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Mother Who Questions Vaccine at Hospital Has Newborn Taken Away

by Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

I am having a great deal of trouble typing this post. I am so upset and outraged over what was done to Jodi Ferris and her baby at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania shortly after she gave birth that I am having difficulty staying composed enough to write a coherent story.

If you recall, this is the same area of the state where officials allowed a serial child molester like Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State assistant football coach, to go free for decades and continue to abuse children unfortunate enough to come across his lecherous path while a mother who gives birth in a government hospital has her baby taken away for questioning whether vaccination with Hep B is truly necessary.

Does something seem very very wrong with this picture?

Jodi and Scott Ferris’ Story

Jodi had hoped to have a homebirth. After going into labor early and given the distance to the nearest hospital, Jodi and her husband Scott were advised by their midwife to call an ambulance and get to the hospital.

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This Epitomizes

This epitomizes our need to continue the fight for freedom!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Rather than "bombs bursting in air"

I think we could have "bureaucrats bursting in air." Can the fireworks manufacturers please bring this to market for July 4th?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

You Can Be a Hero for Liberty

Be on a jury. Juries are the last line of defense short of violence.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

This is sad and goes to show the fear

that is engrained in us from birth that you will die without a doctor and babies require a doctor to be delivered safely. Sadly when you submit to these people then you have to accept their decisions. But Jodi committed the greatest sin by trying to do without the oppressive doctor gods and then submitting at the last minute.

The medical industry gods want to control your life from cradle to grave, which they are succeeding at, and if you try to buck the system then you are in danger of their wrath. This is very sad.

When my wife went into labor with our last child I just "delivered" it myself. The midwife showed up about fifteen or twenty minutes later. And we were not afraid one bit because we know that as a general rule babies will be born nice and healthy without a doctor present.

Bad People

Many of these social workers are out of control. Not only CPS but also other agenices like Adult Protecive Services and some welfare groups.

Many them push the company line instead of trying to help "citizens".

They have no restrictions on how much physical or emotional damage that they can unilaterally do to their victims (us)...usually without recrouse on your part.

The following is NOT legal advice but it is self-defense.

It is tough to beat them in court but not impossible. Everyone who might be tangled by one of these agencies should be ready to contact your state attorney general and also have a lawyer lined up just in case.

If you have your evidence lined up, you might also want to file ethics charges against any lawyer that sues you from any of these agencies. And then do everything that you can to get the offending bureaucrat fired. None of this may work, but a slim chance is better than no chance of losing your family to a snake.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

This story makes my blood

This story makes my blood boil and is exactly what's wrong with America and our erosion of Liberty. The Gov't feels the need to "take care" of everyone.

I hope that hospital and social worker get sued to for a bazillion dollars

population control has to start somewhere.

Population control has to start somewhere. so why not make people less healthy, break up families and make families seem like more trouble than they're worth? That's what I'm seeing here, that and the money they make off the vaccines, and the power complex of telling people that they know best, and if you don't bow, they will make you suffer. Makes me wonder if the parents said anything disparaging towards the medical industry while there, or if the social worker just hates people who opt for midwifery. Or maybe they just wanted to perform some kind of chemical/biological test on the baby without the parents knowledge or consent( which is supposedly legal )?

Something fishy about the blogger

I'm sending money to the parents for legal costs... BUT there seems to be two things that raise flags for me...

The blogger ties the hospital incident to her own cause of home schooling...

...and then I wonder if the couple didn't give the hospital people cause to pause with things they said or did.

Sometimes common sense people come across as ignorant because they don't give the brainwashed nedical establishment enough background as to why they believe in a certain course of action.

I did this with my vet recently over heartworm "prevention".

I said that for thousands of years dogs fought off parasites without dangerous chemical treatments. Then I backed it up with studies between wild canines compared to domestic canines.

Home schoolers

Have a big red bulls eye on their backs. So do natural birthers. The Home school funds help many parents with CPS/DSS. It's a legit request. They actually have attorneys on call to handle these situations. Many parents have been saved from these situations by making one phone call to one of these attorneys, many times via the phone.

...and then I wonder if the couple didn't give the hospital people cause to pause with things they said or did.

Thats easy, they were home schoolers, they practiced home birth, and refused the Hep B vaccine. That's all it took.

This story is legitimate. The

This story is legitimate. The couple is being represented by a very well known attorney from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.



Statistically, homebirths are

Statistically, homebirths are much safer than hospital births. There is a much lower neonatal and maternal death rate. I have my babies with midwives, and the difference in care is astounding. Separating a nursing newborn from its mother is terrible and criminal. These homebirth transfers are targeted by hospital staff. I have heard other stories like this. The Hep B vaccine for a newborn, for a disease normally contracted by prostitutes and restaurant workers.

Great documentary on vaccinations

'The Greater Good' - catch it if you can.


Vaccinations were a break through in human health but now they are a huge danger. Initially they were given to people to protect them from disease now it's about profit.

Child Abduction by Social Services in the UK

I watched a great 2.5 hour presentation last night on youtube by a British man named Brian Gerrish. He's an ex-navy man with 21 years of naval experience who is raising awareness that the UK is being aggressively conquered by communist/nazi/fascist forces via the EU and elsewhere.

He speaks at length about how part of their plan is to break up families and the way they do this is through giving unbridled power to Social Services. In the UK they operate with impunity. They do exactly what is described having happened in this article. They take children from their families and lie and fabricate their reasons.

It's a long view, but well worth it. He speaks of much more than this. It's encouraging to know that there is a strong anti-global movement in the UK and this man is one of it's leaders.


Giving a newborn shots like

Giving a newborn shots like that is horrible. One used to NEVER have to get that shot unless exposed to Hepatitis...get ready for Obamacare to force more toxins into our bodies. This is insane, I cry for these people when the new life coming into this world should be a celebration, it turns to heartbreak. This is America? Not the one I have known..

And we also had people dying

And we also had people dying and contracting life-debilitating afflictions too, like polio. I think a parent should be responsible for the health of a child and refusing vaccinations against dangerous diseases is negligent and recklessly endangers life.

You are seriously uninformed.

You are seriously uninformed. There is no proof that vaccines prevent disease at all. Most of these 36 recommended shots are for childhood diseases that are not life threatening. Start researching polio--the disease was on the down turn UNTIL the vaccine was introduced. Then the rate skyrocketed. Same goes for pertussis and measles. Immunity is gained through the mucous membranes. Directly injecting live viruses, along with bovine cells, pig cells, monkey cells, aborted fetal tissue, 11 heavy metals, preservatives and chemicals we don't even know about into the blood of infants is more than many babies can withstand. I have heard so many personal stories from friends and acquaintances whose children couldn't talk or make eye contact the day after a round of shots. If you think this is just coincidence, think again. Why do you think the federal govt has a vaccine injury fund? I would much rather take a chance with my children's catching chicken pox or measles than compromising their immune systems for life. Start reading Neil Miller's books for some solid scientific information ( not funded by the CDC or drug companies). My husband (a Ph.D. In chemistry) has been researching vaccine ingredients for 15 years. The reality is horrifying, and this is why we do not vaccinate our kids.

are you for real?

What about refusing dangerous vaccinations for non-existing or non-threatening diseases? Have you at all studied the dangers of vaccinations and the lies of their efficacy?

Even when you exclude the harm from vaccine contents such as mercury and other toxic metals, it is a fact that the immune system goes into shock for at least three weeks while the body tries to prepare anti-bodies for the small amount of the disease that was just injected, making the recipient highly susceptible to infection. We are talking at a newborn baby only a couple hours old.

So you believe in freedom.... except when you disagree?

"I think a parent should be responsible for the health of a child and refusing vaccinations"

.....and I think you should do your homework.

By the way, Dr Paul believes parents have a right to choose to vaccinate or not.... it is not up to the state to make that decision.

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

Well there are some cases

Well there are some cases where Dr Paul is wrong. However, I'm pretty sure he agrees with me about the efficacy of vaccines. Now to address your question of do I believe in freedom.

I believe we should strive for maximum freedom, however I do not agree that this maximum freedom means no government, as if that were the case, people would be infringing on the freedom of others. In the case of vaccinations, we have the parent choosing for the child whether or not to take vaccinations, and creates a situation where a parent's ignorance can result in a great infringement on the child's freedom.

Suppose a parent wanted to expose a child to radiation or other carcinogen out of some ignorant unscientific belief that it's good for them? Most children would be completely fine and never suffer any ill effects, but we know a definite number of children would develop cancer as a result--would you know consider this parent liable for the damage caused?

If so why wouldn't you consider him liable for withholding life-saving treatment?


you are starting to sound a little like a well conditioned doctor or nurse! Many people on this board have given you excellent points to ponder, and some things you could start to research and look into. I am not going to keep up with the back and forth..... 'been there done that' too many times, it's like beating your head against a wall. Let me just say, I used to say and think the same way you are doing here.. until a particular incident close to me, opened my eyes.... I then embarked on 5 years of research on the subject. My filing cabinet is full of toxicology reports, pathology reports, court cases, congressional hearings on the conflicts of interests... and revolving doors, Neurologist findings, and the faulty and corrupted studies that are often used to "prove" 'vaccination efficacy'. There is overwhelming evidence to the contrary of what you are now stating. I hope you will take a little time to step out of the 'nice little square box', that the medical community has created for you to operate in.... and put in some time to do your own OBJECTIVE research and study. It is a rabbit hole of corruption you will find.

And as to the comment:
"Well there are some cases where Dr Paul is wrong"

Could it be perhaps, there are some cases in which you are wrong?

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

Strawman argument

That is a strawman argument which brings nothing to the table. And on this topic, Dr. Paul ISN'T wrong. We all have the right to informed consent for medical procedures and as parents are 'responsible' for their infants health, THEY then have the right to informed consent on behalf of their infants.

You mention a "parent's ignorance" .... well, would it surprise you to know that the more education parents have the more likely they are to withhold vaccinations from their children? We don't do it BECAUSE we're ignorant--quite the contrary. We do it because we have done the research--and that research suggests that there is just as much risk of harm from the vaccines as there is "benefit" to using them--not to mention the use of objectionable materials in the vaccines (such as the use of aborted fetal cells).

Knowledge is power and we exercise that power by CHOOSING to not vaccinate. Comparing that to exposing children willfully to radiation or some other harmful element is just not productive.

People should be free to make

People should be free to make horrendously stupid decisions for themselves, but when it comes to making those decisions for others--Westfall aint down with that.

The science is clear, and while I am happy to defend the rights of anti-intellectual science haters, it is morally wrong for anyone to take action on such beliefs where others face the very real potential of severe life long consequences. I believe this is so wrong, that I advocate the use of government force (the only tool the government really has) to intervene. And anyone who knows me, knows I am one to loath the use of government to solve any problem.

When 5 people tell you your drunk, lay down

You've got seventeen at this writing. Laydown.

Then go do some indpendent reading about vaccines.

And please pardon my judgmentalism, but you are an uninformed, clueless twit to advocate government force for this.

Go get some accurate information and be quiet until you do.

Science isn't a democracy. I

Science isn't a democracy. I know you people have really passionate views, but that doesn't make you any less wrong.

I am shocked that so many of Dr Paul's supporters would deny the overwhelming evidence that demonstrates vaccines have prevented a great deal of death and suffering.

I support your right to live in ignorance, but I oppose you making choices for a child based on that ignorance.

whose child is it anyways?

Why should you have more say over someones kids than the actual parents?

Supposing that you are correct that vaccines are helpful, what is more immoral? opting out of a vaccine for your infant(which causes no harm, but would only prevent a supposed benefit), or taking an infant away from their parents?

In my view, kidnapping is more immoral than foregoing a supposed benefit for a baby. So whether or not the vaccine is helpful is irrelevant to the wrongness of the social worker.. If you are wrong about vaccines being helpful, then kidnapping in order to poison a baby is seriously immoral and I'd hate to be in your shoes.

What if you are wrong?

Overwhelming Propaganda

I support your right to live in ignorance, but I oppose you making choices for a child based on that ignorance.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.


You are correct, the science is clear and has been proven over and over again in courts throughout the country. Vaccines as well as pharma drugs are dangerous. They have been proven to cause debilitating injuries including autism and death. The pharma companies acknowledge this science by way of billions in payouts to victims. The US government acknowledges this science by providing pharma companies immunity to damages. Pharma companies are just like Wall Street bankers who earn ill gotten gains in the billions and pay fines in the millions when and/or if they get caught. One would think that fines would be billions for stealing millions, but then that might stop the profit train. Knowing that vaccines and drugs pose potential life threatening disabilities and even death, you appear to be saying parents do not possess the rights to fend for their child, but the government does. You obviously are not a parent.

Mom and Dad take their kids to the carnival. They happen upon an apple dunking tank. The man says there are one thousand apples in the tank, but one of the apples might be poisonous and if eaten will cause life threatening illness and possibly death. Do you allow your children to pick and eat an apple? Let's go one step further. The man says since you paid to enter the carnival, the government says you and your kids are MANDATED to pick and eat an apple.

Do you believe ALL humans have a right to their bodies?

This is ignorant nonsense.

This is ignorant nonsense. This autistic-vaccination correlation in the minds of the public stems from some seriously flawed studies preformed without proper scientific controls, and was improperly published, and eventually disavowed by the publisher.

Proper studies have been done have been unable to replicate the results, which is often the case with faulty studies--science is repeatable and testable, that's how we know it works.

Not true

If you're talking about Wakefield and his supposed "discrediting" then think again.




There are tons of other articles not only about Wakefield but about vaccine dangers. The only "ignorance" we are dealing with here, sir, is yours.