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Ron Paul is "Elektable"


Update from Jeremy Richter, director of 'Elektable.'

Official Website:

Official YouTube Page:

Official "Elektable" 45-Second Trailer Now Live!

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"Elektable Review" by ReviewManify. . .


I am madly in love with miss lady liberty..
WHO IS SHE!!!???

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

She Is Listed In The Credits

The end of the film has a list of credits.

The stargate to this parallel universe has been here all along

I love the, "one-button", wish-come-true approach to draw our imaginations into what it would feel and look like if we could have just one hour of unfettered news about Dr. Paul's very real ongoing presence in this nomination process.

It was priceless, watching the glow of Liberty light up in each of the reporter's faces; when they finally got freedom say what they know is the common-sense, self-evident truth about the true Spirit of Liberty which is still alive in a significant remnant of Americans right now.

The flame from the TV reminded me of the projection that would burst out of the "Stargate", (from the movie & hit scifi TV series),once an off-world gate was dialed in. I thought it ironic that the gate to that, "one-button", experience has always been with us. We, too often, have just not been paying attention to where we left it; or what it would feel and look if we did as we ought, and stepped through it...

Excellent video, folks! I'm forwarding and posting this in the true Spirit of Independence, to all my friends and family this July 4th. I hope that others are inspired to do the same.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

My truth

I've watched it 5 times now and have already commented on this thread.(RE: Disappointed) As I and others here have had a mixed reaction for being critical, here is clarity - like it or not.

Cut and re-edit the beginning up to 4:10 and the end from 12:23. The acting and script between these times alone would make this a much better movie and actually was VERY good. The idea of the MSM being liberated to tell the truth is good. You used some stock footage from rallies which helped the message so more of that, in my opinion, would improve it. The clarity in which Peter Joseph puts across his messages interwoven with stock footage in 'Zeitgeist' is a good benchmark, in my opinion.

Cringiest bits in the script that made me want to switch off: "You mean that good looking fellow", "I feel like I'm a kid again", "How strange, but liberating. What a wonderful feeling" "Honey, want your glasses?" "No I can see again".

The fake 'outtakes' at the end felt unnatural but particularly squirmy was the Liberty joke at the end which was truly awful. The flag waving Liberty girl was overdone and the TV blowing up and subsequent reaction to it was unnecessary. The 'tinkle tinkle' of the piano at that moment went on too long.

I'd hope for a second edition. If not - look forward to your next effort and hope these words help. They were not written to embarrass or hurt. Neither are they borne out of ignorance or childishness - IN MY OPINION.

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I Agree

with you.

Excellent 45 secs.

Excellent 45 secs. video.

I'll take 15 min. of "for liberty"

I applaud any effort to promote the good doctor, and this was a quality production. But honestly the first time I watched "for liberty" with my wife I felt like crying. I saw her realize why I was so excited about the movement. It was RAW, real, unrehearsed and that's what made it powerful. Just my 2 cents

A good effort, quality production, and interesting angle, but

...this isn't going to wake people up, go viral, or spread the Revolution. It's too tame, too dependent on actors reciting their conversations, and it doesn't feature the awesome power of the good doctor's words. That said, you will never please everyone and I wholeheartedly applaud the tremendous amount of time, work, and cost that you put into it. Your promotions leading up to it were great and I'm a big fan of bikini girl. She should put out her own video and let's hear her speak.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

It appeals to those who know the way things ought to be

Waking up was, and is, a process for all of us. To me, great production and acting doesn't take away from the appeal this video has to the conscientiousness of Liberty that we all would love to see expressed boldly, especially where we know it is mostly oppressed; TV news. Ben Swann rocks, as do the others mentioned.

I can also fault it for being too tame on some levels; as I believe that leaving Alex Jones or Mike Adams off the list of prime freedom-speakers is a gross oversight. But for the range of audience this video can effectively reach, I'll still rate it at a 9.5!

I believe it's the sincere delivery of truthful commentaries by everyone involved that will have a lasting impact on how many folks watch news after watching this.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Kinda corny.

Kinda corny.

To You....

I'm fine with subjective differences of opinion. However, I think it's safe to say this was a home run for the youth movement - which is who I was targeting with this initial effort. Here are the facts:

Over 50,000 views on YouTube in just two days. Additionally, it has over 2,100 Likes and just 102 Dislikes. That's a 22 to 1 Win/Loss Ratio, which is very close to the extremely well-received "Compassion of Dr. Paul" Video that has 620,000 views.

The Facebook page for the effort now has 520 fans. This also happened in just a few days. More are joining by the hour. By comparison, the Daily Paul's Facebook page has 22,998 fans and they've had a presence on Facebook for 3 1/2 years.

The Daily Paul presently has this thread at 351 Likes, ranking it as the 6th most popular topic this month.

So while this wasn't your cup of tea, it definitely was for many others.

In Liberty,


What was the deal with

the mostly naked female treating the flag in a way that is extremely dishonorable to many older Americans? That isn't a way to gain their support, I'll tell you what. Further, what was her purpose to begin with? Honestly.

There was some flat out pandering in the video to make sure it got a lot more views too. I don't think I need to spell it out.

I think the concept was good, and maybe the production, but the content would have done well to be reviewed for some feedback before it was finalized. Those who know me know I don't march in step with the blackboots here and tell it like it is. If you want to make something the most effective it can be, you dont blindly praise it, but rather let it stand up to objective feedback. I originally wanted to send this to my family members, but after a bit decided it would not further the cause.

And 2 and a half minutes of credits for a 15 minute video? Maybe I am being too harsh, but maybe some people here remember the tactics of the revolutionaries in contrast to the bright redcoats marching in formation.

Lady Liberty, Etc.

Appreciate your feedback. First, let me point out that this film was made for the under 30 crowd. It was for the youth movement. Its main goal was to point out the media bias against Dr. Paul in a positive, light-hearted way. I will be developing other, more serious films down the road that target an older audience. Those won't have a beautiful woman in a bikini proudly waving the America flag. As a side note, Bridget Erickson (the flag girl) is a huge Ron Paul fan, an Austrian Economics follower and has a degree in finance. She visits the Daily Paul often and is dialed into the movement. As it pertained to the younger crowd, having her portrayed in this fashion was a symbolic way to suggest that Liberty is beautiful.

As for having the content reviewed - duly noted. That being said, I want to be forthright in saying I repeatedly reached out to many individuals via e-mail, Facebook, YouTube, etc. in the Liberty/Daily Paul community - with little or no response. It was very discouraging for me and so I decided to go it alone in this initial effort.

As for the light-hearted credits at the end of the film, that's a subjective thing. Many have asked me why I didn't include more; a few have expressed that they weren't hip to them.

Finally, some numbers to consider. In the first two days of release, the film has:

Over 50,000 views on YouTube. Additionally, it has over 2,100 Likes and just 102 Dislikes. That's a 22 to 1 Win/Loss Ratio.

The Facebook page for the effort now has 520 fans, with more joining by the hour. By comparison, the Daily Paul's Facebook page has 22,998 fans and they've had a presence on Facebook for 3 1/2 years.

The Daily Paul presently has this thread at 348 Likes, ranking it as the 6th most popular topic this month.

What you need to be asking is: Was this a home run for the younger crowd? Based on the numbers above, the answer appears to be a resounding yes. They are inspired by the film because it spoke to them. As this was my intention, mission accomplished.

Most importantly though, this isn't my first rodeo, nor will it be my last. Future films will bear this out and I think some who have griped this go-around may have a different take when they see the additional ones that will be released down the road. I'd also like to add there has been an awful lot of trolling going on here by non-Liberty friendly individuals (many who magically became members of the Daily Paul in the last week).

Again, I appreciate your feedback and please know that I'm in this for Liberty to win big-time.

All the best,



Im confused as to why you are having to defend this film.. It was amazing... I loved everything about it. I have emailed the link to everyone I know and have received great feedback.. Thank you for using your time and recourses to make this film... Thanks Jeremy.

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson

Many Thx RP 4 President

Thanks so much for the kind comments. By and large, the reaction has been fantastic. However, there seems to be about 10% (rough guess) that were looking/expecting for it to much harder hitting. Not a big deal. I will deliver on this sentiment with my next few films on Ron Paul. The first is coming out in less than two weeks.

Until then, have a wonderful 4th!!!

Jeremy, I'm a video producer

Jeremy, I'm a video producer in the mountains of North Carolina...if you ever want to bounce things off me, I guarantee I will be prompt in response and hopefully helpful and insightful.

email me @ - joseph@foxkite.com

WIll Do

Just added you to my digital rolodex, thinkingcloud. North Carolina is amazing.....I've filmed at Pinehurst several times and have debated about whether to board the plane home more than once :)

I will be in touch shortly.

I think Democrats are trying

I think Democrats are trying to make us look bad.

ralph get over yourself

who cares how long they've been registered to the daily paul. So what, if they are new they cant have an opinion? You and Mary1 must be husband and wife, if you dont agree you see how long they have been here and comment on it like its a big whoop. Get a grip and by the way I also thought the video was cheesy as hell and would rather watch RP speak. Have a good day, oh yah member for two months maybe in case your interested:)


Strange and hokey. I couldn't

Strange and hokey. I couldn't watch the whole trailer. I'm sure it was made with good intentions, but just saying...

New member..........



This is just strange and awkward.. No clue who this is aimed at.

Regardless, thanks for any effort devoted to RP and liberty.

Official "Elektable" 45-Second Trailer Now Live!

Okay everyone, let's BLOW THE DOORS OFF THE HINGES with the official trailer for "Elektable". Please share far and wide with everyone you know. Even if they only see the trailer, it will make a HUGE difference in their perception that Ron Paul can still win the nomination:


45 second clip is really good

To the point and highly condensed (I guess what it's supposed to be). I sort of expected the whole film to be like this. I'm not sure where I got that impression from, but I think it was from watching a couple of your videos talking about the plans for the production.

I sent the video out to friends and family, but have not received any responses yet. I guess it's about time to ask. Sometimes subtle messages are the best, but don't receive an immediate response.

As noted below, crowds should probably be identified as current and real by showing a zoomed in shot of Dr. Paul speaking at them, otherwise people might not realize it.

Jeremy, Glad to hear you are working on more videos! Did You

consider adding the date and place when you show the crowds at the Ron Paul rallys? Ron Paul supporters know those crowds are real and recent but new viewers might think these crowds are fiction. Thank you for all your time and money and passion in wanting to help Ron Paul win the nomination in Tampa! Then onward to win in November as our next President of the United States.



I've seen just about every Ron Paul related clip on the internet. And this is Kitsch. It felt forced. Prefer to just watch clips of the good doctor saying something awesome.

Member for 1 week 2 days...........


Okay guys...

that are talking about having a story based film

This morning I decided to come up with ideas for a liberty themed drama.

*I have not edited this in any way, just straight thought’s.

Liberty: Lost and Found (working title)

This movie is simply going to take a minimum of 1 year to produce from outline to script to funding to assembling a pro team to make it a reality. You have to cast actors from a theater background. We need PRO DRAMA HERE!!!!!

You can't say the movie is about Ron Paul or any political movement. You need to include subtle overtones of our positions in the background while showing a fictional story of someone living in the Obama/Rommeny world.

I would personally use an artsy or counter-culture couple that were having a good life before 2008. They were making beautiful art together, selling it at galleries, contributing to the economy, shopping at farmers markets. These two volunteer for causes, they love TOM'S shoe's and are fashionable as hell. They also support other local businesses.

Take those two people on a journey through the hell of how the destruction of their liberty is stifling their individualism.

Types of issues to show & how to show them:

1. they get married and buy a home with a low-interest bubble mortgage. For a bit they have an amazing time, then the 07/08 hits later in the movie.

they have a friend in the army that comes back from Iraq and is having PTSD troubles and is becoming addicted to Oxycotton because of an injury sustained in battle. That person may also be having relationship issues taking anti-depressants.

They have a longtime friend that is a Medicinal Marijuana grower, who followed all the state laws. Have his ass busted by the feds, have swat teams blow his door open, break all of his personal property, he get’s arrested. Have his friends bail him out. When they discuses what happened have the actors say I thought Obama was going to change this. I had so much hope. They need to CRY!!!!!! Their world is crashing before them.

08/07 era

The two main characters start loosing money because not enough people have the money to buy their art. They're house get’s foreclosed on. And the hard-hitting issues force the once in-love people to become divided, they may be thinking about having a divorce, but don’t let them!!!! Have them overcome through a TRUTH SEEKING MISSION.

Maybe later in the movie they run into an acquaintance from H.S. that is making money hand over fist. The two never really like the guy because he was a d-bag. Now he works as a higher up for Chase. Have him explain how he skewed you and the middle-class to become rich (while at a bar having drinks with main characters). This man always has a tailored suit. Have the devil himself explain the plan. Have him Explain the Fed and fractional reserve banking. Then show his ass roll away in a porsche.

The Ron Paul element!

Now show the Ron Paul future in a dream after a night of drinking/ partying (escapism), just show it a better way, a world of optimism and love working together to become better people. This dream makes the two couple go on a truth mission. They have this other friend that’s somehow not failing. They still have a house, a strong marriage, and are OPTIMISTIC as hell. They are a metaphor for a Liberty Family! Have these two invite the main characters to a Ron Paul rally In Berkley their Alma mater!!!

This is where I end for today, someone pick up the story and the conclusion. Make the story go pro or go home people!!!! I’m not a writer but at least I’m trying.

No offense, but...

No offense intended, but you need a refresher course in the use of the apostrophe. To a reader of American English like myself, all those stupid apostrophes are terribly distracting - every time I encounter an extraneous apostrophe, it stops my reading in its tracks and feels like fingernails on a blackboard.

You don't use an apostrophe to make a plural - just add the "s."


Freedom is my Worship Word!