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New Jersey eligibility

From the State of New Jersey website -

The Criminal Code, in N.J.S.A.2C:51-2, provides that a person
holding any public office, position or employment must forfeit the
office or position (1) if the person is convicted of an offense involving dishonesty, of a crime of the third degree or above, or of an offense involving or touching the office, position or employment; or (2) if the Constitution or a statute other than the Criminal Code so provides. The bill removes the last reference to a statute other than the Criminal Code.

When Barry's mother remarried and moved to Indonesia, young Barack took on his new daddy's surname and was registered as Barry Soetoro in order to go to school. I may be mistaken here, but if Barry Soetoro never had his name legally changed back to Barack Obama wouldn't that qualify as 'dishonesty'?

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It Depends ....

It is not illegal to change your name. Whether Obama was dishonest in changing his name would depend on the purpose(s) for which he used the name change. Did he intend to deceive for personal, political or other unfair advantage or gain? I think he did deceive and meant to gain through it. A Judge may rule differently.


I understand that it's not illegal to change one's name. My point is that he never changed Barry Soetoro back to Barack Obama, but Barack Obama was the name he used to register for the Presidential election in New Jersey. If using a false name for a public official is considered dishonesty then wouldn't this be a legal option to pursue?

There's also this...


Again, I may be wrong, but isn't it illegal and a Federal offense to have more than one Social Security number?

Perhaps Evidence Of A Fraud?

Hi Cirocco. I'm sure you are right to pursue this. But the basis of any illegality is going to be in whether the name change was used to perpetrate a fraud. I believe Obama may have used his various names in a number of frauds - his social security numbers perhaps being one example? His Degree perhaps being another?
(Although not the Birth certificate - that seems to be a different sort of fraud). But the name change in itself is not an illegal act - only that it may be indicative and evidence of a fraud.

There are people who can extrapolate...

In law enforcement terms using an alias name is always a sign of some kind of fraud and deception. I'm wondering that since Barry has several names internationally to which Court should the case be presented or if I should just wait for Sheriff Arpaio to give his big press conference on the 17th.

Sheriff's Fine Job!

The sheriff and his Posse seem to be doing a real fine job!! :-)


I know he's conroversial. Anyone who's worked in law enforcement understands why he does what he does. The pink underwear, inexpensive meals, ban on porn and working in Arizona heat is to discourage prisoners from committing other crimes in Maricopa County. Jail isn't supposed to be a resort vacation after all.