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Ron Paul Campaign has $3.3M on hand: What's in store for the convention?

As we are closing in on the Republican National Convention, it seems as if the Ron Paul Campaign has conjured up a plan to once again shock the nation. Few acknowledge that fact Mitt Romney has not even been formally nominated, let alone the fact that Ron Paul is still actively campaigning for the nomination. However, the official campaign of Ron Paul and a small Paul supporting grassroots group named LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL are effectively working above the fray in order to make the biggest impact this August. The Ron Paul campaign has not stopped and has something up it's sleeves come this August.


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Given up on myself?

No - I served in the Marines - I understand my place and how you fit into a larger plan. It is when the lonely privates start believing THEY are smarter than those with years of experience that you get these splits in organizations. You get this mutinous vibe that destroys a cause.
See Tea Party and OWS for perfect examples of this.

I know I am no politician and I know Ron is a master - so I trust my general to know more than me - as should be the case.


not trying to intrude, but you are conversing with a well-known troll-bot who's playing the Tokyo Rose game here.
Just so ya know.

Yes - that is fine

But as others read - they will not fall victim to the dark shadow being cast and will find light in others support.

This board is full of trolls - I am merely taking a day that I have time to let true believers know many of us on here are still in it and not to believe any of this shit.

I am so sick of people

I am so sick of people criticizing every thing Ron Paul does. There would be no liberty movement of any kind if it weren't for Ron Paul. He has been standing up to power for the past thirty years all by himself and people who have only recently become "supporters" (fans would be a more appropriate word for most of us) have the nerve to say that he is not doing enough. The man is 76 years old, he has a family that he would love to be spending time with, but he spends all his time going around the country spreading the message of liberty, getting booed at debates on national television, being ridiculed by the media, and working his butt off in congress. He is just one man, what else can he do?

The fact of the matter is that once Santorum dropped out, Ron Paul didn't have a chance. He needed Santorum to split delegates with Romney in the primary states to keep Romney from getting the majority. There was never any way Ron Paul was going to win alot of delegates in the primary states. The old neocons that make up most of the GOP today were not going to vote for Paul no matter what. But we are the future. If WE keep fighting we can take over the party and that is exactly what this campaign was and is about.

Did he ever stand up to Mitt Romney?

Forget about Santorum. Ron Paul was winning Delegates, and winning States and actually gaining some ground at the time he jumped ship.

You're probably correct that Romney would've won anyway. But the point was to maximize the State Victories, the Delegates, and challenge Romney ever step of the way until the final votes had been cast at the Convention. But he didn't do that.

For him to pre-maturely (and unnecessarily) shut down the Campaign (as he was drawing 8000+ sized crowds), and announce that Romney "would win" -- as your own supporters are out there fighting hard for Delegates, and taking on personal risks and expenses -- is a total betrayal.

He should have stood and fought right until then end. He might have amassed 500 Delegates had he done this (now he'll probably end up with no more than 150). He would have then created a large voting block that was united in their opposition to the Establishment, and in their opposition to Romney himself. He would walk away with some power and influence.

But by quitting early, he killed-off his own message and movement. And the family name Paul is now more associated as an endorser of Romney, than any "Revolution" anymore.

You ask...what else can he do?

He should have simply stayed on-message, and campaigned hard directly against Mitt Romney right-up until the Convention itself, and maximize his victories, delegates, and happily and proudly place his name into nomination .. and let the numbers fall where they may.

Quitting was the last thing anyone expected this man would do.

then why brutally attack santorum and not romney if

paul's only chance is if santorum stayed in. that was a decision you state you also want to support blindly bec you stated you want no criticism of the camapign's actions/decisions. and here you are criticizing the same decision ron made in the debate to go after santorum.

if you don't know how to fight, then you might not be doing much good. just to say fight is futile and damaging.


You lost me after the first

You lost me after the first sentence.

Are you serious?

There are so many more things at play than simply someone you view as "giving up". Ron Paul has been fighting his entire career. This is a movement - a war of ideas. The primaries & elections are just mere battles in a much larger picture. You should feel good about what has been accomplished. The strategy the campaign took was for very specific reasons, which at one point I did not understand, but skeptically I trudged on, fighting for what I believed in, because that's what's important - what I believe in, what I do...not what someone else didn't do. I am a delegate to the RNC, and at one point I too was disappointed and unsure, but there is rhyme to most every reason. Ron Paul, nor his campaign are morons as a lot of the misunderstanding here on the DailyPaul would like to assume. They have plans, have had plans, do what they can, have done what they can not without limitations, and are keeping their cards close to their chest. Delegates (at least in my state, are being kept in the loop - though we can't disclose too much). You have every right to question, but don't mistakenly assume nor accuse.


they're out of money

They had a final money bomb a month ago because they were out of money, according to Doug Wead. Somehow I think most of that $3m has already been allocated to expenses or something otherwise isn't as it looks on the report. A campaign like this runs out of money quick, even if they aren't running ads.

Excuse me, but if USA TODAY is correct about $3.3 million...

cash on hand, the Ron Paul campaign was no where near out of money during the time of the last "money bomb" and the people who pushed for that moneybomb knowing this have committed felony fraud.

And thankfully for you

being an idiot is not a felony. And I will not excuse you for making such a treasonous statement against Ron Paul.

that was a treasonous stmt against paul's staff, not paul

why are you so protective of paul's establishment staff. they are not libertarians.

it is fine to raise questions on how much money was raised, what it was spent on, and why they need more. but you don't want accountability when it comes to certain people. if this was perry or newt's or someonelse's campaign, you would demand answers.
i don't think you are defining liberty in an accurate way.


Money needs to go back to its donors.

money was not well spent adn where it all it went is a mystery.

of course, most rp supporters would love to give it to tate, so he can ask for even more money.


Liberty BBQ @ the Sun Dome 8/26/12


"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

They should

give it to the Campaign for Liberty again!

Suggestion for use of funds...

Why not buy a few billboards by the Tampa airport and the Convention site, purchase some huge signs for supporters to "sign wave" the delegates flying in Tampa as well as hand out Super Brochures to the delegates? The enthusiasm and life that the Liberty-lovers exhibit will outshine anything Romney can buy.

By the way...

I've never liked dirty campaigning, but I saw the funniest picture on Facebook of Mitt Romney wearing a huge, headdress of different colored flip-flops.....that would make a hilarious billboard! Obama can wear one as well!

As well as...

their arms linked, frolicking in a field of posies - or would that be too low?

the final attack that exposes

the final attack that exposes mitt romney for whom he really is?

no better time than now, right?

Why spoil..

the surprise? ;)


I try to change people every day. Do You?


in the full article under the comments section some people should blow up that Tom Hunter guy, he is such a troll... and oddly stuck on suicidal remarks.

Tom Hunter

Probably paid by Romney!


Autstin Peterson

Has been defending Jack Hunter and making an A** out of himself doing it. They want to purge all conspiracy theorist from the liberty movement. Divide and conquer.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Yeah really

Its the neocon game plan man. Look up Tryvg Olson and viking victories. He was sent by the GOP to watch Rand when he was running as Kentucky senator. Rand and Tryvg formed some kind of bond and he recommended him to his dads campaign. Now look? The liberty movement is being divided and conquered. The revolution is nearly dead. You have brainless nitwits who worship Ron Paul like a freakin God wanting to gut the 95% of his base, people who like Alex Jones, believes in Zionism and its control of the US and the bilderbergers. The neocons have co-opted the revolution. Its going down fast. Its sad. :(

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson




There are no conspiracy "theorists" in the real...

...liberty movement--only conspiracy factists.

That seems to have become the litmus test for being a PAID employee of Ron Paul, Inc. i.e. you must not know the truth, or be willing to discuss it with others.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

For all the haters

Dr. Ron Paul is in charge of his campaign. Doubt that statement and you doubt Dr. Paul. Any takers?

and too boot.....

Jesse Benton doesn't take a chit without Dr. Paul approving of it.

You got that right!


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Probably use it to

keep Benton, Tate and Tyrgve Olson on the payroll
for the next few years...