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"I've Never Been Afraid to be Bold." Why Ron Paul unites lefties, righties, commies and crazies.

"I'd rather be strongly wrong than weakly right."

These words were famously spoken by Tallulah Bankhead, star of stage and screen, icon of the "liberal left".

"I've Never Been Afraid to be Bold."

-Congressman Ron Paul, June 28 2012

As soon as I read these words from Ron Paul I immediately thought of this famous Bankhead quote. I read her wikipedia page and was surprised that someone so completely different from Ron Paul could share such a fundamental life attitude.

Ms. Bankhead's words were clearly an admission of her own fallibility. She wasn't afraid to make a decision even if it turned out later to be wrong.

Dr. Paul's quote is also an admission of fallibility, as Ron is certainly aware of his own human limitations, and will readily admit that he was, for example, as strongly in favor of the death penalty as he now is opposed to it.

The point is that the overall spirit in which both quotes were said is the same, and it is something that everyone can, or should at least, agree on: be yourself, trust yourself, speak your mind. Be strongly right, be strongly wrong, don't be afraid to be bold.

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This is the truest thing I've ever read here

Anyone who thinks you can't create something out of nothing never dated a drama queen

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

perhaps this means God is a drama queen?

perhaps the universe is a drama queen and the Big Bang was just one of her many random violent outbursts.

It was probably the pandas

Why is it always GOD?

Oh yes don't mention satan. satan is not apart of it. satan is not a drama queen.

Actually as a copy cat. a want to be. a drama queen is satan.
But as the father of all lies. Just want you to believe that satan doesn't exist. Even though you are being lied to.

Because trolls and bots don't understand metaphors...

Leaving regular folk like I and thee alone to have a civilized discourse.

It was probably the pandas



It was probably the pandas

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Feature bump

For the Panda faction.


The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

I think your observation is

I think your observation is spot on.

Ron Paul projects an air of genuineness that is attractive to disaffected voters both left and right. The more you watch him the more you know he's not a knee jerk GOPer, his political positions derive from his principles, and he has arrived at his principles through considerable time spent reading and reflecting.

This is why we seldom see him react to a question in discomfort. He has almost always thought about the issue and he knows what he thinks about it. It has been amazing and instructive to watch him evolve his answers to questions that used to stump libertarians or have us come off sounding like quacks, or insensitive jerks. Liberty lovers who want to run for office should spend time studying Ron's interviews, and Rand's too for that matter. Neither is uncomfortable with being unconventional, and taking unpopular, though principled positions is not always as easy as it seems. It becomes easier the more sure of yourself you are, and belief in the correctness of your principles, if you are intelligent and honest enough to be open minded, comes only after study and reflection.

When you can approach a political campaign from a lifetime of living this way you are going to stand out. That's Ron Paul's secret. That's why he's so unusual. Thoughtful people don't want power and control, but the political spectrum is made up of people who want power and control.

Ron is an anomaly, a thoughtful politician. He's genuine. The real deal. That's why we so admire the man.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Did an edit...

here's the paragraph I replaced:

...One might think that Bankhead and Paul, having similar philosophies on life, would share a political perspective as well. Well, a quick look at Ms. Bankhead's wikipedia page shows that not only was she firmly on the far 'left' of the political spectrum, but her overall attitude towards the consequences of her decisions, no matter how strongly decided, was also likely very far from Dr. Paul's. Her's was to live for today and Dr. Paul's obviously being the long view...

It was probably the pandas

I don't think he unites

the right and the left. He draws people from both sides but he does not unite the sides. And I also believe some people support Paul because they don't truly understand what it would mean to get government out of our lives and implement what Paul advocates, if they did then most liberal supporters would return to Obama. I say that because getting government out of our lives would by far hurt the liberal left more than the conservative right.

I wish Rand had looked up to his dad in this regard~~

He will discover that "they" will not accept him anyway, "unless" he bends down to them every time they ask him to...

Instead, there is some kind of 'competition' with his father, subconcious or not, it doesn't matter. I do appreciate, however, some of Rand's other efforts. But, just talking to other Senators has fallen on deaf ears just about as much as Dr. Paul talking has for 30 years to all of them. Our Congressmen & Senators are as corrupt as ever.

Still, Dr. Paul has been consistent, truthful, and forthright, and persuasive finally regarding the FEDERAL RESERVE AUDIT bills, to the point that many in Congress vote to support this to "appear" they are "with" the people, when in reality probably the majority of them laugh behind our backs, as they sip their martinis (tax-paid for), while thinking how the bill won't pass the Senate. Indeed, they'll continue getting their cushy money from the rich power-mongering elites...

Ringo Starr ...a Great Song

And all I gotta do is:


Ain't it the truth?
Thanks Chris.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Actually, it was Buck Owen's song first...

written by Johnny Russell and Voni Morrison.

Here is Buck And Ringo singing it together.



Good point, Chris.

As a former Democrat AND Independent (I know, I've had an identity crisis trying to figure out politics!), I can relate to your message.

Paul does not unite right / left,

although he has potential to do so, paul will not do because he staunchly says he wants to remain in obamey's party. he does not want to start a movement apart from establishment. and, there is no evidence of pointing to anything he has done for the left.

noone on the left really mentions him as a force on the left. regardless, there is not much of right or left, it is all left. so by paul staying in gop, which is tied to dnc, he is playing into this false paradigm of right/left.


He attracts people from all political viewpoints

is what I've been led to believe. Any former democrats or socialists care to weigh in???

It was probably the pandas

True to a limited extent

sure he has attracted some former democrats. but the point is that the left doesn't really discuss or debate paul as having anything to do with democrats. clearly, he is only discussed within republican terms in the republican arena. so most democrats really don't know anything about the federal reserve or have any concerns with it. on the other hand, far more republicans are aware of the corrupt fed, though they really are not that concerned with it.

paul's campaign did not care to cater to those on the left or that have liberal views. they really were only catering to the right, by saying he is the only conservative consistent and that was how they positioned him, not about something that crosses both cons and liberal traditional lines. clearly, campaign money was wasted.

like the left, the right wants to keep the fed and keep up the wars without much change. and republicans do like socialized medicine as they are fine with the romney gop nomination. romney is also a big time democrat.


I guess I just started this thread to list examples of how Ron

Paul attracts people from the left to whatever extent he does.

His recent quote just perfectly sums up a basic human truth that anyone can relate too, as much so as they can agree with the quote from Tallulah Bankhead, an icon for the (philosophical) left.

It was probably the pandas

when you call yourself a staunch republican,

the vast majority of democrats are not going to pay attention to you. that is just how us politics works. so if you really want to break that duopolopy or cause change, then you have to find ways to relate and communicate.

calling yourself a cons conservative adn fighting with romney's cons rivals but not with romney is just not a good way to get democrats to pay attention to you. it didn't work. quotes of basic human truth don't work much, bec dem are suspicious you are saying that out of the gop banner, which they relate to bush-cheney and problems.

so, unfortunately paul's corrupt staff had a horrid strategy to no strategy for reaching out to the general american public.


It's up to us then

to spread the word to liberals etc by refering to things like this quote.

It was probably the pandas

And To Inform Them

About the "Federal Reserve".
I do find it ludicrous to assume that the Dems aren't "informed" or understanding of the FED and it's perils to all Liberty.

Most of them are people...just like us.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Please add to this thread

As it is certainly not complete.

It was probably the pandas