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"Elektable" Released! Ron Paul Revolutions Candle is now replaced w/ Torch


5 Stars out of 5 stars for this short film produced by Jeremy Richter @ JeremyRichterFilm

From Site: "Elektable" is a short fictional film about Ron Paul and the amazing political revolution he has inspired. The movie explores truth in the media and how it secretly holds a deep affection for Dr. Paul."

1) Go watch "Elektable" at the website Youtube.COM with his channell on.
2) Make your plans now for Paul Festival (get your tickets and camping and come hang with me! :)) http://www.paulfestival.com

We need as many delegates as possible to see this video. If you know of a delegate that is not for Ron Paul, please show them this. Show this to people you never would show it to. Give it to your bosses, CEO. :) Tell it to EVERYONE! Tell it from the MOUNTAIN! Tell it and think it and feel it and live it and win it!

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I think before Promotion of elektable people need to see THIS!


nothing against elektable but this one actually has Dr Ron Paul speaking. Elektable is a bit sparse on the content of the message.

Seen that one a bunch of times

I was out promoting that a couple weeks ago. Love it!


Another post where you're piggy backing off of the hype from Elektable to promote your video.


Was that to me or the other poster? I like all the Ron Paul videos. The man is genuine. I am not trying to piggy back off of anything. Hell I hate when people try to get paid for their videos on here. It just so happens last night I was up at 4am (after 4 and a half days of non stop coding for work), I was about to pass out and shut down the system when I saw he released it! So thats why I made the video. I loved it. The shot feel. I think it has the potential for young men smoking them instead of your job

agreee 1000 times! Then watch

agreee 1000 times!

Then watch this video also,,


you must see this one too! :)