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Congress, Eric Holder, Gun Control, And the Fast And Furious Cover Up

Operation Fast And Furious, approved by and related to Attorney General Eric Holder, was not just a gun-smuggling operation in which working weapons were sold to Drug Cartels by the Attorney Generaland Federal Agencies, causing the death of 1 Agent, Brian Terry, but was also a deliberate attempt to cause gun violence in an effort to push gun control on Arizona and consequentially, other States.

There is an active cover-up of the true intentions of operation fast and furious, along with a shadowy attempt to bring stricter and tyrannical gun control to each of the respective members of the United States, with much of the planning currently occurring in New York at the United Nations Arms Treaty Discussion.


LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2012/07/03/congress-eric-holde...

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