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YOU tell me what these are.


I especially invite those who have scoffed at my concerns or attacked Alex Jones as being an alarmist. The tractor-trailer was parked in a strip mall TWO BLOCKS from my apartment. The mall does not allow tractor-trailer parking, so I must assume these will be placed on towers in the strip mall, as the bases are clearly designed for mounting on towers.

Anyone STILL think we should follow Rand Paul in hopes Rand will get the nomination in 2016?

MODERATOR: Please post my pictures from Facebook of guard stations with tower mount bases. Otherwise, I will send the link to NEWS, ET AL, once I post the article.

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hide a nightstick at the base

so someday if the tower ever needs storming, they can be climbed and there'll be something available at the top to bop 'em in the head with. : )

By George, I think they're

By George, I think they're watchtowers for FEMA camps!

Mounting on towers ???

For what purpose???

How about something for those of us who don't do fb?

With all due respect to your concern.

down with evil corporations

... founded by assholes who mock their customers

Yeah *.facebook.* is in my

Yeah *.facebook.* is in my hosts.deny file.

Ha ha ha!

And how many people would have the slightest clue as to what you are talking about?

Which is precisely why I

Which is precisely why I support user licensing!

Did you read my Speghetti Monster Story?

It's all true.



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what about Robert Fallin 7?

?...non-facebook cannot see?

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