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Idea. Take over media/radio Emergency Broadcast System

Take over every channel via tv, radio just long enough to broadcast the top 3 Ron Paul youtube videos or possibly Romney Obama the same. Would it be possible to hack or would it need to be physically taken over? The ramifications would be huge.

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it's for FREEDOM. WTF.



Have a nice time in

Have a nice time in Guantanamo.

Don't do that

Don't do that. It is illegal and would make Ron Paul look bad.

Illegal yes, but peaceful.

It's just an idea that popped up. I would think it would make ron paul look good. the illegalities would fall on the hacker and not dr. paul.

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Peaceful to "take over?" By persuasion

of the owners? By force? This does not compute for me unless we were already in the midst of a violent revolution started by those who do believe in violence. The government took over by stealth and stealing our resources, but most people support that still.

It is still a supporter of

It is still a supporter of Ron Paul. Ron Paul would not be blamed directly but his name will still be brought up which will lower people's opinion on him.