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Tony Robinson calls out British banking system.

Aired 30/7/2012. Actor and broadcaster, Tony Robinson has said that he no longer has any respect for British bankers and the British banking system.

Speaking after Barclays was fined £290m for manipulating banking interest rates, Robinson catalogued how the banks had let down the country for their own interests. Watch more on the Question Time website.


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I like Tony

so I'm very happy to see that he's awake.
Thanks for posting.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Good for Tony Robinson

saying it exactly as it is.

The Central Bankers of the World originated with the Bank of England and are in league with the wealthy of the world, including the monarchies, to gain maximum greed-wealth and as much power as possible over the masses of the planet and enslave us to serve them in making this planet THEIR private paradise.

But we are more intelligent than the peasants they once taxed to death and brutalized, and more of us are rebelling against the Central Bankers.
Remember what happened in Germany recently. The people are starting to rebel openly in non-violent protest; not just talk; and thanks to RON PAUL going after the FED in America. This is a DP post but for those who did not see the video:


wow another one of these thread within 20min

so does he have any 'respect' for ECB system? their fed, essentially? BOE? bank of england? or is it ok because it's a national bank. corruption there is to be turned a blind eye to.

does he even know what those are?

does OP?

Yes I have a strong understanding of the real power that is

the central banking system and its system of creating debt. I was simplt sharing this video because I believe it to be a good step to have someone noticeable speak out against the banking system, in any way.