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Liberty Classroom is Great!

Just wanted to say that as a subscriber to Liberty Classroom, I am very pleased with its content. Woods and the gang do a great job. You should sign up!!


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Good to hear!

I'm very interested! VERY and have enjoyed watching the free films. I've been swamped and not able to take the time to study, but hopefully will be better able in a few weeks after I clear my plate of audits, duties, appointments, inspections, and taking deep breaths.

I think it would be great to have a running thread on Liberty Classroom, so here's my bump with appreciation.

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But I've already got Schiff and FreeDomainRadio

But I've already got Schiff and FreeDomainRadio to listen to. How much time is there in a day :-)

I do want to sign up.

If anyone likes learning and thinking, FreeDomainRadio.com with Stefan Malinaux (sp) is superb. And/but it is 1600 podcasts and probably close to a thousand hours of content, with two hours of Peter Schiff everyday, I'm running out of time to study.

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do you also read

do you also read Lewrockwell.com tomwoods.com whiskey and gunpowder, laissez faire books today, mark's daily apple, circle bastiat, mises daily, american conservative, daily paul, AHHHHH oh yea and then eat sleep and tend the garden. I love it

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Many of those sites, and I also visit some progressive and neocon ones (alternet, mother jones, red state) to try to understand what others are thinking. Or at least being told.

and have a pile of books I very slowly read.

And a full time job earning money to pay bills.

And/but I try not to sacrifice an iota of time with my three little kids to study politics and economics. I'm hoping they will take an interest when they are older.

When I see how rich, different, and deep this study is, I'm less and less surprised that we aren't doing very well as a presidential campaign.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

I will be subscribing this

I will be subscribing this week, been pondering it for a while, the subscription price seems very fair.