party)

All three of these candidates are anti-Establishment candidates, who hate the Police-State, the Drug Wars, the Wars overseas, and Wall-Street-Corporatism, and who will Audit the Fed. All of them will bring a breath of fresh air and sunlight back to this Country.

So do something productive, and support the people who oppose the Establishment and who will be on the ballot in November.

Write-ins do not get counted, and this just helps the Establishment win (because you failed to support the anti-Establishment people who are really on the ballot).

Do something productive: Support the reformers: Johnson, Anderson or Stein.

Three things: Stein and Johnson are mediocre....

Stein is a full fledged Democrat, who truly believes in a top-down society. (Check her voting record where she supported bank take-over)

Johnson, is likewise a lukewarm democrat because he supports privatization of lands and Indian Lands.

#3: It's not over UNTIL its over.

Rocky Anderson is the only viable candidate on the ballot. We will definitely be voting for Rocky. He is a straight laced non-party hack and has voted to reduce taxes his entire tenure, pretty much as close to good as it gets.

While he may not win, he could get a distant 2nd place and that would sure send them packing. A perfect dream team would be Ron Paul & Rocky Anderson, if he was willing and ready for one last parting shot!


Basically the pitch for GJ is either:

1. "He ain't evil, just not as good as RP"

2. "Yeah, he sucks, but I don't want to throw away my vote by writing in RP."

Some RP supporters feel #1, some feel #2. You may get some traction with the former, but you'll never convert the latter. Everybody's done voting for the lesser of X evils.

Another way of looking at it . . .

Some might say that Gary is pretty good but they like Ron Paul better. In this case they could say that they are voting for the lesser of two goods.

Anonymous Libertarians

So you will abandon the Ron Paul Republicans?

As you noted in your post, Ron will retire if he does not win the nomination and election, but he will not stop. To me that means he will continue to be backing those of us who did what he asked all of us to do, IN THE GOP.

Like many of us, I DID NOT WANT TO JOIN THE GOP. I joined anyways, and found it practically empty with 14 open seats. Now there are only 10 open seats as we have 5 Ron Paul Republicans seated. We are looking to fill the remaining seats. WHY? Because we intend to vet Ron Paul Libertarian issues and Republicans for future offices. I fully believe Ron Paul will be there for US, for those if US who didn't want to join the GOP, but did anyways.

We are changing the GOP from the inside. We don't think Romney is going to win, so we see this as our opportunity to grow, get stronger, and prepare for 2016.

I don't understand why some here IGNOR us as if we didn't exist. The Neocons and MSM do the same thing. Why are you? We made the sacrifices, did the work, and made many of the central committees more like Ron Paul Meet-ups, and you don't care? You don't care what we did? You don't care about us? You want us to fail like you hoped Ron Paul would fail, because you employ with holding your participation, in hopes he, and we, will do it your way. What you don't seem to get is, WE DID IT YOUR WAY. We understand from decades of experience as former Libertarians and Indys WHY it doesn't work. You think you know better than Ron Paul and all of us who have decades of experience?

The kicker is, you are under the influence of MSM. The very MSM you rant about, you BELIEVE what they say, not what we say. YOU BELIEVE MSM and not us.

Why you refuse to join Ron Paul and us is because you believe the propeganda from MSM, even on YouTube. You've seen the censorship, the fraud, the tremendous fight we have done for YOU, and still, you refuse to step up and be counted as one of us, hoping we will fail, so we can go back from where we came now that you are where we were.

It's really a shame, and I'm sorry for your choice, because you are snubbing a once and a lifetime opportunity based on your fear and hate you got from MSM, not us.

We're here for you, Ron Paul and each other. I'll bet anyone here: GJ will be returning to the GOP next year, like Bob Barr did, and all the other GOP establishment that for some reason the LP nominates each election.

I will pray that you will actually wake up and check us out, for we're not done, and I think it's better for ALL of us, if we stick together, kicking the old neocons out, replacing them with Libertarian values issues and candidates. There isn't any excuse not to. You really don't have a better plan than Ron Paul and Ron Paul Republicans. We're waiting for you to take your seat.

Please join us.

Exactly Granger! Thanks for

Exactly Granger! Thanks for saying it all so I didn't have to.

We do have a choice. Take over the party for the sake of getting the ship back on course.

Aye aye Mate


Let's make these neocons walk the plank in 2013!!

ALL Aboard the Ron Paul Republican Liberty Ship!!

I'm not trying to piss on the

I'm not trying to piss on the third rail but, "Ron Paul on Gary Johnson: 'I can't imagine endorsing anybody else'"

I have an awful lot of faith in what Ron Paul says. I've donated all the cash I couldn't afford to the campaign, stood in the freezing cold in my RP Constitution Hoodie; waving signs, being flipped off, etc.. . pissed of my town and neighbors by plastering the largest Ron Paul banner in our city across the front of my house. So, I'm a friggin' big RP supporter who has done everything that I can to help RP get the nom.

But again, do we disregard what Dr. Paul has previously indicated? Was he talking about a different Gary Johnson? Was RP not quite as informed then? What if he re-endorses GJ? Does that mean RP has turned against all of us who have worked so hard? Does that mean he did before this whole thing started? Was RP just being nice back then? Rand is clearly operating against us, right?

If I can't cast a vote that will get RP elected then do I:
1) cast an invisible, never-to-be-counted, "ha-ha, I'll show them!" protest vote {I hear that's TPTBs' favorite type of protest by the way}
2) sit at home reminiscing about how close we came this time
3) vote for Obama so we can just accelerate this train wreck

Hope, beyond hope, that there is some kind of psyco-socio-political mass awakening at the convention and the delegates blinders come off and Ron gets the nom. Maybe, just maybe at the convention, Ashton Kutcher yanks off his Romney mask and we find out the RP has had it in the bag all along and this is just the season premiere of Punk'd. Boy! Did Ashton have us going!! Phew!

What if, the person whom we'd all love to see as our next president does not get the nom? Write in RP, to no effect, and let TPTB walk away with another 4 years unchallenged?

What if RP, again, endorses GJ?

Sorry for the question. I have annoyed the ever-loving-5hit out of many a friend and family member about the greatness of RP for quite sometime. It is not a traitorous question. Its a question that deserves consideration. It does not mean that we then stop trying to change the GOP.

"Keep your hands out of my pockets and stop telling me what to do!"

What IF RP endorses GJ?

Than every Ron Paul Republican who took a GOP committee seat and has campaigned and won an office, as a Ron Paul Republican will be screwed politically, and have no chance to continue as a Ron Paul Republican, for the Neos will move to out them and make their lives HELL where they live.

I just don't see Ron Paul doing that to those of us who have gone into the GOP, not because we wanted to, but because he asked us to.

IF Ron Paul endorses GJ, it will be the most humiliating and embarrassing moment of my life. I will be eating crow from every Neocon who said, Ron Paul is a Libertarian, get out of the GOP and back to your pot smoking third party of losers. Why would Ron Paul want me to eat crow by the Neocons? I believe Ron Paul is a man of integrity. I do not believe that of GJ.

I believe RP has come to see GJ for what he really is, a red herring.

Ron Paul won't ever touch Gary Johnson with a ten foot pole.

A guy who wants to bomb Syria to pieces is compromised for sure. Gary Johnson is a joke libertarian, the type who's a red neo-Zionut in sheep's clothing.

O.k.,awesome! So, RP now

O.k.,awesome! So, RP now dislikes Johnson. Although he had some nice things to say about the guy a little over a year ago. Got it. Johnson isn't Ron Paul, and though he apparently did a decent enough job for his state, he sucks. Check.

So, barring something really awesome in Tampa, what's the plan to get RP elected? In Vt he would have to receive over fifty percent of the vote as a write-in to even be counted. Anything less than 50.00001 and his name will not even see the newspapers. What are the rules in the other states? RP supporters up here did a fair job during the primary. We'd probably be crazy enough to try a non-candidate supported candidacy. What th' hell, right?

I've been spreading the word up here the whole damn time. I haven't stopped. I've converted some and continue to try. So, is there some well funded, write-in campaign that is being kept hidden in the shadows if things don't quite work out at the convention? Has Dr. Paul, who said he is not planning to run third party, agreed to assume office if the write-in campaign is successful?

Is the write-in campaign going to be a campaign? Doesn't sound like it so far. I haven't felt the same organizational fervor.

I'm looking for some direction as the write-in option looks to be a longer shot than the GOP nomination. Not that I'm not game for it. Is there a plan c or is it a wait and all will be revealed kind of thing?

"Keep your hands out of my pockets and stop telling me what to do!"

Yeah, well..

I see Johnson as a "republican" in Libertarian suit. I do not believe half of what comes out of Johnson, and I really HATE that his bots have infiltrated this DAILYPAUL (not daily Johnson), when I pay to discuss Ron Paul, with like-minded individuals.

I will write-in Paul, whether it counts, or not.
Most paper (mail-in or write-in) ballots are not counted, anyway; but, screw Mitt and screw the RNC. I will never vote for their selection.., not with what they have done to us and to Ron Paul.

As far as this site is concerned, I'll leave after this month's payment is up. I mean, what is the point, if almost every post is pro-Johnson?

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

No, I'm not abandoning anyone.

I can chew gum and walk at the same time. I am going to use my secret ballot in November to vote for Gary Johnson. I will still vote and support candidates in Republican Primaries and in General Elections for anyone that is a Liberty Candidate. If the GOP doesn't have a liberty candidate for me to vote for I will vote Libertarian. I understand your position on the Central Committee that you can not openly support someone from another party. I am not in that position. You may not be able to openly support a Libertarian Party Candidate but you can use your secret ballot to vote for Gary Johnson. It takes nothing away from your efforts that I agree with to take over the GOP and it still moves the cause of liberty forward.

Anonymous Libertarians

Vote for Obama... Makes more

Vote for Obama... Makes more sense.. We have a shot in 2016 this way...

Walking and chewing gum

Any prostitute can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Voting for Gary Johnson is NOT supporting Ron Paul Republicans. It is showing TPTB MSM progeganda works and they have bought YOU. GJ is a GOP red herring occuying an empty party.

Why doesn't GJ ask you to take a seat on a LP central committee? Why doesn't GJ ask you to run for office, or form a PAC or many PACs? GJ is a straw man who will return to the GOP when he's finished being a GOP pawn for an issue they don't want to deal with, and Ron Paul Republicans do?

As a former LP member, like Ron Paul, and 2 others on my central committee, we are tired of being misled and losing. We are on the front lines, we need support, and GJ is a vote for those who don't have the guts to fight, the brains to know what is actually happneing, the heart to actually get in there and stop losing.

Divided we fail, and that's what GJ wants most of all.

Bet me that in January he doesn't rejoin the GOP.

If Dr. Paul does not get the

If Dr. Paul does not get the nomination at the convention and he has said the campaign is about the message and not the man, then why would you not vote for the ONLY person who remotely follows the ideology of Ron Paul?

If the choices are BO, MR and GJ; why would you not vote for Gary Johnson? To cast a protest vote that wouldn't show up anywhere? Its not much of a protest if nobody is aware you are protesting, right?

Also, if Dr. Paul says "Vote Johnson" do we all say, "nope we're casting never to be seen protest votes for you"?

I say a prayer and hope everyday that Ron Paul gets the nomination, as he would become our next President. That I have no doubt. That all being said, with the Revolutions' momentum and a candidate on the ballot, again, would Johnson be the worst choice of the three (or four if you count the Green Party)?

"Keep your hands out of my pockets and stop telling me what to do!"

A vote for GJ would never be

A vote for GJ would never be seen.... Vote Obama... That way we have 2016 for liberty....

has it dawned on anyone that MAYBE JUST MAYBE

with all of our I'll vote for Obama if Ron Paul is not nominated banter that the ONE BIG TEAM the Republicrats gave us Romney so that Obama would be re-elected? I believe that has been the case all along.

I mean have you seen the email from Ann Romney pushing the Romney Ryan bumper stickers? It was sent from @GODFATHERPOLITICS.COM
Who in their right mind uses that email address to send out an email to their mailing list to push bumperstickers, if your husband is running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? I couldn't tell if it was a joke or a jab. But it did lead you right to the Romney website.

Virgil Goode

If this lawsuit/convention isn't a win for RP, and I choose not to write him in (deadline is past here in TX, but I might do it anyway), I will be voting for Virgil Goode.

GJ ain't RP.

Charles Jackson
http://MathIsChristian.wordpress.com Also, read Ron Paul's original staff economist Gary North at http://teapartyeconomist.com/

These are the positions of Virgil Goode -


Goode's primary policy initiatives were anti-amnesty immigration reform, veterans' healthcare, and the enactment in 2004 of a $9.6 billion buyout for tobacco farmers. Goode has sponsored legislation to permit deployment of the U.S. Armed Forces to the U.S.-Mexico border. He voted in 2002 to authorize the Iraq War and in support of an $87 billion Iraq War supplemental spending bill.

Goode is a staunch advocate of a federal prohibition of online poker. In 2006, he cosponsored H.R. 4777, the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act.

Goode voted in 2007 against a resolution opposing the increase in troop numbers in Iraq,[23] saying that he didn't want to "aid and assist the Islamic jihadists who want the green flag of the crescent and star to wave over the Capitol of the United States and over the White House of this country" and that "radical Muslims" wanted to control the world and put "In Muhammad We Trust" on American currency.


Still want to vote for him? Gary Johnson is on the right side of everyone of those issues.

"*Primary* policy initatives"?

His top two (http://www.goodeforpresident2012.com/the-issues.html) are
"•The Constitution: Emphasizing and following the Constitution will mean a smaller less costly government, which is vital for the future prosperity and progress of the United States.
•Jobs, the Debt and Deficit..."

I don't agree that GJ is on the right side of "every" one of the so-called "primary" issues you named. e.g. "Goode has sponsored legislation to permit deployment of the U.S. Armed Forces to the U.S.-Mexico border." Rand Paul (of whom I'm no longer a fan) portrayed this as being his father's position (before Rand's Benedict Arnold act). Is Rand wrong?

I never said that I *will* vote for Goode. I anticipate voting for Ron Paul, even as a write-in. I would only vote for Goode if e.g. RP were to endorse Romney.

Charles Jackson
http://MathIsChristian.wordpress.com Also, read Ron Paul's original staff economist Gary North at http://teapartyeconomist.com/

Ron Paul's current position on immigration...

is not completely in-line with libertarianism. However, if the US got rid of the welfare state, he would likely have the more libertarian view Johnson supports.

As far as Goode's past, I'm not confident of his dedication to the Constitution, and Gary Johnson's record smokes Goode on jobs, debt, and the deficit.

Virgil Goode is a social conservative and I am not.

Virgil Goode is a social conservative and I am a social libertarian. How many states will Virgil Goode be on the ballot in?

Gary Johnson should be on the ballot in all 50 states if the litigation in 2 states that have obstacles can be won: http://www.lp.org/2012-ballot-access

Anonymous Libertarians

Gary Johnson is apparently Godless and I am not.

And Ron Paul is not.

Charles Jackson
http://MathIsChristian.wordpress.com Also, read Ron Paul's original staff economist Gary North at http://teapartyeconomist.com/

...and so the revolution splinters

I was behind Ron Paul for the liberty not for his god.

Anonymous Libertarians