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"I'm writing in Ron Paul" campaign

I spent some time tonight thinking about how to get more people to pledge their support to Ron Paul and the Liberty cause and started running different scenarios through my head regarding how to continue gathering support if Mitt Romney "wins" the increasingly crooked Republican nomination. One particular thought is oriented towards the 11th hour - election day.

If Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee, I will be writing Dr Paul's name in come this November and many on this site have said the same thing as well. I wonder, how many out in the public would want to do the same thing, yet are reluctant because of how radical of an option it may seem. Maybe they don't think there will be enough people actually writing in Dr Paul's name to make a difference.

Does anyone here think that if we started sort of an awareness campaign as how many people are planning on writing in RP, it would show how serious we are, how large our numbers are, and then maybe build a sort of momentum in gaining more interest? I was thinking of a simple petition stating directly "I will be voting for Ron Paul - I'll write him in if I have to" (of course, more eloquent than that!). There would probably be people who would like to remain anonymous - is there a way that could be accomplished and yet still remain a credible count?

My thought behind this was to somehow compile and publish the numbers in 1 month, about August 1st before the Republican Convention (maybe closer to the actual convention date) in hopes that would help RP actually win the nomination. If he does not, we could still use the numbers for the presidential election in November.

What do you all think?

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It's not Over til...

As the saying goes, "It's not over til the fat lady sings". She has had some good warm ups, but as far as I am concerned, she doesn't sing until Tampa. Why don't you check out the presently third post on Activism (rught here) by SovereignJanice, it is a long title ending with I need your help. I think with the Obamacare decision and Lawyers for Ron Paul we might have an outside chance to change the outcome in Tampa if we will take action. If Ron doesn't win, then repost your solutions.