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An easy way to waste the money of our opponents

Everytime you click on a google word or yahoo paid ad for one of the other candidates you spend their money.

You don't have to view all their pages, just click wait for their campaign site to come up and then go back to the daily paul or ronpaul2008.com It was that easy - if all supporters do this everyday, the other candidates will lose a ton of money.

I know its not playing fair, but this is politics and all is fair.

The downside is that it does show a hit for their website, so they could use that as a momentum builder, even though its just us.

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Can't hurt them with money, anyway

We're not going hurt those peoples' campaigns by costing them money, anyway. They just have way too much. The only way we'll beat them is by individual effort and by people across the nation offsetting their money by their free efforts. Just like that whole Paint The Town Ron campaign. Can you imagine the millions that Hillary or Obama would have to pay to have that done? Cost to Paul's campaign war chest=$0.00. And that meetup group that hired a plane to carry a banner over the Michigan - Notre Dame football game with a stadium of 110,000 people in it? Cost to Paul's war chest=$0.00.


Can't hurt them

Probably true we probably won' t hurt their campaigns, but one way to look at is be careful not click on any Ron Paul stuff that will cost the campaign money, always just use his official site. I have seen stuff for him out there.

Bad idea.

Sorry, this is a bad idea.
It's just not the way to do things.
It's sets a bad example and that's not what we should do.

David Cameron


OK. I just went to Hillary's site. I didn't see any ads to hit to spend her money, but I saw something called Hillary Stars. So & so is working to get her on the ballot--------What does that mean? Since when does Hillary need help to get on a ballot?

You would have to do this

If you want to find those ad words, you would go to google and type in

"presidential candidates" usually Obama comes up - it will say paid adverstisement or will be along the sides of the search page.

By the way, be aware when you are out campaigning and have tables set up with Ron Paul push cards, slim jims, bumper stickers etc. Some people will take a handful and then just toss them in the trash somewhere close by to waste the campaigns money - its very common. Go and check the trash bin and see if any slim jims etc are laying there.

do they pay per click or per display of the ad?

I thought ads were paid for according to how many views they got, not any result which occurs (or not) after that.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


Right now we're strongest on the internet because Ron gets so much attention. If RP supporters start clicking on other ads it will make Ron Paul's impressive lead on "most searched" "most visited" and the like...not so impressive.

True that is the down side

True that is the downside and I don' t think its an overall good idea and I did suggest that it does cause hits on thier site, however if you do have to check the opposition websites for whatever reason don' t use their website address, its better to use the google adwords or yahoo ads to get to their site, that way at least you waste a little bit of money.


and even though they don't count our internet success as "real support" you can be damn sure they'll give it a good spin if it's for one of the MSM darlings.

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