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Cloud Computing

Hi all.

Just wanted to throw a thread out there and see if there's anyone who's stepped into the world of Cloud Computing.

Perhaps there are a few people using it regularly who'd be keen to share their experiences and tips, maybe some newbies like myself or those interested in taking the plunge.


I started looking into Cloud because I'm stuck with a dinosaur laptop at the moment. Google Chrome OS sounded appealing, but I wasn't all that keen on it's lack of offline functionality. I may still trial one of Hexxeh's builds to see how it performs.

I'm currently trialling 'Joli OS', and I'm so, so hooked. It's based on Ubuntu 10.04, with a front-end using HTML5 and Google Chromium. It's turned this dinosaur laptop into a really snappy rig! Aside from the occasional 'slow to a crawl' when I open too many Chromium tabs, everything just.. works. I'm also beginning to use Google Drive's free 5GB of space for my important stuff. I know there are probably a lot of people who take issue with their privacy.. definitely warranted.. but it suits me at the moment. JoliCloud also offers 5GB free I believe, but I'm quite linked into the Google network with Mail and Plus, so it just fits.

I'll be happy to share more experiences if anyone's interested, and I'll post an update when I get to trialling a build of Chromium OS.


So what say you, DailyPaul? Are you in the cloud yet?