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The best thing you can do for Ron Paul right now

Over the last couple of weeks I have been really thinking about what is the very best thing that can be done for Ron Paul and the r3volution movement right now, and I have come to what I believe is the answer.

But before I give the answer let me tell you what it's not;

It's not putting up another blog about how evil Mitt Romney is.

It's not posting up on Facebook you favorite Ron Paul quote.

It's not even suing the RNC (though I am a plaintiff in that case).

The best thing that I believe that can be done for Ron Paul and the r3volution is support (in whatever ways possible) the Ron Paul supporting National Delegates to the RNC.

The average Ron Paul money bomb raised $1,000,000

The average Ron Paul national delegate will pay around $1500.00 to go to the RNC

According to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign there are about 500 Ron Paul National Delegates.

That mean 3/4 of a million dollars will be spent by Ron Paul supporting delegates.

I know that there are Ron Paul supporting delegates from Maine to California who need financial help to reach that $1500.00 and how terrible would it be if Ron Paul lost delegates at the RNC because they came up short financially?

I want to encourage you to reach out to the Ron Paul National Delegates that you know and see how they are doing in the areas of finances. See if you can help them with $50, $100, or $200, or whatever you can do.

If you don't know any Ron Paul National Delegates I know about 20 of them up here in Maine and I am sure one or two of them could use some extra help.

Thank you for reading,

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July 4th Iowa delegate money

July 4th Iowa delegate money bomb sponsored by the magnificent Liberty Iowa PAC....


best thing to do for Paul is to invest in silver and no money to

gop/dnc-gop convention-tate-campaign for liberty-campaign.

drop it, giving money is throwing money away to establishment. there will be regrets when there is hyperinflation and you wonder why you have no money or did not prepare and take care of yourself.


How to contact them

You make a great point. How can we make sure money we give goes to the delegates to get them there? How do we get the money to the delegates?


Find a local Ron Paul

Find a local Ron Paul delegate and cut them a check to help cover their travel cost. If you don't have any local Ron Paul delegates, I can help you find some.


The best thing I can do for Ron Paul right now is

the same best thing I can do for my family, my community, my county, my state and my country:

GO to these 'planning', 'visioning', 'sustainability', etc meetings!!
GO to the city council meetings, and the county supervisor's meetings.
READ, Read and read some more about what is going on around here.
Learn how to avoid being 'Delphi'd' and learn about UN Agenda 21 which is being implemented at local levels all over - right damn now.
Go to the 'party of my choice' meetings.
Develop and maintain actual real life relationships and talk to people.
Learn about the local candidates and if I can find a good one - help them!
If not - become one!

This is so much more than Ron Paul. And *everything* is at stake.

i am doing that in my town

i have about 3-4 others who are working with me to reshape the GOP in my town. the current GOP is all seniors who were so happy to have new blood at their meeting they were willing to back us for mayor and ward presidents almost immediately

Atlas is shrugging

Sweet post.


Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."


49 States is equals to 49 BUSES to rent going to TAMPA...only for those who cant afford to go their on their own ofcourse...Money Bomb?


That bus from Hawaii

is going to be a little tricky!


That is why its only 49 states...knowing that 1 state ( the 50th) will be a little tricky ( Guess what state that is :D)?


Hawai'ians don't catch buses

They catch waves ;)

You can exclude CA

In CA the campaigns select their delegates and the names are listed by district with the Secretary of State, so CA has NO stealth delegates.

Then we have an election. Ours was June 5TH, Romney won 79%.

What this means is ALL the delegates from CA are for Romney.

No one is more sorry than me.

That just means

That you need to get rid of more people in charge in your districts and fight hard to take their places!


Help reduce cost-per-delegate from $1500 to...

If one way to beat the system is to not use the system, why don't we stop funneling our federal reserve notes into the pockets of restaurants, hotels, and airports, and provide some of these services ourselves to the delegates?

Example: Instead of donating $50, donate or not if you like, AND provide a delegate with a place to sleep for the night, either in Tampa or on the way.

I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by pandas starving hysterical naked

-Allen Ginsberg

Delegates are assigned Hotels with their states

When you don't go with your state, YOU MISS OUT on ALL of what you are there to do, which is WORK. There are meetings, seminars, classes, speaches, meet and greets, issues and candidates from your state, the opportunity to meet Senators and Congresscritters and meet the people who are affecting the laws in YOU state. You not only cheat yourself, but your community by not doing things correctly.

I'm all for supporting actual delegates properly.

If you want to support a

If you want to support a delegate here you go.....


Conventions - need to know

We need a running post where people can learn as much as possible
like what you just wrote, crash course of sorts...
Thanks !