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Two rails of liberty

There are those in the Ron Paul movement who take a "work within the party" approach, and there are those who are more like me who take a "whatever it takes" approach. Now as it is perhaps an understatement to say people like us are both independent and passionate when it comes to our ideas, it is no surprise that there has been significant conflict between these two groups.

Group A, might consist of people like Rand Paul, or other people who hope to gain political power at various levels of government and believe the proper path is to vote for candidates who are not exactly liberty-friendly, whilst group B is repulsed by the mere thought of voting for people like Romney. But these two groups are both headed to the same end, like two rails on a train track.

I am sure that people in group A will never convince group B to vote for Romney, just as group B will never convince group A to vote against their binding (interestingly enough, the way the laws in my state are written, I am a delegate that is "allocated" to Mitt Romney). But I am also sure that if people let our minor differences explode into such conflict that we never get anything done, the enemies of liberty will win.

We are outnumbered as it is. Yes, the people in group A want to grow power in their respective states, but if we are to be honest with ourselves, we know they want to do so to promote ideas all here agree on. Is there anyone here who thinks that the Senate wouldn't be better off if the other 99 senators were like Rand Paul?

If we work together, we can promote people like them who want to further their political ambitions into positions (better them then Neocons), and they can help us do things like take over district conventions, "steal" 6 delegates in my state, and most importantly of all piss off the Larry Baileys (link below) of the world.

Lets work together as two parallel rails so we can drive the train of this movement over the political corpses of those who would dare seek to use government to take away the freedom of its citizens.