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If the Payer on your paycheck stub reads

Central Intelligence Agency or National Security Agency please stop wasting OUR hard earned tax money here on the DP as your Jedi mind tricks have no affect on us.

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i will take you to jabba now

i will take you to jabba now

I think you mean Payer

not payee. The payee is the one who receives payment and the payer is the one who makes payment. So your post makes no sense to me. That is why you get a down vote from me.

Just wanted to let you know.

Haha, thanks & updated

Too early, need coffee.

Funny, this topic had +2 up votes in the first minute

and is now at -1 votes. So apparent you guys are stationed here 24/7?

this is not the thread

i was looking for

dont be too

confident in that statement...
(just some friendly advice)

"payer" btw...