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Ron Paul USF Rally, Before the Republican Convention in Tampa, Will Be Epic

Ron Paul will hold a free rally for thousands of his supporters at the University of South Florida Sun Dome, in Tampa, one the day before the August 27 Republican National Convention.

On August 26, a “noontime rally” will open its doors to Ron Paul supporters at 11 a.m. The event, held at The Sun Dome, which seats a little over 10,000 people, is free and the organizers are expecting a robust crowd of delegates and supporters from across the country.

According to organizers, the Sun Dome noontime rally will have “a good speaker line up” – including Ron Paul – as well as music and other events. They expect to rally both Ron Paul’s delegates and supporters in preparation to the convention.

The Sun Dome noontime rally would be followed by two additional events in which Ron Paul supporters will celebrate both his campaign and legacy. Paul Festival 2012 is still being planned for the Florida State Fairgrounds – east of Tampa. The second event, “Freedom Festival 2012,” is also being planned to take place in Polk County. Both festivals would take place between August 24 and 26.


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They're going to need

They're going to need a bigger boat:p

Ron Paul could easily attrack 5 times the maximum occupancy of 10k.

Let's See, He has over one million likes on Face

Book. If we get at least 1,000,000 Dr. Paul supporters to Tampa would they have to give him the nomination? We really need Dr. Paul in 2012 or even a drastic change in 2016 to a liberty candidate may be too late.


If we could get one million people in one spot

We could meet at the Capitol and physically remove and arrest every member of Congress who votes against our Constitution, in a single day.

Actually, probably about 50,000 could do it, regardless of resistance. We probably have far beyond the manpower to do this already, we would just need to organize.

Of course, then the Capitol would be nearly empty, but that's not a bad thing. And if we had the dedicated patriots to arrest all the violators of supreme law, we could also hold legitimate non-party elections in every state too.

All the traitorous votes are recorded in the congressional record, and we could actually use their own recorded votes to prosecute all the congress criminals.

Then put one of their FEMA camps to good use!

Wouldn't that be turning the tables?

Then we could round up the fraudulent bankers. I'm sure they would be fleeing to all parts of the world.

:P (just having fun)

I Hope Campaign Starts Registering People Who Plan On Attending

as they have at past rally's. When they have, they have had to change the venue to a larger place.


Will so be there!! And I

Will so be there!! And I don't think 10,000 seats will be enough either. Hopefully they'll find a bigger arena.

i don't think

10k seats will be enough, and i hope romney delegates will not be closed to at least go hear Dr Paul talk, so save some room for them :P

10,000 seats

is barely enough. There will be 10 times that attending the convention. And Please. Stop fighting you 2 posters up above.......Stop it!

Keepin' it real.

reedr3v's picture

LOL, bump for r3VOLution and peace


I need proof

Is there any legitimacy to this? I would love to be one of the 10,000+ Ron Paul Supporters in that Sun Dome..

Want Proof - Go To http://www.ronpaul2012.com

( : See you in Tampa or will we?


Sure it's legit, this is an official campaign action

And yes, Paul Festival will begin before it and feed right into it.

Forget what you heard, this is not a competition, this is all of us coming together for like 7 days, each event building and feeding into the next one.

I understand there is this other "Freedom Festival" at the same time as Paul Festival but just treat it like a free market thing: attend whichever one seems best to you. Try them all!

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from what I understand

freedom festival was cancelled when paul festival announced they actually secured a contract for the florida fairgrounds. i'm saving my money though and just going to the official event that will have Ron Paul at it :)

http://benswann.com/ es muy guapo! :)

I understand that now

Thank you for replying with informational details instead of making fun of me. I just saw an article on policymic.com and I usually do not put all my eggs in one basket. I didn't know it was on his front page. And this is an accidental repost because I am a human and clicked the save post button twice.

You get a direct answer then you post the same thing again

30 minutes later.

Are you a robot?


no.. i just clicked save twice.. damn get off my back.. are you a comment//post troll?

Two clicks 27 minutes apart?

No need to get offended.

There are paid bloggers spreading disinfo

Good to be aware

I need proof

Is there any legitimacy to this? I would love to be one of the 10,000+ Ron Paul Supporters in that Sun Dome..

Do you ever visit ronpaul2012.com?

It's on the front page. You're not subscribed to Ron Paul's emails?


I sure do

But I haven't yet today though lol, its usually one of the first things I do, Reddit, Ronpaultribune, Dailypaul, and finally RonPaul2012.com maybe ill have to move Ronpaul2012.com to the start of my surfing so I dont become so instantaneously ignorant.

word, it wasnt posted here

so I retract my previous statements. And I appologize. And thank you for posting the front page. and although I am subscribed to Ron Pauls emails, I didnt not look at my emails.

I would call that

pretty good proof:)

http://benswann.com/ es muy guapo! :)