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Ron Paul Campaign has $3.3M on hand: What's in store for the convention?

As we are closing in on the Republican National Convention, it seems as if the Ron Paul Campaign has conjured up a plan to once again shock the nation. Few acknowledge that fact Mitt Romney has not even been formally nominated, let alone the fact that Ron Paul is still actively campaigning for the nomination. However, the official campaign of Ron Paul and a small Paul supporting grassroots group named LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL are effectively working above the fray in order to make the biggest impact this August. The Ron Paul campaign has not stopped and has something up it's sleeves come this August.


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examiner is uncredible. don't believe anything they say about

the campaign.

the campaign has nothing good up its sleeve. and ron paul has stopped campaigning for months. there are threads on dp on his months of absence. examiner lies.

lawyers for ron paul are a bunch of scumbags. they are trying to stop free elections for 2016. where were they as all the vote flipping was done since iowa. they did nothing when it mattered. when paul steppedout of the race and rand made his endorsement, they stepped up only to cause trouble and do no good.

cases go on for months and years.


How and Why Ron Inspires us.

Great TED talk which helps explain why Ron earns our trust.


After reading all these comments I have a new apprectation

for just how hard it was to win the Revolutionary war. I see so many similarities.
The minute fighting starts - half you are just laying down your muskets and running for the hills. Meanwhile - the GOP army stands shoulder to shoulder marching forward - decimating those with the balls to stand for what they believe because they were deserted by the weak minded, scared little fools that talked a tough game - but ultimately deserved the tyranny in which they were to live - since they didn't have the courage to stand by in the tough times and really sacrifice.

HOW the hell can some of you who have been here FIVE years quit and turn coat?

We have won many great battles with RP as our general. Sure - it appears as if he will not get the fruits of his labor - but that doesn't mean we give up and trash the man.
This makes YOU the greater enemy - not the GOP and the MSM.

Turn Coat? Who do you refer?

The fruit of his labor joined the GOP and got on Central Committees.

Those who did not do their homework, are under the influence of MSM and YouTube propeganda that passes for truth because they didn't even go to one Central Committee meeting. They never did what Ron Paul asked.

Then they think an attorney who never gave a dime to Ron Paul is their hero by suing the GOP to represent who? What should be personal injury suits and suits against the states, you want a federal judge to become THE DICTATOR and have a ARMED FORCE go to the convention and you call this LIBERTY?

It's not Liberty. It's a front to end the GOP so TPTB can make the Democratic Party / Obama serve them with NO guilt, while taking us into the NWO Global government.

Ron Paul takes a learning curve that too many did not do the homework, and have the audacity to call us turn coats.

What have you done to help get Ron Paul BACKING so he had the people seated he needed?

Knocking down the campaign and Benton is knocking down Ron Paul.

Granger - I am not sure how to read your post

I think we are agreeing. I merely meant the fruit of his labor being the ultimate prize of the presidency.

As to the law suit - again - I openly admit to not being a great political strategist and as I have said - will follow RP's advise. I am assuming a man who has played the game for 30 years is setting up for the next 30 that he will not be here for.

I call those on here(you can judge yourself if it includes you) turn coats as those who, at the first sign they do not approve of RP's strategy feel it ok to mutiny against him by slamming him, saying he committed a felony with the last money bomb, implying he raised the money to give to staffers - in short - throwing away all pretense of the man's character and getting caught up in the mob mentality against him. That - by definition - is a turn coat.

Again - I agree - knocking down Benton and the campaign is knocking down RP and implying his some dotard.

We are in agreement

I apologise for the confusion as we are in 100% agreement!

My Question is...

Why was the campaign asking for money up until the very end, even though they had 3.3 million, when Dr. Paul was just going to drop out?

This may come as a shock to you

but maybe they have a plan and they just didn't feel you were important enough to tell. Or perhaps - being an astute jedi - he could see you were not trustworthy enough and too weak minded to stay strong when the sites where trained on you. You have clearly proved him right once again by your treasonous post.

LOL! I can't ask a question?

hahaha ok.

i second asking questions.

don't have blind trust in anyone.


You are always free to ask questions

however, be careful of making implications while asking the question. Or at least understand that some may respond to your implications.

Maybe it's you who is infering things here

take a deep breath. it was just a question that has been bugging me.

you are still saying not to ask questions.

when you ask a question, people will automatially think of the realm of potential answers - and you fear those answers/truth, hence you want to curtail any questions out of fear of what you are covering up or what those you are protecting are covering up. this is not freedom, but restrictions along the lines of tyranny.

if you don't fear the truth and want freedom and don't want to cover up, then you should not be concerned about 'implications'.


I am not concerned about implications

merely addressing them so as to dispel any misinformation or implications of impropriety that may result in some peoples minds as they search for those potential answers. When the question asked is not asked in a neutral manner, but in a manner who's mere phrasing implies a certain bias, and by which phrasing plants said bias - then I conclude that the question is not one of a search for meaning and understanding - but one meant as a statement wrapped inside the guise of a question so as to give the questioner false protection from the statement by then being able to insinuate that anybody questioning the questioner is somehow oppressing and curtailing the questioners search for the truth.

I am merely pointing out to others that maybe the question in question is suspect.

So what and it may just be your paranoia of hiding truth

no question is a stupid question or should be fear or should be of suspect. no questions should concern you as long as you have nothing to hide and are not afraid to deal with any dirt that comes up.

of paul's inner circle and some of their activities. that inner circle has already been revealed to be full of establishment folks like tate and olson, and those who have gone along with the dark by praising rand's high endorsement of romney.

one that another dp'er raised is why more money was raised when millions were already there and in addition, i ask when several tens of millions were raised previously, when santorum and newt and others ran a campaign with higher poll numbers with a fraction of those funds.

you stated again you are considered of 'implications' or 'bias'. first of all, it jsut may be your paranoia. regardless, questions can arise out of concerns - and that seems to be what you want to curtail.

so what if a person may have some potential answers, but asks a question to pinpoint the right answer. any such what you call 'guises' or 'biases' is perfectly normal, and clearly it means/implies that you want to cover certain info up and you fear certain questions will raise those answers/concerns.

no question is suspect!!!!!!!


You keep asking 'em, brother!


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I am so sick and tired of all of Ron Paul's efforts...

...being sabotaged by those close to him who he was not able to properly vet.

The REAL FACT is that as soon as Santorum dropped out we could have EASILY WON THE NOMINATION by going after Romney--but that would have made it a little tough on Rand the endorser, I suppose.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Have you been paying attention?

What would going after Romney have done? The media, the GOP and the establishment had already determined Mittens was winning. To take them on head on like you wanted would be like taking on Iron Mike in his prime - he would have lasted 30 seconds - and everyone would be marveling how long he lasted as they carted him off to the hospital.

Sun Tzu

Avoid what is strong. Attack what is weak.

The presidency is strong - our local governments are weak.

He has been crystal clear - the GOP at top levels is too strong. Attack them where they are weak. They are weak at the local and state levels and they are arrogant - their greatest weakness of all.

It is our job to do as the general has said - his instructions are clear - and if his instructions are clear then it is the fault of the subordinate officers - not the general if you fail in execution of the instructions.

Why not a Ron Paul Coup de'tat

Use the money to buy some Russian weapons, hire some Russian military advisers and train a couple million people in Guerilla warfare and buy some low tech ways of spreading propaganda. Like hacking TV and radio/satellites frequencies. I would say mostly TV and Radio. Combined with the weapons, training and propaganda we could have coup. I mean the Russians let things go for cheap. We don't need the best equipment anyways. Its better than giving it to Rand so he can run off and gay marry Romney in Massachussets.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson


Ron could keep it for himself. He may just use some of it to pay Tryvg Olson. I know Benton might get a wad if it, maybe a nice new beach house to beat his wife in. Maybe a whole Island he can slap her on. Oh yeah 89.9% of it will go to Rand. Then he will write the checks out to the Romney campaign.

There is something Fishy going on here. You have that comments from Jack The Neocon Avenger Hunter and Rands acting funny about the bilderbergers and now Rons complete roll over after he promised to fight. That persons post below is right. I was starting to trust again, but Jacks comment from his blog put the topic back in my sights.

Or maybe they will use it to get face transplants to hide from the bilderberg thugs.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

The only thing fishy here

is the fact that you joined this site AFTER all the work and fund raising - and AFTER the movement showed traction and started scaring the GOP. You come in in the late fourth quarter and expect us to take you seriously.

Ron has been at it 30 years - you - 5 weeks.

I am going with Ron on this one.

You don't even know where ron is on this one.

ron hasn't said anything. to have his own staff and own son that was technically campaigning for him to go around and endorse someonelse is highly suspicious and points to a dysfunctional campaign.

you are not helping ron by helping the cronies that are not doing ron any good.



I am going to be nice ok? I have been supporting Paul since 2006. Is it wrong to say Americans should rise up and take their country back? Even through violence? I think not, its why we have the second amendment. The whole second amendment about how we can bare arms AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT. Not just against dirt and trees. Also how do you expect me to take this seriously? Paul promises to fight, then rolls over like a scared puppy. Rand endorses Romney. The Paul campaign is being ran by a neocon task master. It is all a joke.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

You are right - I don't know where Ron is on this

But I do know where he has been for 30 years - and when you fear you have traitors in you midst - the wise man looks not at the words or actions of today - but the words and actions of a lifetime to find a man's true motives. I think RP holds the trump card on this.

Many on here see an old dotard in RP - I see a wise, strong man - hence I do not worry about his inner circle.

you are with his inner circle if you are not concerned about the

you should want them out or for ron to be weary of them and not them influence him. afterall, they are the ones who make use of the money and not as much ron.

as i stated before, it is not just voting record of 30years that is the only factor. his inner circle is a big one on where he is and how the campaign has been run and telling truth that you support romney adn can't get enough delegates as other gop rivals long knew and dropped out so they could do somethingelse with their lives than beating a dead horse.


The Man Who Refused To Fight

That is the story of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Say what you will, but back in April 2012 when Ron Paul was beginning to actually win key States, beginning to really close the delegate gap, and when he was at the very height of his popularity - he chose to squander all that momentum, and sabotage that rare moment in history, by abruptly deciding to inexplicably quit, stop all campaigning, and then...even publically call the race for Mitt Romney.

The man who was so principled and strident in attacking Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann, only gave the mumbling cluck-of-a-chicken in his approach to contesting Mitt Romney (whom his own son happily endorsed).

This is the story of the man who refused to fight.

The story of how the man who had promised to take the fight to the Convention just inexplicably quit -- even as his supporters were furiously fighting for delegates (at personal risk in some cases), and no official count had yet been determined.

The story of a man who just walked all-the-goals backwards in mid-Campaign:

. From running for President until all the delegates were counted and taking the fight right to the Convention ... to just having a "pre-Tampa" rally, and being nice to Mitt Romney at his coronation.

. From drawing 8000+ sized crowds...to abruptly canceling all campaigning at the point where he reached that level of impact.

. From fighting for delegates at all the State conventions, ...to pre-emptively declaring that Mitt Romney had won it (prior to any official counts).

. From Ending the Fed....to auditing the Fed.

. From Revolution....to just "not any causing trouble at Mitt Romney's scripted victory party".


This is the story of the man who refused to fight.

I'm not sure how much money of ours he took in (millions), and what he did, or what he is doing with it. But one thing that he didn't do ... is fight right up until the end like he promised. For that, we should all ask for our money back!

At the critical hour, and as he was gaining on Mitt Romney, this is the story of the man who refused to fight.

Story of RP supporters in denial or didn't get it or didn't help


yes i agree with the list you made in terms of it stating the facts, that paul stopped campaiging sometime back, and even before has a light schedule, all the while his corrupt staff was asking for several millions upon millions in donations as if they were desperate.

but, you also should be disappointed in yourself, instead of just in ron. you knew ron is part of gop, and being part of gop doesn't allow you the freedom to make your own decisions and have your own staff.

the decisions you list above that you dont' like actally come from the staff he was given by gop. so you should be upset at his establishment staff and not at ron, the libertarian.

also, the disappointments were a given from at least last year. campaign wasn't being run well from the beginning.

if paul were to go indep/3rd party, destructive decisions could have been avoided. yet, you failed to ask for accountability and raise concerns when wrogn decisions were being made or when ron was absent from the trail for long periods of time, especially during primary elections like in sc and ia and nh and fleeing from fl where to small states where there was no attention.

but you didn't want paul to have different staff or go indep/3rd party. you also seem to be attached to gop and hooked to the crony delegate system that rove and his buddies themselves designed to avoid consideration of the public that came out and voted.



1. I don't know the details about "his staff", but Ron Paul hired whoever he chose to hire... and his job is to pick people that are loyal to the Campaign, and also to give assignments, and understand what they're doing. If Ron Paul didn't know what his staff was doing, then he bears the responsibility for not checking-up on them, and for hiring them.

2. Don't blame Ron Paul's quitting (just as the race got hot) on other people. It was Ron Paul himself who disappeared from the battle. If it were just simply some campaign error, of course Ron Paul then would have been all over YouTube, and gotten right back to challenging Mitt Romney, and Campaigning. But he didn't do that, because this was his own decision to forfeit and quit. The truth is that Ron Paul decided that winning States made him uncomfortable. He was happy to Campaign as a "loser", symbolic guy (with no chance of contesting) and just sell his books. But once the GOP field was cleared, and it was really just him .vs. Mitt Romney, and he was now gaining in the Delegates, Ron Paul then decided: "that's close enough" -- I'm quitting now before the race tightens or a brokered convention occurs. His staff did not do this. That was his decision.

3. RE: "wrong decisions" etc., I was always critical of Jesse Benton, from what I had seen of him.

4. I never said that Ron Paul should not run as an Independent. I have posted that Ron Paul himself has said that he does not want to do this.

5. I'm not attached to the GOP. The point was that Ron Paul asked us for Millions of dollars, and asked us to fight for Delegates. Then he flipped-the-finger at us all, and just quit at the height of his popularity. My point was that Ron Paul was not honest with us, and that he did not run a serious Presidential Campaign. If you're gonna run, then really do it...and don't be too chicken to take on Mitt Romney, and fight right up until the Convention Votes have been completed. That was the stated strategy, but Ron Paul just "flip-flopped", and ran away right in the middle of the battle.


The blame is squarely on Ron Paul.
For whatever mistakes were involved..the whole Quitting part was his action, inaction, and sabotage of this movement.

No competitor would ever conduct themselves that way.

Why, with so many years of working

would YOU give up now. Why would you mutiny when the voyage is almost over? What do you have to lose???
Just trust in the fight, trust in the man.

And if after the convention, and after the elections you think he sold us out - then by all means vent away. I just say - after 6 years - whats a few more months to have the man's back.

I do not profess to be nearly as smart as Ron and as such I will still take his lead.

Trust in yourself first, don't betray yourself.

you are betraying your ownself if you don't want to make up your own decisions and analyze things for yourself and move forward in your unique way to add what you can.

you can't just look at voting record to indicate how much you support him. you have to look at the staff given to him as they make most of the major decisions - and you need to be ok with them too. when you follow what you think you are following, you are also following rand, hunter, benton, and others.

you seem to have given up in yourself - and that is not what liberty is about. infact, what you wrote is the establishment protocol and you are following it to the tee - scary.