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Article: Could Ron Paul pull an upset at Republican convention?

Umm, the answer is Yes... What do I win?


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Well then By Golly Lolly who you going to vote for?

OBAMA? You might just as well..Dr. Paul has more SPINE then all them unconstitutional puppets COMBINED! His RECORD PROVES IT!!

Its Dr. Ron Paul or America gets what she deserves..and you aint going to like it Lolly. Grow a spine and vote for Dr.Paul..those of us who do KNOW we are the ones with "spine" those that vote for the other Brothers from another Mother are Idiotic and SPINELESS!

So who you voting for now Lolly?

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Ron Paul is afraid to be President.

It takes stamina to accept the title of President of the USA and Ron Paul is too shy or too introverted to be the POTUS. It takes guts. I hope Ron Paul proves me wrong. It is one thing to talk but another to turn that talk to action and reality. Ron Paul blames his delegates for what has happened at conventions rather then telling the other delegates to cut it out and be courteous to his delegates. One cannot have a chicken for president. It takes strong nerves. Did Ron Paul even bother to call the fellow that had his fingers broken in Louisiana ? Does Ron Paul even really care about us? A President has to care about his citizens. Sorry.

Are you Paid

Are you paid by the Rombomyanites to spread negativity on Ron Paul sites? SCRAM!