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Become a Teacher/Professor

The revolution has hit everything... with fliers. I really think the next step is for those of us with degrees and doctorates in our fields go out and try to get hired as educators. Let's start being the people who write the text books. Let's be those people who make a difference in someone's life through education. Why wait until someone is 18 to plant a seed of liberty when we can start teaching those ideas while they are children. I really owe my desire for personal freedom on something a teacher told me when i was little that just stuck...
"It's America, and you can do what you want as long as you don't hurt anyone else."
We can't get every parent in the US is raise their child with desire to work hard, have morals, and do good in life, but we can start teaching.

Just a thought... just a thought...

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Only if

Your a teacher at a free school or democratic school(wikipedia it). Otherwise ur just a prison guard