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Vote Ron Paul in 2016, Obama in 2012 to keep Mitt out

To ensure that Ron Paul has a chance to run again in a GOP Primary, vote for Obama to keep Mitt from winning in 2012. If Mitt wins then he will automatically be the 2016 GOP Nominee and our movement won't advance.

We grow by leaps and bounds each time there is a GOP Primary.

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It's Ronnie or no one

Obama is a Tyrant, 4 more years of him and the U.S. will be no more.


Then u want Mitt to win

Mitt is a Tyrant, 4 more years of him and the U.S. will be no more.

Mitt and Obama are equally bad. But Mitt is twice as worse because he'll not only be a bad president he'll also block us from the 2016 GOP Primary.

wow get off this page

you are a traitor, and you are one the people we, the ron paul supporters, talk about that accepts the lesser of two evils, you know, the ignorant people.

evil happens when good men do nothing

YOU are the traitor!! That's what you want to do, let Mitt win. So it's twice as bad as if obama wins. Not only a bad president but also no GOP primary in 2016.

Thats not hppening

I'll vote Johnson or Paul.
I don't expect Ron to run again in 2016.
If he does, he'll get my vote.

If you do that you let Mitt win

and not only will he be president he'll be the automatic GOP nominee in 2016. No primary.

Twice as bad as if obama wins. At least we get a shot in 4 years.


Ron Paul or Gary Johnson

2016 Ron Paul


ya, but

if you want to vote for Ron Paul in 2016 you have to vote Obama in the general election to stop mitt.

Voting for gary lets mitt win.

if he wasn't too old in 2012

He's not too old in 2016

just think of it as

Using obama to our own ends

there can be no doubt

a mitt win is twice as bad as an obama win. Not only a bad president but also blocking us from our 2016 GOP Primary so we can vote for Ron Paul

even Rand

represents a real choice versus mitt, obama, or anyone else just about.

no time left for any other plan

It's got to be Ron Paul winning a GOP Primary ASAP.

O'Romney Care is now reality and supreme court declined to stop it. It takes effect in 2014 so this is our shot to let it not see the tender old age of 3.


Robamneycare, excuse me