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Why the GOP Will Wish It Could Lead with Ron Paul After This ObamaCare Ruling (Brian Doherty)

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This is a crock

Reason mag is not pro liberty. They are part of the faked controlled opposition. This was all well known about Rombama but where was the Reason support for Paul?
Now they pretend like the GOP gives a rats about liberty. Rombama is "the Presumed Nominee" precisely BECAUSE he will advance the Clinton-Bush-obammunist Neocon endless war agenda and controlling the population via "healthcare" which will involve chipping, forced "vaccinations", "mental health" evaluations and "treatment", death panels, and who knows what dietary and medication "mandates".

Reason sucks, but Doherty is

Reason sucks, but Doherty is a solid Ron Paul supporter.

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to claim that "the GOP" is going to be so sorry that they backed Rombama is disingenuous. The GOP FORCED this RINO Neocon on us fully aware that he was the flip-flopping architect of Romneycare. To pretend that they are going to be upset because of Obamacare assumes that we are idiots and don't see what a fake joke the Neocon (leftists all at the core) run GOP is.

Alright, where EXACTLY in the

Alright, where EXACTLY in the bill does it say anything about chipping people? I read some of the bill myself(probably more than most of the congress did, haha) and looked around some. Nope, didnt see a god damned thing on this chipping BS. What I did see was something in there called CHIP that had nothing to do with chips. It stands for Children's Health Insurence Program.

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Oh, you're right

Because it doesn't specifically say they are going to chip us it is impossible that they would claim the right to do so. Silly me.

WHERE exactly in the Constitution does it give them the power to force healthcare insurance or healthcare on us at all? I looked all through it and didn't see it anywhere........

Have you ever heard of nanobots?? They are probably already chipping us in "vaccinations", etc.

Reasonless Magazine

Reasonless Magazine

Good article

This was a good read, and puts forth a number of obvious parallels that many of those not in the know easily overlook.

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