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Considerations on a Ron Paul - 3rd party or write-in campaign and the future of the liberty movement.

Fight for Ron Paul to get the nomination! If he doesn't get the nomination then you have to consider your options for how you will vote for in November. When you are making your decision you should be aware of certain facts that effect whether your vote will be counted.

8 states do not allow write-in votes: Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota.

See a map that details ballot laws: http://imgur.com/9JvHj

Many states that do allow a write-in vote require that the candidate themselves register as a write-in candidate and be certified for their write-in votes to be counted. To be registered and certified as a third party candidate you must have the required signatures turned in by the dates below or the votes will not be counted and reported. As you can see it is already past that date in some states:

State, Signatures, Due date
CT. #7,500 June 4
NC. 85,379 June 14
VT. #1,000 June 14
IL. #25,000 June 25
NM. 18,053 June 27
TX. 80,778 June 29
IN. #34,195 June 30
NV. 7,013 July 6
DE. [est]6,500 July 15
OK. 43,890, July 15
FL. 112,174 July 15
SC. 10,000 July 15
MI. 30,000 July 19
MO. 10,000 July 30
NJ. #800 July 30
MA. #10,000 July 31
AR. #1,000 Aug 1
CA. 172,859 Aug 1
PA. 20,601 Aug 1
WV. #7,135 Aug 1
GA. #51,845 Aug 6
KS. 5,000 Aug 6
MD. [est]35,000 Aug 6
SD. 3,171 Aug 7
WI. #2,000 Aug 7
AK. #3,271 Aug 8
DC. [est]#3,900 Aug 8
ME. #4,000 Aug 8
NH. #3,000 Aug 8
OH. 5,000 Aug 8
CO. #pay $500 Aug 10
MT. #5,000 Aug 15
UT. #1,000 Aug 15
TN. 275 Aug 16
IA. #1,500 Aug 17
MN. #2,000 Aug 21
NY. #15,000 Aug 21
ID. 1,000 Aug 24
VA. #10,000 Aug 24
OR. 18,279 Aug 28
WA. #1,000 Aug 28
WY. 3,740 Aug 28
NE. 2,500 Sept 1
LA. #pay $500 Sept 4
AL. 5,000 Sept 6
AL. 5,000 Sept 6
AZ. [est]#27,000 Sept 7
HI. #4,536 Sept 7
KY. #5,000 Sept 7
MS. 1,000 Sept.7
ND. #4,000 Sept 7
RI. #1,000 Sept 7
#=partisan label permitted [other than "independent"]

The date for certification will be past in many of those states by the time of the Republican Convention in Tampa. Ron Paul cannot be registering as a write-in candidate if he expects to fight for the nomination in Tampa as this would offend the Republican Party and diminish his chances of securing the nomination. If he is not registered and certified, most states will not count or report write-ins for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has no intention to run third party or as a write-in candidate if he does not get the nomination and has said that he is retiring if he doesn't get the nomination. In light of the facts laid out here your vote for him would be most likely not be counted or reported if you wanted to send a message by writing him in anyway.

Ron Paul has stated that the R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution goes on with or without him. It is time that we look to the future of the Liberty Movement for November and far into the future. It would be a shame if everything that Ron has helped to build fell apart without Ron leading from the front.

I would like to urge every soldier in the fight for Liberty to take a serious look at Gary Johnson the Libertarian Candidate For President. Ron Paul ran for president in 1988 as the Libertarian Party Candidate and is an honorary Libertarian Party member for life. Gary Johnson is spot-on with 95% of Ron Paul's policies and has executive experience as a popular two term Governor of New Mexico where he vetoed more spending bills than the Governors of all the other states combined. No one can be Ron Paul but Gary Johnson is pretty close and by far the best Liberty Candidate that will be on the ballot in November if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination in Tampa. In fact, Gary Johnson will be the only candidate besides Obama and the Republican nominee that will be on the ballot in all 50 states!

Ron Paul pioneered the tactic of fighting from the inside and taking over the GOP from within. If Ron does not get the nomination in Tampa no one will know who you vote for on your secret ballot in November. It's not a primary, you will not be asked your party, you will be able to vote for any candidate from whatever party you wish and no one has to know who you personally voted for. We can fight for Liberty within the GOP and we can fight for Liberty from without by helping to grow the Libertarian Party, a party that Ron Paul ran as the Presidential Candidate for in 1988, all at the same time. If Dr. Paul does not get the nomination in November there will be no Liberty Candidate for President running in the GOP. I know I will never vote for Romney and I don't think you will either. You can send a message of Liberty to the GOP and the world that will be counted and reported by voting for the Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson.

Take a look at Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson with an open mind and consider if you think that the Liberty Movement throwing their weight behind him in November if Ron Paul does not get the nomination is the best option to advance the Liberty Movement at this time. We have a facebook group dedicated to those who want to know more about Gary Johnson so that you can consider your options for a contingency plan if we do not have a desirable outcome in Tampa. Please check us out:

Ron Paul Supporters Taking a Look at Gary Johnson - Libertarian

See a map that details ballot rules: http://i.imgur.com/9JvHj.png



This is the current status of Gary Johnson / James Gray's ballot access. As you can see they are already going to be on the ballot in most states and are going to beat the deadlines on the rest. They will be on the ballot in all 50 states:

This is an example of an application to be a write-in candidate. You will notice on this application that Ron Paul himself will have to sign this application or write-in votes in Connecticut will not be counted or reported. How many states have the same rules to have write-in votes counted and reported?:

Ron Paul has no intention of running 3rd Party or as a write-in candidate if he does not get the GOP nomination. Listen to Ron Paul's own words on his plans after Tampa if he doesn't get the nomination:

Will Ron Paul endorse Gary Johnson if there is not a desirable outcome in Tampa? No one can know for sure but Reason reported last year before Ron Paul decided to run that Ron Paul would "most likely" throw his weight behind Johnson. "I can't imagine endorsing anybody else," he says. Read it at:

The Federal Elections Commission reports that Ron Paul got 42,426 votes as a write-in in 2008 while the Libertarian Party candidate got 523,715 votes, more than 10 times as many. More may have voted for Paul but because of the rules they were not counted or reported. Gary Johnson is a much better candidate than the candidate that the Libertarian Party ran in 2008 and will surely get many more votes. Gary will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

Federal Election Commission 2008 Presidential Votes:

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Don't copy and paste the same thing over and over Anthony

You already posted this Anthony. I like your sentence "GJ will not EVER get the nomination." It totally reveals that you are somebody that has no idea what you are talking about much less understand strategies to fight for our liberties. Think about that sentence of yours for a while until you realize your folly and then we can work on your next silly statement.

Anonymous Libertarians


pot is that you?

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


Gary Johnson is not seeking any nomination. He already has his party's nomination. If he doesn't understand basic facts like this how can we take seriously his OPINIONS on anything else.

Anonymous Libertarians

Wow another establishment

Wow another establishment plant for Romney..

Look at Governor Gary Johnson's track record and his support of Ron Paul over the years. Johnson has been endorsing Paul longer than you've probably been active.

You know one thing i noticed

When your close to something too long you tend to be blinded by it.

Youve been a member here 4 years and ive been here only a few months, and yet i seem to have more Liberty Knowledge than you do.

I am not the one trying to coerce people to not vote for Ron Paul on a Ron Paul website.

I am not the one "violating Liberty of others" by means of coercion.

Get out of here traitor, i dont care how long you have been something or havent been something, you have lost your way. Wake up and join the revolution, or go join your backstabbing friends.

I made an oath to uphold the Constitution, and i will continue to do so, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.



Ron Paul Revolution

One of the Obama/Romney

One of the Obama/Romney operatives I mentioned in my post?

Write-in campaign is push by Obama/Romney plants

I think the whole write-in campaign push is being pushed by the Obama/Romney/establishment plants to sideline the liberty activists. As your posts points out in most states by the time of Tampa convention Paul won't even be able to be a write-in in most states.

Those who continue to push the Only Ron Paul/Write-In mantra are not really liberty activists, nor have they listened to Paul's message since 2007 when he said over and over again - it's not about the messenger, but about the message of liberty.

What does the establishment gain by pushing the write-in RP campaign -- they will sideline activists, money, and votes away from the only governor to endorse Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012. A strong liberty candidate who will be on the ballot in all 50 states and needs all of our help to get him to 15% in the polls so he can take on Romney and Obama in the general election over their war mongering, torturing, inflationary monetary policy, and big government spending.

I think we need to start supporting Johnson fully now, but I do realize many want to wait until after Tampa to see how Dr. Paul and if Dr. Paul tells us what to do next.

Either way I've seen too much infighting within the liberty movement. Is the liberty movement being sabotaged by undercover operatives like with the civil rights movement -- I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me? I support both candidates and glad I will definitely have a great candidate to support through November if Paul doesn't pull off an upset in Tampa.

you may be right - write-in are obamney implants

the liberty movement loses when someone writes in ron paul. a vote for ron paul is a vote for the republican party in many ways, the same party that is aligned with dnc and that is corrupt.

also, ron paul will not be running in the general election, so it is clearly a wasted vote. and he doesn't even want to be considered for the general election, especially as he has now admitted he just wants influence for an audit and that he can't get the nomination.

it is romney-paul supporters that want to write-in, instead of giving support to a liberty canddiate that is far less aligned with obamney and corrupt parties. bec that would also mean that gary johnson would have 15% support to get into debates and take on romney, whom has not been exposed in anyway by the campaign and media alike.


Good post

I think the Liberty movement infighting is being caused by it's own people. Once anyone looks past Ron Paul many here start to revert back to the 2 party camp way of blasting them with judgements and opinions as to why they must longer be concerned with Liberty.

Vote your conscience, folks. If you think writing in Ron Paul helps then go for it.

As a side note, I don't expect RP to get the R nomination. WE worked alot harder than the GOP to get some work done, but the majority of folks still don't have the ferocious desire to learn the truth or have no desire to look out of fear and prejudices. Alot has been done to overcome this and it seems to me it is all coming apart right here in our faces on the Daily Paul as we all look to put each other down for each others' version of Liberty and how they will seek it.

Most came here because we weren't sheep, but it looks to me like sheep is what some are expecting each other to be to our own points of view.

For me, I will vote for Gary Johnson assuming RPs POTUS candidacy is a no go even after a lawsuit on election fraud against the GOP and Romney. A third party needs 5% of the vote to get the same public funds that go to the R and D party. I wish no public funds would go out to elections, but it's a very easy place to start for the word of Liberty to get more ears on her. If you have bad words for me over this, then you promote shutting people down instead of liberty. Ron Paul is always my first choice this election (as his Son said), but I will choose my own path to Liberty.

EXACTLY, its about the

EXACTLY, its about the MESSAGE, and gary johnson does not have a true libertarian message, he is different than ron paul in many ways, sure they have SOME similarities but they are vastly different in all reality wtf do you think voting johnson is going to do?? do you really think the establishment will let a 3rd party candidate win??? if you want to send a REAL MESSAGE stick and vote RON PAUL b/c he hasn't given up on us for 30 years why should we now??? IDK ABOUT YOU but when I COMMIT to something i MEAN IT RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL! and to say the people actually dedicated to paul are not true people of the liberty movement? how about you quit dividing people, if you ask me a vote for paul would tell the establishment us PAULBOTS aren't going anywhere!

Ron Paul Revolution

I don't begrudge anyone

I don't begrudge anyone writing in Ron's name in November if only for the thrill of FINALLY being able to vote for someone whose positions you actually SUPPORT as opposed to the lesser of two evils.

But still, writing in Ron, as much as I love the guy, is meaningless for me this November. I've done so before on many occasions in past elections when there wasn't any acceptable alternative. This time, there is. GJ isn't perfect, but he's pretty good. Yea, he's no Ron Paul. He doesn't even get why ending the Fed is critical, and that's my number one position.

But he supports many other liberty positions and he's going to be on the ballot in 50 states and we can send a message by increasing his numbers. We can also get a sense of just how large our movement has become.

Unless Ron gets the nomination in Tampa, I encourage everyone to vote GJ.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

What part of balancing the

What part of balancing the budget now, ending all the wars now, ending the fed, and protecting civil liberties is Johnson not presenting the message of liberty?

Those of us who have been hard core Paul supporters are so because of Paul's message of liberty. We aren't going to sit on the sidelines just because the establishment has put the fix in against Paul. We'll continue the campaign for liberty onto November with Governor Gary Johnson if we have to.

Great Article-GJ is my backup.

It makes no sense to write in Ron Paul, in most states the vote will be throw out. If Paul is not on the ballot, I will be voting Gary Johnson. F the GOP and F the democrats. Libertyyyyyy!

GJ is not Liberty

Hes i Libertarian and a sucky one. He is not even close to the same thing as Ron Paul.

If you have the option you should be writing in Ron Paul, regardless of wether or not they throw away your vote.

GJ will not EVER get the nomination.

In my opinion, its the Romney people that push this GJ nonsense to divide the liberty movement.

Your all a bunch of tools being used by the GOP establishment if you vote GJ.

Unless you were never a liberty candidate, and just a Libertarian trying to earn respect among us true patriots....then by all means vote for your candidate, but he will not win, ill tell you that right now.

gj is not a fake liberty candidate like romney and rand.

that is what you won't like about libertarians, it is that they have courage to say they are libertarians and not a republican that is attached to a corrupt party and its rulers.

admit it, you have no desire for liberty. you want to serve those who do not give liberty, but won't come out and say it just yet, but you express yourself by shooting down those who do not want to fall in line with establishment. this includes other gop rivals like perry, etc...


Anthony said: "GJ will not EVER get the nomination"

That is correct Anthony, Gary Johnson is not seeking the nomination. You really need to do a little homework because when you say something like this it makes it clear that you do not know what you are talking about and it makes all your other opinions suspect.

I'm also curious, how does voting for Gary Johnson in November if Ron Paul does not get the nomination help the GOP? I keep hearing this little statement but no one that has uttered it has ever even responded at all when I ask how that works. Maybe you will be the one to enlighten me because I am baffled by this statement.

Anonymous Libertarians

My fantasy has been an RP 3rd

My fantasy has been an RP 3rd party run, but after all the man has done that's asking too much. Plus, as the OP points out, it's getting to be too late anyhow.

The next best scenario, assuming no successful hail Mary is pulled off in Tampa, and assuming Ron has no luck getting the Romulans to adopt the liberty positions on war and the fed (which might allow him to comfotably endorse mittens) is for Ron to loudly endorse GJ after Tampa, splitting the liberty wing from the GOP once and for all.

Then the GJ campaign has to lay down this perspective.... "So voter, Romney says he's gonna repeal Obamacare, but guess what? Unless the GOP wins both chambers of congress AND the presidency, he can't. So okay, they should hold the house, and they may win the presidency, though mittens is the underdog, but what are their chances to take over the senate? Slim, my friends. And even if they do, and they do repeal Obamacare and replace it with whatever the new version of Romneycare ends up looking like, with the GOP in full control of fedgov, war with Iran is a given. So think, voter! Is this what you want? If not, and assuming you're sick and tired of fedgov running your life and stealing you children's futures, it's time to look at the alternatives. It's time for real change. It's time to restore the constitution. It's time to retire the GOP and replace them with a liberty party!"

GJ still probably loses, but assuming he polls high enough to participate in debates and wins enough votes to keep Romney out, the chessboard could change for good.

Okay, admittedly a highly unlikely scenario. But what are the alternatives at this point?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I like your post with one exception.

A vote for the Libertarian candidate if there is no liberty candidate on the ballot for the GOP and Ron Paul is not running 3rd party or write-in does not have to mean "splitting the liberty wing from the GOP once and for all." We can still work to take over the GOP. My vote will be secret and so will anyone's vote who has worked themselves into a position with the GOP where they can not openly support the Libertarian Party. It is not all or nothing, we can fight with both tactics and support whoever is in the best position to do the most, whether they are on the inside or on the outside, at the time. Let's use every peaceful means at our disposal to bring liberty to our country!

Anonymous Libertarians

I'd agree, those working to

I'd agree, those working to take over the GOP should continue to do so, but at the same time they should support Johnson also to show the GOP that if they don't give the liberty movement serious consideration within the GOP then you might jump ship.

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Well, let's see how Tampa pans out...

No write-in allowed in Texas.

I will vote third party if that's the only option left regarding a Liberty candidate.

AND still, I've not given up on a Ron Paul Candidacy...

Susie 4 Liberty

BMWJIM's picture

JEEZ, How did I know this was a Gary Johnson


Gary Johnson is FUCKED by Your tactics. Screw the Libertarian PARTY!

Now if the Libertarian party took one second and realized what the Republican party was doing to it, they would SHUT THE FUCK UP, and let the Republican party IMPLODE>.

Jesus, Libertarians, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

If you cannot shut your piehole then you deserve to waste away like the Republican party will with this election! What part of STUPID do you not understand.

I wouldn't vote for your Lib/Repub cocksucker alternative to save my life. I am not scared of ANYTHING> Don't know so much about the Libertarian Party for they keep Nominating Staus QUO Republicans.

Jesus, Maybe I sould just become a Democrat. Oh! That is right. The Libertarian party is Republican party light and the Republican party is Democrat party suck buddies.

Thimk I'll just vote for Ron Paul!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

A lot of Libertarians have been fighting for Ron Paul

Is that how you feel about all of the card carrying Libertarians who have been fighting with everything they have for Ron Paul? Is that how you feel about the party that Ron Paul ran as the presidential candidate for in 1988? I'm sure glad that most card carrying Libertarians who have been donating, organizing, and spreading the word of Ron Paul are intelligent enough to not let your crass insults stop them in the fight for Ron Paul, liberty, and whatever candidate at any given time has the best chance of advancing the cause of liberty.

Anonymous Libertarians

Cheering for Ron Paul is more like it

Had the Libertarians joined the GOP and got seated on Central Committees and became legitimate Delegates THEN they would have been fighting for Ron Paul.

Instead, they did what they could to make him a Rock Star, not a president. A president needs a REAL LIVE body of Blood, Sweat, and Tears on Central Committees to make it. Ron Paul did not get that. Ron Paul got sign waves, Meet Ups, Money Bombs, good intentions, kind words, nice lunches, and crowd of uncommitted Libertarians, but he did not get what he actually needed to win, REPUBLICANS, DEDICATED REPUBLICANS facing the Neocons, out numbering the Neocons, educating the Neocons, at the Republican Central Committees, where the vetting is.

Must read article

Ron Paul on Gary Johnson: "I can't imagine endorsing anybody else"

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

You should have ended

your post after this sentence: "If he is not registered and certified, most states will not count or report write-ins for Ron Paul."

After that all I read is blah blah blah yadda yadda &^% (#$% @&%$&

Whatch this and remember what site you're on

NO ONE BUT RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

you're trying to split the liberty minded people's vote, right?

I'll write in Dr Paul like I did last round. Felt wonderful about my vote then and every day since.

Do you vote to feel just to feel good?

I'm glad that you feel good about your write in vote. Do you vote just to feel good? I feel best when I feel that my vote has done the most to advance the cause of liberty. Where is this split you speak of if Ron Paul is not on the ballot or running as a write-in candidate? What should I do if I live in a state with touch screen voting that does not allow write-in votes or Ron Paul had to personally sign an application to be a write-in candidate and he doesn't like this example from Connecticut?:


Should I just vandalize the touch screen and spray paint Ron Paul's name on the screen? I've thought this all out and if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, is not running third party, or does not himself run as a write in candidate I would be sending a message to no one to vote for him and be doing absolutely nothing to further the cause of liberty and that my friend would not make me feel good at all . . . I would have the opposite of a good feeling. "The Revolution goes on with or without me." - those are his words:

Hear Ron Paul Talk about after Tampa:

Are the people that would have us vote for someone who is not running (if Ron doesn't get the nomination) or the ones who want us to vote for a liberty candidate that is on the ballot in every state the ones that are trying to split the liberty movement? I don't see making the only tactical move that is viable as encouraging a split . . .

Anonymous Libertarians

RONonymous - you should do whatever it is you want/need to do.

I vote my conscience. Writing in Ron Paul gave voice to the fact that I believe in his message and will continue to support it. I will not vote for the "lesser of two, (...three, whatever) evils. If I were to vote for GJ or anyone else it would just be a big lie.

The video clip you linked "Hear Ron Paul Talk about after Tampa:" means what? I watched it. I watched it maybe even the day of the interview. All he said was he is not planning to run 3rd party. What does that mean to me? Nothing. He certainly did not say "all you people who want me to be president should just vote for someone else".

A LOT can happen between here and Tampa and I am betting it will.

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Well, good for you... BUT I CANNOT DO THAT IN MY STATE

So, what THEN?!

Susie 4 Liberty