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Sheep Whispering 101

Since 2008 one of my only gripes/frustrations with RP is his inability to ‘word-smith’ the information he presents into something that the general populus can understand. My belief is that if he could dumb down his message the sheep could not deny him.

This election cycle I had a few opportunities to put my money where my mouth is in regard to this criticizm of RP. In those opportunities I came off sounding like a conspiracy theorist to my audience as I could not verbalize on their level the plethora of information I’ve gathered before they shut down. I didn’t even come close to doing as good as RP.

With the realization that I have excellent verbal communication skills and failed poorly, I came to the determination that many out there are probably having the same issues, Including our delegates who will have a battle in converting the Rom, Sant + Ging sheep. So, I wanted to get a post going were our people could relay ‘very simple’ ideas on how to get some of our foundational points across and win their hearts.

I believe if we take this exercise seriously that it could be very bennificial for those going to Tampa.


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-Be friendly, downright

-Be friendly, downright amicable
-Use simple analogies don't bother with too many specifics
-Don't play the blame game, stick to the issues, not the pawns they don't matter
-Stick to issues that matter to people in their daily lives. The fed or foreign issue may be a big issue to you, but it's not to them. They're more likely to worry about paying their mortgage, keeping their job and not entirely screwing up the future for their kids
-Instead of trying to convince them the current system is wrong, paint them a picture of the future. "If we keep on going like this, this is what'll we get, but here's the alternative." We are the positive alternative. Remember: we're not right because they are wrong. They are wrong because we are right..a subtle difference that.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

*Stop using words like ‘Neo-Con’ – Most sheep don’t know what these words mean and it only registers that your calling them or their candiate a name.

* Conspiracy theory talk – Jack Hunters criticizm in this area was partcially right. The sheep are not mentally ready for this. Little tid-bits might be ok but have to be worded very carefully.

• The Government keeps meddling with the Dollar and it continues to fall in value. For crying out loud the Canadian currency is worth more than the dollar now. Don’t you think we should get the government out of our Money and turn it over to the banks, who deal with money everyday and know what to do with it? Isn’t it time for that??? ---- no doubt the sheep will say no and point out the bailouts, which opens to door to introduce them to the Federal Reserve being a private bank.

• 100,000 of our troops have died in the middle east since 2003. If they were all Marines we would’ve lost 50% of our Marines corp. since 2003. With this in mind, If you could bring the troops home tomorrow, would you? Or would you move them into Syria or Iran with the knowledge that China and Russia are backing them and have moved their troops into the area to protect them from a US / NATO strike? – isn’t it time to stop all the wars, instead of flirting with WWIII?

• Romney has made the statement that he would repeal Obama Care his first day in office. If we throw out the fact the his healthcare plan gave Obama the blueprint for it and look and take him at his word, how do you think he will accomplish this given that the president doesn’t have the power to do so now? – Explain to the sheep that only the house has the power to repeal a tax.

• I believe Romney may be a better President than Obama, for sure (I’m lying through my teeth). However, If we envision them on a debate stage what major issues would differentiate the two? What are Romney’s teeth against Obama? I only ask because I want ‘us’ to win and get Obama out and the only difference I see between the two are trivial. I see allot of polls showing them even and if he wants to pull ahead he’ll need some anchor points that more people can get behind – Explain to sheep the contrast of RP and Obama.

• Ron Paul has said many times we can’t afford the wars in the middle east. So, my question to you is, If the dollar crashes we’d have no choice but to pull the troops home imediatley. If that’s the case and our money is now worthless, how can we get them home?

• What are your thoughts on Ron Paul?
Answer A:
He’s got some good ideas but some of his other ideas are crazy – Find out what ideas are crazy and explain which of those are beyond the power of the president to do without support.

Answer B:
I just don’t think he can beat Obama – Explain to sheep that you’ve heard allot of people say that. explain the number of Ron Pauls delegates in Tampa shows that allot of people want Obama out but are having trouble getting excited about Romney. Ask sheep to imagine how a victory in tampa for Ron Paul would play out. If his delegates are so devoted to him couldn’t you see the average voter getting excited about the underdog that just pulled off a miracle? Also, the media would have no choice but to talk about him.