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Dhimmitude tax and the Obamacare ruling

Dhimmitude taxes are sometimes imposed on non-Muslims living in Muslim countries. Christians and Jews are sometimes allowed to live peacefully in Muslim lands such as the Ottoman Empire in return for paying this penalty tax for not being Muslim.

In the Robert’s Supreme Court ruling, no one can be forced to buy health care insurance but if they choose not to, they have to pay a (penalty tax) for not doing so. The logic behind these two taxes is similar. If you don't buy our product, we will leave you alone in return for paying a fine.

Ironically, US Muslims are one of the religious groups in the US exempted from having to pay this Obamacare tax. One of the requirements of Obamacare, not yet in effect, is that insurance companies will have to accept customers with pre-existing conditions. I am curious if individuals, whether Amish, Christian Scientist, or Muslim will be able to opt into a health insurance plan after they have refused to pay their individual Obamacare tax. (???)