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Those who say you have to be military or PD to be a Paulfest volunteer are LIARS!

And I say lemme splain something to you Lucy;

This is US. Us guys and gals. To us it's not like "oh look at the big man with his SECURITY t shirt". That's us.

Do we anticipate a big problem? Nope. Do we anticipate lots of little problems like missing cats or people not hydrating enough and passing out?

You bet.

But our job is not to say "oh everything will be fine", our job is to try to think of all the problems we can imagine and form a plan to deal with it.

But this is us. And here is the crux: if we don't get enough dedicated volunteers for security, we have to hire thugs. Oops I mean outside security. In fact, the contract requires it.

Yup, just like R3VOLUTION March, the deal is we have to convince people that we can be trusted and we will "police ourselves". Otherwise we don't get permits and contracts.

Simple as that.

For myself, I'd rather be given a spade and be allowed to dig my own grave than to have anybody but us secure us. Nobody can take care of us like we do. We're the only people that really understand us. I really don't think anybody is qualified to be our security but us.

And you don't need to be a cop or soldier to be us. You already are us. You know this. And we need people who smile rather than glower.

Do we need maybe some muscle to back it up? Yeah and we got it. Our movement represents every talent and skill so for the answers to such mundane considerations is FREAKING CANDY.

But we also need people with no creds because it's GREAT TRAINING and it BUILDS SELF CONFIDENCE and THIS IS PART OF WHAT WE WANT for you young people.

We're gonna use this to teach and train you how to take charge. Women, men, young ladies and young gentlemen, this is DOING DUTY FOR THE PEOPLE.

And it really is a great feeling. And don't worry, we have some trainers that will really teach you how to think in terms of security, both the soft and the...less soft side but also medicine and working with different age groups and logistics and all kinds of neat stuff.

Part of the objective here is that you take your personal authority with you and you teach others so that when the time comes, we will act in concert and with great power. It's your power as an individual combined with ours such that it will take a very, very lot to derail us.

All you need to apply is to be you and dedicate to serve this event from the time you come until it's over. Capiche?

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aw go ahead NEG ME ALL YOU WANT

the fact remains, and blatantly so. Naked as a jaybird is the TRUTH.

You don't need experience to work security at Paulfest. And I iterate the reasons:

1. We have big burley ex-mil and ex cops types

2. It takes all types

3. The experience you gain will broaden your horizons and your capabilty for the future of our movment.

4. We truly hope for a day without war, in which case guys like me are unemployed but you, YOU on the other hand will just be coming into your own.

5. Until then these skills will be very handy to you in your life.

This is how to be firm in life but remain gentle inside.

This is how to use authority and not be an authoritarian.

If you are a very meek and mild person but you would still like to learn the voice of authority such that you can say EXCUSE ME SIR BUT I NEED YOU TO STEP BEHIND THE LINE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY this is your chance.

Know something? 3 days after you start gaining this authority, the t-shirt comes off and with it the authority of our office. But you keep the learning (and the shirt) and this is stuff they don't teach you in school.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.