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Iran to close Strait of Hormuz

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And if it wasn't for rampant

And if it wasn't for rampant 'worry' over the event, it wouldn't effect the U.S. that much(remember more and more of our 'import oil' is from South America anymore). But alas, the worry alone will cause price fixers to have an excuse(Bernanke may inflate some more and blame it on "economic worries" when things go wrong)

Good for them. They have

Good for them. They have every right to defend and protect their country and waterways. They are being bullied by genocidal freaks with maniacal plans not approved by any citizenry.

Stand tall, stand firm, Iran.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

I laugh

We have how many Nukes? How many bases surround Iran? They have every right....and it would be POOR leadership if they did not....I get war propaganda every day, I come here to escape it...