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(Video) DNC Madam Chair Says, "Non Compliance of Obamacare Will Not be Tolerated"

(Video) DNC Madam Chair Says, "Non Compliance of Obamacare Will Not be Tolerated"

IRS “easiest enforcer” of health care law

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Despite claiming Obamacare was “not a tax,” Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the Internal Revenue Service would be the “easiest enforcer” of penalties against those who refuse to comply with the new health care law.

“The way we usually think of taxation, Wolf, is that taxation as the IRS administers is collected on broad swaths and large categories of individuals,” Wasserman Schultz said. “This is a penalty that will be assessed on the tax return if you choose to roll the dice and make us all pay for your being irresponsible and increase all of our health care costs.”

“We’re not going to tolerate that any more in America. You have to be responsible and you have to pay a penalty if you choose not to be,” she added.

Last week the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare on the basis that it falls under Congress’ taxation power. However, critics have argued that the health care law actually mandates Americans to buy a service under threat of government coercion, a violation of the commerce clause. The Supreme Court upheld this argument but still gave the green light anyway.

Under Obamacare, the IRS will be empowered to collect a whole raft of information about taxpayers and small business owners.


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If they get their way with

If they get their way with this, I believe this will be the way for the federal government to steal our personal possessions. This all reminds me of the terrible family court laws in this country when it comes to child support (even the same wording ..."non-compliance"). I met my father's daughter in 2003 and he had been fighting the government about a child support arrearage they alleged
he owed. But the arrearage occurred by office errors in the 1980s on his records. I requested to see all his records, cancelled checks, court documents and listed them all out. He was paying what the courts said he was supposed to. When we finally were able to get the records that the small TN county court clerk's office had, we saw the white-out, erasings, scribbles, and you couldn't make heads or tails out of any of it. They caused him to lose his home, his children (the courts would not help him see his children for his court-appointed visitation and allowed his ex to interfere in that visitation). He was getting govt. harrassment calls to his work 40 miles away from the county saying he didn't pay but would take his father as a witness to show them the cancelled checks. In one instance, he had gotten a bonus and paid 4 weeks early to make sure the payments were there. He got a call saying he didn't pay and he again took his father as a witness. The clerk's office found the two checks unposted in drawers. He had to take off work to drive 40 miles to prove he paid which caused him to lose his job. He got another job and he received a call from DHS saying he was behind (when he wasn't) and he asked how much was in dispute so he could fix it. They told him "Never mind. We're going to start garnishing your wages." Being young, he figured maybe it would be easier if they just took the money out. But they continued to run up an arrearage he knew nothing about. It hurt his reputation at his new job because it said he was a "deadbeat" when he never was. His ex told his first 2 daughters that he wasn't paying his child support. We don't know if that was a lie from the ex or if it was from a government error. She used that to justify interfering in his relationship with his daughters. It was always back and forth to court for several years. And he was always paying. But with the constant threats and harrassment by DHS, losing his home, jobs, and the constant pain of losing his daughters, one can only imagine what it must've been like. Once I went through all the court documents and payment records (which he was diligent about keeping up with), it absolutely blew my mind. After losing the last job, one of his best friends offered him a place to live in Florida and he got a job down there. He was able to get his TN lawyer to fight for visitation again and was rewarded summers with his daughters. When he talked to them about it, one of them told him she'd never speak to him again if he took them for visitation. The pain of being rejected was too much and he had a nervous breakdown. He walked away from his work, his home, his belongings, and ended up on the street...homeless for 3 years. He lived under hedges and ate out of garbage bins.......a marine veteran no less. His family thought he had died. After 3 years, he contacted his father and was offered a place to live in TN again. He never hid and let the authorities know he was here. The only time he had stopped paying child support was when he flipped. There are so many noncustodial parents turned into criminals once a divorce occurs. His family did everything they could to support and help him legally. I met him about a year after he was off the streets and went through all the records. In searching family court laws, I found out had we married, the government would've waltzed in and taken what I own to pay back his arrearage. There is a law in the family court laws that says back child support cannot be retroactively lowered FOR ANY REASONS (including errors made by the government). When I found out Obama was pushing healthcare with the threat of jail if one didn't pay, the first thought I had was the child support enforcement fiasco. But they do jail noncustodial parents (even if something happens to get them behind in payments a slight bit). And when they are in jail, the arrearage continues to grow while they can't earn anything to pay it. And if their drivers' licenses are taken away, they can't get to work. It's crazy! I read somewhere that one judge forced a non-custodial parent to work in law because it was his major in college but he had since become a minister. He was working. The courts assume a parent is changing work to avoid child support when most aren't. It's a horrible system. And it looks like this Obamacare is going to turn into the same thing. If they use the IRS to enforce non-compliance, they'd use this as an excuse to take people's personal possessions. It's simply a way for the federal government to steal from the people. They will confiscate homes, land, whatever in the name of healthcare. This is going to be VERY bad.

For those supporting this

(And I meant "daughter's father" in the previous post. oops)For those supporting this monstrosity now, something wrong could happen to them very easily as well. After seeing what had happened to my daughter's father, it was nothing short of stealing a person's life away. He is a wonderful father to our daughter. But the government wouldn't "think twice" about confiscating property (even if children were involved). I also witnessed how a government works when it comes to the elderly. My grandmother was in her 90s and one of my cousins was conservator to her estate. My cousin's permanent home was in Florida but she was staying in TN home-caring my grandmother. One day, my grandmother's lawyer called my cousin and said get her out of TN NOW. My cousin had to pack up everything in only a few hours to move her down to Florida and DHS showed up the next day to tell my cousin she wasn't qualified to take care of her in order to steal my grandmother's property and force her into a nursing home. My grandmother had 40 acres of prime farmland in an area that was being built up in the city. Had she not left, they would've taken it. My cousin was already having to care for her in both Florida and Tennessee (they had a home in Florida) because her husband was a disabled veteran (Navy Seal, Vietnam era) and the state of Tennessee would not allow him to receive his benefits when he was in TN a certain timeframe so they'd have to move back to Florida so he'd receive his benefits (I don't know all those details). It's just a mess and socialized healthcare is going to be a fiasco.


means that we don't care what you think, Debbie. Nor do we care what your Israeli handlers think.
We ain't paying.
Come and take it, if you think you can.

I feel a yawn coming on


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Go back

to sleep