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Paul Supporters Meet Fred Thompson

This was yesterday in Austin, TX - !


Not much on content, but it is always great to see Ron Paul supporters hitting the streets, waving signs and making some noise!

As the video points out, no "Fred Heads" were seen, just Paul supporters. Fred makes a quick getaway in his SUV. And who cam blame him? He's surrounded and out-numbered.

The music is great in this also. And the little girl at the end is just a sweetie.

Kudos to the Austin Paul Supporters !!

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I would have swooned in the presence of The Dream

You get a chance to meet Fred Thompson aka "The Neocon Dream" and all you say is Ron Paul?

Opportunity missed. He could have lobbied for a bill written just for you.

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them see their families?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

Now THAT is funny.

How often we forget that returning vets have to face, and eat, Aunt Gertrude's 3-bean casserole.

I have personally witnessed Flubber Thompson eat several helpings of the stuff, smacked his fat lips and cried for more.

We took pictures.

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More videos of Pauliticians vs. Thompson in TX

We Are Change - Austin Confronts Fred Thompson

A Ron Paul Reception for Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson in San Antonio too

We were there when Fred Thompson came through San Antonio as well:


Check the Democrats side.

8. Mike Gravel
Former Alaska senator Last Ranking: 8
He is barely more than a punchline at this point, although at least he is not as rude as Ron Paul.

What an A-Hole, and of course there is no author to complain too. They are very brave.. This passes as journalism now I guess??


Man I can't wait to shove this down some people's throats. October 15th will be known as RON PAUL DAY(day he announces 3rd quarter results).

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


Ron Paul is rude?

I am a little baffled by your angry post, full of cursing and mean spirit.

You call someone an A-hole, say F--- them, and want to shove something down their throats?

Any of this necessary?


This article infuriated me.

Imagine putting Ron AFTER Brownback, whose 3 supporters tried to crash our straw poll? I have never seen another one since nor one piece of literature for this person, or the man himself, campaigning anywhere.

And Huckabee does NOT get thousands out at rallies to see him that's for sure.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

That made me sick, Jane..

I copied that link and placed it in several forums as evidence that the old media are desperate and dying.

I also placed an article about how RP is now #1 in straw poll wins, or at least winning head-to-head against each candidate.

And they have the nerve to ONLY state the following in their analysis:

We wonder what the Paulines will do after the election? Send us virus-laden spam email?

I am angry, folks.



No surprise, but a cool T-shirt idea !!

I think that most of the media just don't know what the heck to do. They have never encountered anybody like Ron Paul, nor his thousands of gung-ho supporters. They can't cover him, endorse him or give him five decent minutes in print or air. He's a threat to them. That's good.

There is probably a great T-shirt or sign or bumper sticker, waiting to be made, that has the NBC peacock, or the CBS eye or the FOX logo, and underneath it says: "Terrified of Ron Paul."

That is seriously a good idea!

I mean that! People making the shirts should start cranking out those.
Should be a hilarious middle finger for the MSM. Heck, maybe then the reporters will be unable to contain their curiosity, break down and start interviewing folks about the t-shirts?

As an added incentive: the backside of the shirt should say something like: "[network_name] not paid for by Ron Paul Campaign."
"[some_$$$_amount] paid to this network by [whoever]. [smallprint beneath that: URL link to back up claim]"

publicity and other positive efforts on behalf of Ron Paul for P

I like your idea about tee shirts. There is a need for a Ron Paul Match-Making service to bring these ideas to actuality and serve as a meeting place for people with similar skills to find each other. What I am thinking of is an online site where those with good ideas can team up wilth each other, with those who have funding for projects and those who have experience with marketing and distribution of them. What if we had a site with "Doctors for Ron Paul," and " Representatives for Ron Paul," and " Media people for Ron Paul," and " Business owners for Ron Paul," so forth and so on. For ecample, what if the media people who were members of the media people match making forum dusted off old movies and documentaries showing individuals and themes supportive of liberty and limited government, or produced new ones and were in a position to present them all across the spectrum of media where they already are employed? This is what I am propposing.



You get the order together and I will print the shirts.