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ObamaCare was never meant to do anything but divide us.

Its an insidious nonsolution to a very real problem.

Liberals hate it because it doesn't go far enough.
Conservatives hate it because it does ANYTHING.
Liberty minded people hate it because it forces us to do something we don't want to do.

Roses are red,
Violets are pretty
A camel is a horse
Designed by committee.

And thats what ObamaCare is too.

The health insurance system we have in the US is inefficient and broken but it makes certain companies and idividuals very rich. And ObamaCare was designed to make those same people much richer.

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Compromise often produces a solution that nobody likes much.

Thats normal and can be expected.

But the goals is supposed to be to come up with a solution that might not be the favorite of those negotiating - but all agree, can solve the problem.

ObamCare doesn't solve the problem and it is hated by everybody EXCEPT those who really wrote the solution (not coincidently the same people who caused the problem) who are the big crony capitalist that already profit on people's pain.

THAT BOTH Romney and Obama championed the SAME crony-capitalistic unworkable solution to a very serious problem, should be the most obvious warning sign that NEITHER of these candidates is qualified to lead!

There is no divide

except among political hacks like Hannity and Ed Schultz.

NOBODY supports the individual mandate.

EDIT: Its you again Jetguy! There are people whao want to force responsibility on everyone else. Mostly Republicans. And yes you will see Republicans take credit for and defend Obamacare 20 yrs from now.

We were already divided, this just becomes a

greater focal point of misdirection. The empirical facts being, the Dems vs GOP, left vs right, liberal vs conservative, mantras are facade false paradigms used to divide us while they continue to sell us out to the Bankster/Corporate world!!! They are all collectivists jockeying for position to fund their special interest, where they have personal vested interest of return. The insurance, Big Pharma, and corporate hospitals wrote Obamacare, and if the GOP does get the power back, they will just alter it so they get to be the profiteers of the industry. This is the same as the lefts anti-war BS before Obama was placed in office. As soon as they were the profiteers, their anti-war mantra faded away.

The solution is to start exposing to the masses, that the Federal government is made up of Fascist collectivists, who both collude with their special interest, and make all of us pay for it with more debt and a devalued dollar. You must be prepared to explain how each side works, and that neither does anything but make life harder on them and their families.

it is rather ironic

to see the conservatives defend the act ted kennedy penned in '72.
if i live long enough, i suppose i'll get to see conservatives defend obamacare.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul