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Ron Paul is "Elektable"


Update from Jeremy Richter, director of 'Elektable.'

Official Website:

Official YouTube Page:

Official "Elektable" 45-Second Trailer Now Live!

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It's the below average people who are downvoting this

They are below average and don't "get it" and it is a waste of time to educate them. Most of them never post in Daily Paul until now. They all came out of the woodwork to down vote this.

This is good

This is fantastic to watch for a hard core supporter; however, I think you could edit this down to five minutes. I think the producer is too focused on the artsy aspects of this and camera effects than driving home a message in a clear and simple way. I don't think many will make it through all 15 minutes. Having said that, I certainly don't have the talent to do something like this, so thanks for spreading the message.

Kudos Jeremy

Well done. Very well done. I also liked how you fit Lady Liberty (BridgetErickson) into this. It definately makes a statement about the good ol U S of A for any true patriot with a pulse :-) As they say, only in America!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Count me in

for the Twitter Bomb! #Elektable!!

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don't spread this embarrassment around

What have you given us?

A movement, if you can keep it going.

Thank you, Doctor!
Great film!


In the 'Elektable' logo please change the checkmark color to white or whatever the rest of the characters are. It will make it more readable!

I design as well so im not just complaining just trying to help!

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.

We are gonna win Go Ron Paul

It's time.

Awesome Mini-Film!

loved it!

The only comment would be to get rid of the the girl in a bikini. It cheapens the message and doesn't add anything relevant to Ron Paul or liberty. We don't always have to use sex to sell.

I agree, she seemed out of

I agree, she seemed out of place to me

why the misspelling?

I assume the misspelling of electable is purposeful. Is there a reason behind it?

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An unfortunate missed opportunity, SEO-wise

If someone Google's "Ron Paul" and "electable" this video will be nowhere to be found....and wasn't that the point?

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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Anyone who really believes in this movement and doesn't just jump on anything that says "Ron Paul roxxorz" doesn't want this getting out anyway. It was terribly done and says nothing. I hope it dies the painful death it deserves. As I have said before. It is embarrassing. It's not just that there was no message but it was supposed to be some professional piece. I can tolerate many many poorly done videos that praise Ron Paul but those videos actually have something to say, they actual give a message that is backed up by facts and passion. This had none of that. So in my mind they wasted all their effort for nothing. Yes it was well done. It looked very good but said nothing. It said OMG! Ron Paul had big rallies!! No shit. And??? We all know the media blacked him out and yeah others might not know that but it never says WHY... WHY did they black him out? Why do they not want us to gain a foothold? Why are they afraid of following the constitution? These are the things that should have been answered and weren't. As such, it is nothing more than pure MTV garbage. Yup, awesome camera, good cinematography, good editing, good movie. But it sucked. Bad script, bad actors (I blame the director for that), bad directing (see previous) and bad or should I say no real message. Yes Ron Paul has been popular and......? You catch my drift? In other words it was an over-produced waste of time to say what we all know already. And those that didn't know didn't learn anything either. Why should those people trust what he is saying without something to back it up? Pure garbage in my opinion. Don't embarrass us more by spreading this around.

Nobody "catches your drift"

You have made it your mission the past two days to criticize this film. Can't you see your posts have no effect on people liking it? What ever you are trying to accomplish, it's not working.

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Not to worry K Gee.

Google will bring you to "Electable" Ron Paul Short Film youtube, i.e. this very one. :-)

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I don't know why Jeremy R did it, but when you google

"elektable", the entire first page is about this film. . . as opposed to "electable", which brings up Romney / Obama articles.

It is a clever way to distinguish the name and "coin" the word for this film alone :-)

cool. thx!

cool. thx!


You hit the nail on the head :)

Excellent video! Let's just

Excellent video! Let's just hope it's not too late in the game.

"As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it." - Albert Einstein
"Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?" ~ Wead

Game's over. RP has not been campaigning for a long time.

no rallies, few interviews that don't even touch on his candidacy and he has a staff that gets paid hefty donations to go out and say rand' endorsement of romney is a good thing and get hefty sums of money to have weekly conversations with romney and his team.

and all the while, no word of vote flipping, etc..


you do not understand

Ron Paul or conservatism.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

you want to ignore and deny paul and conservatism.

and it scares you to admit what is what and htat you are on the wrong side and don't want to get on the right side out of lack of courage or to go along to get along like rand and santorum did with romney.

it is a fact that paul hasn't none to next to nothing in past several months. so, what is there not to understand about that? and, he hasn't been criticizing obama or romney, so clearly he has not been campaigning.


Holy Troll Batman!! Lib, why

Holy Troll Batman!! Lib, why do you come here? What do you get out of it? We all understand you hate Liberty and well thought out ideas. We get it!!

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

you need to get a better grip on liberty

before you are of much good to paul. you really have no ideas on solutions. paul has not been campaigning for months and his staff has not been doing anything good and productive. so, drop it and fine somethingelse to do for liberty.


dont stress it

some people come here just to argue about shiz at the end of a boring day at work. that being said, i completly disagree with u and everyone else commenting on this thread and u all need to get a better grip on what liberty really means and u need to understand the GOP and do this and that etc

Your comments are useless and irrelevant.

Paul has been campaigning. He has made appearances and speeches. Does the Texas Convention ring a bell?

Your assumption that people who are still focusing on Ron Paul and the campaign aren't doing anything for liberty is baseless and rude. The comments you are making are useless and unnecessarily inflammatory.

Before you can be much good to anyone, you need to stop being a condescending jerk.

threads on dp on lack of rallies.

there are threads here citing that he has not been doing much in the past x months. ok, he has done something limited like a texas gop convention. however, by far, his schedule has been quite light - and that is a indisputable fact.

yes indeed, the campaign does have issues. threads from olson to other things to his son who was technically on his campaign making a romney endorsement, hunter and others saying rand was right for his endorsement, etc...
even paul has come out to say he cannot get enough delegates to win, and wants to influence romney for an audit.

and noone on paul's campaign has refuted anyone to say he is in the race.




this is the last itme.
1. Ron Paul attacks no one, EVER, ust their philosophies.
2. Stealth leading up to a convention such as this is Ron Pauls classic strategy.
he has built a legion and they are stewing and getting antsy.
The storm is coming and People are looking and not finding it, until they uncover him.
There are 1000s of faces he puts his message on, and those faces explain it to others. That is how a conservative runs their campaigan.
Paul is a conservative and lets his message and his supporters do the leg work.
He is confident now to take a break and go write several bills an make his house votes and still make the Hall of Fame...
You are really a libfart for coming in here with out the slightest knowledge of political strategy or consrvatism.
Both of which run the Paul campaigns, and always have.
When I said I do to Pauls message, I meant forever.
Paul educated me to the truth and I will never walk away from it.
He has given me something even my own parents did not, nor could not.
He gave me an education of the world I live in and he gave me the truth and he did it ALL FOR FREE!
Only a political scientist and a few establishment figures know what
Paul is up to, and even then he is dumb like a fox and holds his cards very close. He protects his legacy and protects his name and will never let anything happen to either one. That is why I trust him and will never trust another in politics the same way again.
Someone like Paul comes around once every 200 years and we will be very fortunate if we see anyone like him or as cunning as him- again.

BTW- it is a classic paul strategy to allow the media to ignore him and step back. he saves money this way and does not have to stop his campaign every hour to defend himself, like the others do. He gets his work done, this isnt his first rodeo and he is a proven winner. Much more so then Obama OR Romney- COMBINED.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016