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Death By China: (Bloody Trailer!)

Peter navarro is/was a UC-IRVINE economics professor. Through his books, teachings, writings, and now film, he is carrying the message of economics.

The premier will be on August 17 in Los Angeles. Here is the trailer:


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More hogwash

Just look at the credits and you'll see the "tribe" up to there old tricks. Like they have been doing for hundreds of years.

One cant move manufacturing abroad without first tearing down import duties and that nation wreaking subversion has been from within. Not by the Chinese.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

General MacArthur

Saw the advent of China way back in the late 1930-s and early 1940's. Then came along one of the most worst US Presidents in Americn history next to Nixon and Obama and Bush...I refer to Harry Truman who "fired" the General...one reaon was MacArthur's plan to go in and end the China Threat.

Maybe an historian here could tell more about it.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Seems like we learn newly revised history every day. Great

mind stimulating suggestion. Thanks.