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RP WH Press Corp pic - vote for Press Secretary!

UPDATE... Voting closes tonight.
Ben and Israel have taken over the lead in the final day.
Dreds in the White House? Yo.
Last ask, three clicks. GO please.

I'm working on another Ron Paul pic, this time of the Fourth Estate.  Who should be Press Secretary? Who makes the Rose Garden press corp list? I've compiled heaps of my favorites, but we need to put it to a vote! To get you started and remind me who I've forgotten (in no particular order, yet.)
Michael Nystrom, Tom Woods, Judy Morris, Ben Swann, John Stossel, Mat Larsen, Adam Kokesh, Austin Petersen, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Libertarian Ann, Jack Hunter, Lew Rockwell, Peter Schiff, Glen Beck,  Julie Borowski (... again-I've already put her in the oval office),  Jeffrey Tucker, the cute dude from the superpac whose names eludes a bing search at the moment, Matt Kibbe. 
Should I force Hunter, Kokesh and Jones to sit next to each other, or separate them (with bright yellow caution tape)?
Should we allow the MSM at all?  (Can we stop capitalizing that?  I declare 'they' are now the msm.  Itty.)  Put 'em in the waaay back? Blur their faces and duct tape their mouths?
Voting ends Wednesday!  
There is plenty of room.  Let me know who should be there and who you'd choose as White House Press Secretary in our Ron Paul Presidency!
Hurry up and share!

Update: 3pm
Fixed the poll! Incl the judge, although he belongs in the cabinet!
Ron Paul White House Press Secretary?

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I like!

I like!

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