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Embattled Barclays Chief Bob Diamond Withdraws from Romney Event

Banking scandal: how document trail reveals global scam

It's not a comfortable weekend for the men heading some of the world's biggest banks. Barclays has already been hit by a £290m fine for rigging interest rates but that could be dwarfed by a series of global lawsuits which could cost banks billions



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We have to be more mature.

Otherwise, we trust media reports when it suits us and reject when it does not.

Think for a moment - if a bank sets its own interest rate, how is that a fraud or a crime? A borrower either accepts the number or goes to another bank. The "fraud" thingy is from government regulations that cannot be challenged in court. In the end, it is a money extortion scheme by the gov agency to justify its own existence and budget. Such PR move makes people excited (from socialists to RP supporters) and many would approve more regulations on "greedy" banks.

He is used to supporting losers!

He also hosted similar events in support of John McCain during the 2008 presidential campaign.
I admire that he is against Obama yet being rich and corrupt seems to fit as another Romney friend indeed...

Legal donations

@tex - Bob Diamond is an American citizen, so he's allowed to donate.

Taking donations in London?

Taking donations in London? If they aren't citizens, that is illegal.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home


have a branch in USA. Employees donate, not corporations. Keep in mind that 7%+ of $15T debt we have are pushed onto UK public via banks like this.

It is not that banks rule USA or UK (with paper money and 5% reserve paper cash, they cannot), it is a symbiotic relationship in today's multi-party corporatism:

big government + big business + big labor + special interests, with government having the upper hand.

The trick is the government enjoys approval of the majority of the population - 75% of USA adults are affirmative action recipients (if you count women and gays.) Without Federal Reserve scheme, they (and our trade unions) wont be happy.

Weak-minded among us, educated by youtube clips, forget that original FED scheme did not envision 1) Gov appointment of FED board; 2) Paper money; 3) Responsibility to take care of the gov unbalanced budget (QE.) That came later via Congress regulations.

Thats is what I was just thinking! WTF

What is going on here?!?!?!

Yes, going to make a skype call to o'l Barclays and check this


This is a great post: thanks. Lawsuits can be very revealing about the inside machinations of these crooked elements.

Great observation, TexUncensored. Will check it out, and let you know. They could be drawing money into a pac from U.S. nationals living offshore and who might be about during the Olympics.