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3 Million Americans Fined Thanks To Safetea-lu Act. Repeal Section 157

Dear friends for Liberty,

Please join me in repealing section 157 of the SAFETEA-LU Act. It took me days to figure out exactly how the Federal Government was paying cops to pull people over without probable cause.

My dear mother and 92 year old grandma were pulled over and harassed in Kentucky.
My roommate got pulled over with no probable cause.

I don't have a problem with seat belts and I agree they save lives but I oppose the Federal government paying overtime to cops when 10% of the country has no job.

I also oppose the police undermining the bill of rights and constitution on my tax dollars.

I wrote a full article about the issue and published on a column I set up on news vine.

Read the full article here:

Sign the petition to repeal section 157 of SAFETEA-LU act here.