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A reframe of the obamneycare debate

reframe of the debate in an alternate universe:

Let's just say g w bush is still pesident. he has an idea to increase the number of insured persons in the u.s. he models 'Bushcare' (not a douche) after his buddy in massachusetts' romneycare. his plan contains an individual mandate for the purchase of health insurance. the right embraces it, of course, because they are sick and tired of these damn lowlifes, mexicans, and the sort going to the ER with a goddamned runny nose, costing good, working people money.
the left, led by the likes of maddow and matthews call a spade a spade and point out that this is just a hollow scheme to funnel money from the poor to the republicans' cronies at the insurance companies. they call it a tax on the poor to line the fat cats' pockets. Maddow calls it the second coming of marie antoinette's if there is no bread, then let them eat cake. the people are uninsured, then make them buy it. Keith Olberman calls Bush 'Robin Hood in Reverse,' who robs from the poor to give to the rich. Nancy Pelosi, on the floor of congress, calls it the largest tax increase on the poor and middle class in the history of the world, precisely at a time when what we really need to do is tax the richest among us to help the poorest.
Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity say it's high time that people take responsibility for themselves and praise Bush for 'doing the right thing.' Rush Limbaugh, of course backing the mandate 100%, gets caught using overtones, or undertones of racism and classism, arguing that we all know who this bill is really aimed at, you know, "those" people who we are sick and tired of carrying on our backs.
The tea party comes out in force to support the mandate, because they are "taxed enough already" to take care of other people. it's time people are forced to "do the right thing for society" and stop expecting a handout.
Sharpton, Farrakhan, Van Jones call this race and class warfare on a scale not seen since the fifties. how can the answer for people too poor to afford to insure themselves be a fine for being too poor to afford insurance. What's next, debtors prisons.
Social liberals fear that this type of program, especially in the hands of a guy like bush could have dire consequences for women needing an abortion or contraception or those who would seek alternative medicines and therapies. surely the insurance companies, backed by bush and the neoconservatives will be heartless enough to let people die of cancer, AIDS, treatable illnesses. The hippies reel at the thought of mandatory immunizations, intrusions into their lifestyle choices. George Bush signs an executive order to help get the bill through the house, stating that women will still have access to needed services. The left is skeptical because an executive order can be reversed the day after the bill passes should the president so choose.
John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham are confronted at townhall meetings with pictures of Adolf Hitler, that right-wing fascist, photos of old germans dying of treatable illness, shouts of 'racist', and 'hands of my healthcare'.
The Occupy movement, Acorn, and other groups set up camp outside the white house and insurance company headquarters to protest the funneling of money from the poor and middle class to these fat pigs, for what, so the CEO of Aetna can buy another yacht. First people die in Iraq to make Halliburton stock go up a couple of bucks, then the biggest, most evil banks get a bailout to the tune of 2.3 trillion dollars as homes are foreclosed on, and now these guys get to stick their hands in our pockets.
The left points out that you can not, on a constitutional basis, tax someone for not buying insurance any more than you can tax a person for choosing not to buy a gun.
The right says, oh sure, now they care about the constitution, like that's real believable.
in the end it passes, that jerk Roberts, that neoconservative appointee of george bush breaks the tie in the supreme court, ruling the mandate a tax like any other.
My savvy liberal facebook friends argue that you can't tax them for not buying gum, and that Article 1, Section 7 of the constitution requires that a bill that raises revenue must originate in the senate, and this law was the senate version.
My conservative facebook friends are giddy from the feeling of victory.

I post a stupid little picture of ron paul saying, 'I tried to prevent this.'

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You Mean Corporate-Care??

You Mean Corporate-Care??

Why personify what it Really is?

It's part of a beast bigger than any one public persona!

exactly, i'm just changing

exactly, i'm just changing the perception, not the reality.


reconstructed argument. likely accurate.