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Would someone please explain the Republican play-book to me?

Everyone knows there's not a "snow-balls chance in hell" that Mitt Romney can possibly beat Barack Obama this fall; especially now that the Supreme Court ruled "National-Romney-Care" legal and constitutional. Could it be more obvious to anyone that the old guard Republicans are simply giving Obama the "ultimate straw man" in nominating Romney?

Could it be that the Republicans struck a deal with the Democrats in a joint effort to repress Ron Paul's message? Every Democrat and Republican I know falls quiet as mouse when you hold up Nobel-Obama-Speak or Double-Speak-Romney to Doctor-Know-Paul.

I'm beginning to think both parties are colluding against all of us! Am I delusional, or can anyone else see my point? Is the G.O.P. just stalling till 2016? What's the long play here?

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Where've you been?

Absolutely the two-headed monster is united against us and the message of Ron Paul. Absolutely they don't care if its a Republican or Democrat in the White House, so long as they can control that person. Wars and military spending are maybe the only thing they can't concede. They will concede just about anything else, but not the wars.

The GOP is so evil I can't even think about it. 99% of the people in that party cannot be well-meaning, AEB the fact that they toss Ron Paul aside. They are only out to protect their own behinds in the short run. They don't care about the long run. They are striving to grab what is left of the proverbial "shrinking pie." They don't give a damn about their kids, or the future of this country. Neither do the Democrats at all.

Why else would they be so dedicated to silencing Ron Paul? Because they know he would enact measures that might be painful but would save the sovereignty of this country, and its economy. He would default on the debt to the Fed and send them packing. It would be a total coup against the oligarchy. Thus the owned media and the owned politicians are fighting tooth and nail to hang onto their way of life at the expense of the future.

John F


and then lose.

GOP chose a loser

Honestly, what does he believe in? There is no way this guy wins, none. A high school debate team would trounce him with this material:


In order to win he has to buy all the major metro area polling stations + buy millions of hanging chads + buy the re-count + buy all the Diebold programmers + buy key Governors + buy the entire Supreme Court.

Wait a minute, that's the strategy.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Yah out of the last 4 people

Yah out of the last 4 people in the primary Romney was the worst pick.
Most electable out of the 5

1. Ron Paul
2. Newt Gingrich
3. Barrack Obama
4. Rick Santorum (Close 4th)
5. Mitt Romney

Ron Paul would of beat Obama with ease as we all know with a true difference to obama's views

Gingrich would of had a rougher time with his past comeing up in attack ad's but the man can speak and is one hell of a debater

Obama still has some pretty strong support and is the incumbent advantage

Santorum like paul would really be a big difference to obama but no way could he get the independents behind him it would be close but i think obama would win it

Romney no chance in hell... "any one but obama" only goes so far

Goldman Sachs owns both parties and the MSM; they decide.

It is like watching a video game that you didn't put a quarter in.


GOP voters chose Romney

GOP voters chose Romney because they want to win and they think Romney is most likely to be able to appeal to the independent voters they'll need to beat Obama.

With most GOP voters it's not about principles. Many of them lean toward liberty but when push comes to shove they run back into the arms of big mama govt for security. They're not willing to swallow the whole individual liberty pill. They only like to nibble at the edges, kinda like the way a princess nibbles on hor dourves at a cocktail party.

The truth is, principled men like Ron Paul scare the living $hit outta most republicans.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I've been saying this forever - I agree to the nth power

The PNAC and the American Interprise Institute have surely infiltrated the upper parts of the Republican Party. These people telegraph on CSPAN. I mean, give me a break - Romney? A statistical for sure take it to the bank proven time and again that this is a candidate the people will not accept. A sure bet. No red dems no swings. Romney has about as much appeal as Jonn McCain had in 2008. Unexpectedly Sarah Palin was making him win. The tea party is born. So what did McCain do? He took a poison pill, votes for 757 billion dollar banker bailout and suspends his campaign to do so. The tea party is born. How on earth can the GOP back Romney and maintain any credibility? Key Republican Party members are part of a power structure - a syndicate with no interest in building a strong America or upholding the rule of law. No interest in you, and certainly no interest in the future of the GOP; Obviously.

Easy: "Money is the 'mothers-milk of politics"

Political parties sell influence; hence, lobbyists. QUESTION; If you are a political party establishment and must choose between a candidate who will sell influence to the highest bidder and one who will not sell influence at all, whom do you choose? The GOP establishment knows it will have more influence to peddle if Barack Obama is re-elected than if Ron Paul is elected POTUS. Hence, the GOP establishment would prefer an Obama victory to giving Ron Paul a real crack at the presidency.

lowered expectations

{ see : Saturday Night Live faux-commercial }

Best comment of the week

I really wish someone would do a Lowered Expectations commercial with Romney.

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They don't play by their own play-book

I had a friend tip me off about the Republican Oath the other day. I hadn't ever read it before.

Mitt Romney breaks every single one of the beliefs with his stances.

Knowing that came in really handy just a couple of days later. Some woman told me "Ron Paul is NOT a Republican!" I politely said, "if you read the Republican oath, he certainly is. However, Romney is not." My guess is she scurried off to get a copy of the oath. I'm sure I'm not the only one that hadn't read it. :)

Oh, and the Republican Preamble is a good chuckle too.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

Either one keeps the scam going

They are the same
People when you get to the top.

Goldman Sucks and cronies.

They only fear change, ie Ron. And hopefully it's what they are gonna get. Don't give up yet. Tampa may surprise them all.


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You've got two similar threads going, both telling people to vote Obama in 2012 so that they can vote Ron (in one thread) or Rand (in the other thread) in 2016:


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My theory? You're actually Barack Obama, and you're drunk and bored at the Whitehouse.

I've read that Obama's

I've read that Obama's attitude adjustment of choice is not alcohol. But I'd lay odds on the rest of your contention.

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