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U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for July 02, 2012

I just LOVE how this particular money is being spent. Nothing like 28.5 million for "tracking and evaluation of emerging microelectronics". Also "assist in devoloping testing techniques" and "Monitor industry progress" The Mayo Clinic may do something with the 28.5 million dollars but all they really have to do is write a paper and explain how they tracked and monitored. That money is going into about 10 peoples (well connected) bank accounts. Maybe 1 million will be left in the hosiptal bank account 2 weeks after they get the money.

The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., is being awarded a $28,435,591 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, cost-plus-fixed-fee contract to provide tracking and evaluation of emerging microelectronics technologies; to assist in developing testing techniques, applications and prototypes, and modeling and simulation; and to monitor industry progress on related efforts for federal departments and agencies

And does it cost 51 million dollars to build an elementary school?

Gilbane Building Co., Lakewood Ranch, Fla., was awarded a $50,968,494 firm-fixed-price contract. The award will provide for the construction of the New Antilles Elementary School at Fort Buchanan, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.


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The idea that the $28.5 Million

is going into the pockets of 10 people is bogus.

The period of performance for the $28.5 million is 5 years. So, assuming the Mayo Clinic folks get paid about what the engineering sector charges for labor (including G&A, O/H, etc.), that is about 20 people per year charging direct to the contract plus there will be the admin, security, purchasing, contracts, and accounting staff beyond that. Nothing extraordinary about that.

Maybe they get paid more, or less, but 10 people certainly aren't running away with $2.85M each from this contract.

The thing that is more concerning perhaps is the sole source award. Many sole source awards are completely justified and legitimate. But some are also pseudo-justified to keep a favored contractor well-funded. I will admit I would never have guessed that the Mayo Clinic was involved in the types of work described in the synopsis. Of course, it's really difficult to judge without having seen the gov't request for proposal/statement of work.

And yes we spend that much on schools nowadays. That's why the education system is broke and we're always sold higher taxes to "fund education".

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By the way

It really does cost $28M to build a school, if you build it in the way the federal contractors build it. My DC area public school renovation was $76M, and it wasn't even that much of an improvement. Of course, in truly private hands, with multiple bids and honest budgets, it would be abt $5M.

probably costs more than $5M

for a school

Our company's building was built back in 2000-2001 and was bid competitively and cost the owner around $4-5M at that time if I remember right. Our building is a 3 story building with offices, conference rooms, etc. but is no where near the size of most public schools nor does it have the specialty facilities like cafeteria, gym, playground, athletic fields, etc. that schools do.

I think everything the gov't buys has it's price jacked up unbelievably, but I think $5M for an average school is probably a bit optimistic. $50M sounds overly extravagant for sure, but by how much I don't know.

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it is at a military base in Puerto Rico. Can anyone say brown shirts?

Or, because...

The Dept. of Defense Education Activity, which is charged with providing K-12 education to the children of military personnel overseas, needs to build a new school at Fort Buchanan. Now I won't argue that the cost seems high, but I promise you it's not some brainwashing imperialist training camp.