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The Nullification Movement Starts NOW!

The Dirty Little Secret The Federal Government
Doesn't Want You to Know About...

"Nullification offers hope to those who wish to tame the federal monster as the Framers intended — by using the utterly lawful and historically accepted principle of nullification." -- Judge Andrew Napolitano

Dear Concerned Fellow Patriots,

It seems time is running out for the US and Big Government is out to get us.

My name is Michael Smith -- I'm a web designer and internet marketer. This is my Facebook... just so you know I'm a real person. Rather than stand by and helplessly watch my country sink further into tyranny, I want to use my skills and talents to do my part for Liberty...

Let me warn you: if you're the type of person who prefers to sit on the sidelines while others fight for your Liberty, you'll probably come up with weak reasons to whine and complain about this post and troll the comment section...

...But if you're someone who takes action -- or at least cheers for others who do -- this post may spark a little excitement in you because, as you may begin to realize, if we don't act now, there might never be another chance to turn things back.

Think about it: If the feds can make un-Constitutional demands... and then tax us for not granting their wishes (like with ObamaCare™), they're brazenly telling us there is no constitutional limit to their power. They seemingly get bolder as time marches on.

Now, due to the passing of bills like the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, the NDAA and the Supreme Court's recent and horrendously un-Constitutional ruling on ObamaCare/RomneyCare, it appears there's only one peaceful resolution left before it's too late to turn back...


As Jefferson warned, if the federal government is allowed to hold a monopoly on determining the extent of its own powers, we have no right to be surprised when it keeps discovering new ones.

Which it obviously does...

State nullification is the idea that the states can and MUST refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws using the 10th Amendment as a defense against a federal government trying to seize more power and control than originally granted by the individual States.

And it seems this is the only way left to set the clock back on Big Government through the grassroots.

The camel has had its greedy snout under the tent for awhile -- soon its whole body will be inside unless we unite to become the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Let's face it -- the one and only thing all of our representatives fear is loss of power.

It's up to us to show the people of the US that the power is still in our hands. And what good are powers if you don't know you have them? Well, how good would Superman be if he didn't know he could fly, right?

Since we're all aware that the States formed the Federal government, then the government works for us -- not the other way around.

And the powers we gave them... we can take back! We can't just sit here and take it anymore.

Nullification Can Work and We The People Should Be Demanding The States Enforce This Constitutional Power!

Get this: The Tenth Amendment is treated as if it's forbidden knowledge. It flies in the face of what you've been led to believe by the thought controllers behind the Federal education system and the mainstream media.

While it's largely been kept under wraps and barely spoken about much for many years, it's been making a comeback in recent years.

For starters, two dozen American states nullified the REAL ID Act of 2005.

And more than a dozen states have successfully defied the federal government over medical marijuana.

Still more Nullification initiatives of all kinds, involving the recent health care legislation, cap and trade, and the Second Amendment are popping up everywhere.

After reading these facts on Professor Tom Woods' site, I got the idea to contact him to see what he thought about someone starting a Nullification Movement. He said he thought it was actually a good idea... so who am I to disagree?

Access the Nullification Now Facebook Page For More Info

So How Do We Get A Nullification Movement Going?

I'm glad you asked :-)

Now, I have an overall plan to build a network of Liberty Movement-related websites and get lots of eyes on them using the many tricks I've picked up through years of helping clients sell their products online.

Here's a few other sites I have in mind:

  • A Ron Paul Wiki which details all of Dr. Paul's stances on the issues that America faces due to not following the Constitution
  • A Congressional Report Card Website so we can vet our representatives and keep track of who needs to be voted out so we can replace them with Constitutional Liberty-lovers
  • A site dedicated to supporting Constitutional Sheriffs like Richard Mack (your Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement authority in the USA and the ultimate law in your County, and they are swear a solemn oath to protect and defend your Constitutional Rights)
  • And many, many more (maybe you have ideas you want to share?

Also, if you already have a Liberty-related website or need help building one, I can help you too! Just shoot me a message on Facebook. We can team up as a multiplying force to be reckoned with!.

Click Here for Access to the Nullification Now Facebook Page

Here's why this will succeed so quickly...

You know how when you search for things on the web, you usually click one of the top 3 links? I'm one of those guys that knows how to get to the top and get those clicks!

And there are many other ways to get in front of people using:

  • Free download sites
  • Torrent sites
  • Filesharing sites
  • Article directories
  • Social media
  • And so many more...

Our sites sites would serve as a central place for specific Liberty topics to educate people on the subject and help spread the message to those who can help.

You'll be able to use them to sharpen up your debating skills and crush dissenting opinions with knowledge and logic. They'll be packed with information on Constitutional topics and written in a persuasive manner to win people to our side -- the side of Freedom and Liberty.

However, I want to kick things off with the very special topic of Nullification which, if we work together in spreading it, will remind the people how much power we still hold through the States -- no matter what our "Wise Overlords" in the Supreme Court think.

We'll Make The Nullification Movement Go Viral Together!

With your help, I can have the first site up and running within a week -- the bulk of the time will be spent on "traffic-getting" tactics.

Once the first site is up, you'll be invited to contribute to it... I'll be networking and lining up experts on Nullification for interviews and articles.

To do this, I've started a ChipIn page so I can work full-time on building the site and doing the initial marketing.

I'm not sure how much to ask for at this point, but I'll have to put a real time and money into this, and I'll have to pay people to help with the search engine optimization, link building and traffic generating drudgery.

While I think 5k would be the best amount to start with, the entire project shouldn't cost more than 10k (not that I expect to get that much), but it would get things moving quickly.

But hey, many hands make light work, so even donations of $5, $10 or $20 add up fast...

Click Here to Chip-In for the Cause

The Time is Right and the Fruit on the Tree of Liberty Looks Ripe

Look at how well Ron Paul has done in waking so many people up in such a short time...

Look at how many State conventions we've taken over...

Look at how much deception the media and RNC had to engage in to keep us from taking over the Republican Party!

Liberty is on the march... let us not stumble on the way to the finish line.

Let's show the people the power is still in our hands and the government works for us, not the other way around. If the people know their power and their elected servants don't respond, they will vote the rats out!

It's About Time for a Nullification Movement... So Let's Push This Into Overdrive!

If you agree that reclaiming the Tenth Amendment is a huge step towards restoring liberty in the United States, maybe we should see it as another logical step in building on all we've accomplished in the grassroots.

I really hope you'll join me in this adventure and we can keep Dr. Paul's message of Liberty moving forward.

All the best to you and let's hope things change for the better in America soon!

Michael Smith
Web Designer and Internet Marketing Specialist

Yes, I Want to Help Spread the Message

P.S. Even if you can't or won't chip in today, I hope you'll still join Nullification Now on Facebook and spread the message... it's what is most important. Thanks!

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Rappoport on Nullification

I always like what he says. The article includes two other items of note, one I agree with and one I do not.
1)Ex-Governors are always sock-puppets. They have taken Fed money at the State level (almost have to) and are owned. Probably why TPTB love governors in the White House (easy to control and/or 100% on board anyway.
2. Don't vote..I totally disagree with this. That sends a message to TPTB that I will just flatten myself to the cement and allow my body with all its inalienable rights to be steam-rolled. (I will write in Dr. Paul ie a vote for principle is never a vote thrown away.

Read what he says about nullification AND the real effects of some of the drugs we have (a) had pushed on us and (b) will have FORCED on us
under the Nazi program called ObamaramaCare.


Thank you!

State Nullification is a false hope...

because you're still putting your hope in politicians. Practice individual nullification instead. Nobody can force you to do anything you don't want to, and you have complete conrtol over yourself. You have no control over politicians.

Not really...

It's about awaking the people to what it actually says in the Constitution and having them demand the politicians do their job or be voted out. The only thing a politician fears is loss of power.

Why wait

Why frustrate yourself depending on other people to wake up? Individual nullification can be done right now. I don't need 10 million other people to agree with me for me to do the right thing.

Say what now?

Some of us can do both. You're free to do whatever you want if you think it's such a lost cause. Your philosophy seems really selfish. At this point, I have to think your entire reason for being on this site is to promote your own site and that you don't support Dr. Paul.

Both is fine

I have no problem with trying to get the states to nullify, but not if you're doing it instead of individual nullification. Do you drive without permission? Do you pay income taxes? Are you actually putting your ass on the line at all to do any individual nullification, or are you waiting for somebody else to do it for you? I don't know the answers to those questions. I hope you'll ask yourself those questions, though. At what point will you disobey?


Only a cop would want answers to these questions. Quid pro quo, Clarice... are you a Fed? Do you pay your taxes?


You've been on this site for 11 weeks and I've been on here for over 4 years and you accuse me of not being a Paul supporter, only here to plug my own website, and being a fed. You've got issues.

Yes, I do accuse you of that.

Don't get all defensive or anything. LOL!

fireant's picture

Nullification is good, but not complete.

It's vital to understand this.
Neither repeal nor nullification touches the precedent established by the court, and it has bigger implications than OBarryCare per se.
"Do as I say or pay a fine, you are free to choose" is still on the books either way. People need to understand that, and likewise understand that repeal/nullification doesn't change it.
For that reason, I am more in favor of impeachment.
Not to say we should not persue nullification; several governors are already hopping to, and any support for this effort is positive. It just needs to be understood it won't fix the larger problem created by Mr. Roberts' "nuanced" ruling.

Undo what Wilson did

This is not about Jury Nullification

This is not about Jury Nullification or following whatever the Supreme Court says, it's about States Rights and the 10th Amendment. It's about the the individual States and their right to resist central power gone mad.

“Nullification” dates back to 1798, when James Madison and Thomas Jefferson drafted the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, respectively. There we read that the states, which created the federal government in the first place, by the very logic of what they had done must possess some kind of defense mechanism should their creation break free of the restraints they had imposed on it.

Jefferson himself introduced the word “nullification” into the American political lexicon, by which he meant the indispensable power of a state to refuse to allow an unconstitutional federal law to be enforced within its borders.

fireant's picture


I can't see where I even alluded to "jury nullification". Did you read? I'm fine with it; it just doesn't do anything to change the court's ruling.

Undo what Wilson did

What are you really trying to say?

Why do you have to change the ruling when your State declares that it will not comply with unconstitutional laws? The Supreme Court is another branch of the Federal government, so of course they're going to say they have the final say in everything, but that doesn't make it so.

fireant's picture

I don't expect States to bat down every dispicable law which

ensues fron this ruling; now or in the future.
A key check and balance is lost if it stays on the books.

Undo what Wilson did

Dear Lord, I appreciate your effort, I really-really do, but ...

until you folks realize that we have not had a legitimate government since 1870, and we are NOT under "Constitutional Law", but rather "Corporate Law", these efforts; as valiant as they are, have ZERO teeth at accomplishing anything:

Let me give you a History Lesson:


The UNITED STATES INC. is a foreign corporation. Every [E]STATE is a sub-corporation of that corporation.

You are no longer voting for a legitimate government that is for, of, and by the people. You are now "Shareholders/Investors/Beneficiaries of the foreign corporation, the UNITED STATES if you are not employed by them, but are sending them an investment donation on April 15th every year.

Nullification is useless. The real teeth is the fact that YOU are an investor/shareholder/beneficiary of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES if you are NOT employed by them and you are not receiving a paycheck from them on the 1st and 15th, but you are investing (sending them some tax money out of your NON government check every Friday) in that corporation, then YOU have the say so; you have the standing, and YOU are in charge of the public trust/corporation.

Stop using their corporate-corporation rules, regulations, and statutory codes to try and make them mind ......... it is useless.

Excerpt from comment I left on another post:

f you're not an employee, officer or elected official of that STATE, and are not receiving pay from that STATE, but you are investing (paying a portion of you income in taxes) in that STATE, then why in the H E Double "L" are you letting a f***king Trustee tell you, the Beneficiaries/Shareholders/Investors if you can carry a dam-Ned firearm or not?

Do Wal-Mart employees tell the CEO he can't smoke cigars in his office or carry a handgun to work? ..... H3LL No They Do NOT!

Can the shareholders/investors/beneficiaries of Wal-Mart tell the CEO he can or cannot smoke cigars in the office he is Occupying on their behalf; or tell him he cannot carry a handgun to that office?

H3LL Yes, they CAN!

People, do yourselves a favor and watch this Dean Clifford seminar so you can understand what the h3ll is actually going on with respect to your "TRUE" relationship with the STATE.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2pMJyIikCk
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvKu2UNHQpA
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2GaxlGTyAE

You're going to feel like a real idiot once you watch this seminar and have that "OH $HIT" that's what they're doing to us moment.

These people in government have turned it upside down on it's head and after 12 years in the public fool system have managed to brainwash everyone of us into believing we are the trustees of the corporation.

Once you see this, you WILL wake up, and you WILL have a whole different attitude about their supposed authority over your lives.

No Joke, this is the real deal. And the sad part is, it took a Canadian to teach us our own government.

Dean's really lays out for you in this seminar, you'll never be the same.

You can't "UN-SEE" what you're about to see.

NOTE: And yes, the same that applies in Canada applies here in the STATES, because America is still a British Colony.

Nullification is for trustees of the public trust/corporation. Why not exert your REAL authority and start acting like the shareholder/investors/beneficiaries that you are?

fireant's picture

I will continue to use the simple wording of the Constitution

and push, push, push, until they are forced to reveal their legalistc trickery....

Undo what Wilson did

Thread Hijacker

Nullification is not useless when it has already worked in the recent past.

What you're basically saying is, "You all are not as smart as me and we should not unite and focus on our local government. Ron Paul doesn't even realize he's not running for President, he's running for CEO. You should come to my site and read my posts about this fringe theory that has no historical context of being legally binding. Until you folks realize that my secret knowledge is a magical 'get out of jail free card', I consider you all blind, suffering idiots. I will spam this everywhere because you are all asleep."

Not at all implying that I'm smarter than all of you.

1. I do not have a website; therefor not pushing traffic to a site.
2. We do not have a legitimate Gov't, haven't since 1870. Can you not read? ... http://dev.republicoftheunitedstates.org/what-is-the-republi...

Another source of proof in case you are having a hard time comprehending the above, here: http://teamlaw.net/warn.htm

Source of that link is here: http://teamlaw.net/

3. Correct, Ron Paul is not running for President of the "united States of America". He is running for "President(CEO)of the UNITED STATES", which is a foreign corporation (read above links).

4. Fringe theory of no Historical context? Again: Can you not read? Can you not understand that in Trust and Corporate Law, there is such things as an Administrator/Executor/Beneficiary, and Trustee?

5. Do you not understand there are two constitutions? There is one for the Republic (that is lying dormant), and another one for the corporation? ....... http://www.usavsus.info/

6. Do you not understand that YOU are the authority; that YOU are the beneficiary of the public Trust; that when you walk into a courtroom and assert your authority as the Executor or Administrator of the Estate (Certificate of Live Birth NAME), and appoint the public servant/public trustee (the judge) as the Trustee, that they have no teeth, because now you have made it known to the court who is the REAL administrator in this shareholders meeting?

Reading seems to be a little hard for folks nowadays, so lets watch an action film shall we class?

a. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzjv20sC5CY&feature=related

b. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ0Y_jjlCTQ&feature=related

7. And just for fun, do you understand what "person" means, as in the definition of "person" as used in the 14th Amendment?

Here ya go Mittwit: http://www.freedom-school.com/office-of-the-person.pdf

Final Thoughts: What are you nullifying? A corporate statutory code, rule or regulation, that when it's all said and done, you are still being treated as an employee/person/officer, or elected official of the UNITED STATES, and still have not unveiled the REAL secret, that you are the beneficiary of that public trust/corporation if you not employed by them, but you are investing in them?

What is nullifying anything accomplishing, other than using THEIR system in which they will continue to 'presume' authority over you?

This is not a hard concept to understand. The UNITED STATES is a corporation; the STATE of *** is a corporation. Because of the Certificate of Live Birth, the CEO of that STATE corporation is under the 'presumption' that all Citizens within those borders are employees of that corporation.

Are you one of THEIR employees? Are you getting a STATE paycheck on the 1st and 15th? If you're NOT, then do their statutory codes, rules, and regulations apply to YOU?

It's a con; and until we wake up and realize that unless they (the STATE) is paying us for our time, then we are not their employees, and we have not signed into an employment contract with them, and they cannot provide a single pay slip/record/receipt or contract proving otherwise, and therefor, their corporate rules do NOT APPLY TO YOU AND I!

Viva La Nullification!

I will spread this to others, what else can I do to take action?,

God Bless you bud!

It really is our secret weapon

Here's what I did

I clicked the link in the post and went to the page. I don't have any money in my Paypal now, but I'm going to donate when I get some. There's a link on the donation page that brings you to the Facebook page, so I clicked like and shared it with all my FB friends. I guess we just stay tuned until they build a website :)

I think that is a great idea!

In this there is a desperate need for people to know about juries being informed of their rights (i.e. the fully informed jury association FIJA). This is huge, and if everybody knows about it, we can stop terrible prosecutions and horrifying laws in their tracks. We can stop judicial tyranny when the public is apprised of its lawful right - to be a fully informed juror. The jury has been called the 4th branch of government, yet it is not allowed to conduct that office. This is seriously egregious, this 4th branch must be allowed to operate so we can save our country.


Hellzz Yeah

Now we're talking about something we can actually DO to stop this monster/ beast. Go take a look at utah designating gold and silver as legal tender to prevent the fall out from an economic callamity and other states. As well as the texas trying to kick out the TSA.

Heck. I've been waiting for nullification since my teens.

At age 16 (1977) I felt the best way for us (really the whole world) to regain personal liberty was to get rid of the trash.

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