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They want to manage me.

I don't like doctors because they try to manage me and disregard my sense of choice for myself. I don't go to get a yearly check up. I don't do the gynecologist. After my first managed birth I decided on home births. I do have one condition that requires that I see the doctor every year to get a prescription. I shop around for doctors and have chosen one that helps me manage my health instead of insisting on managing my care.

I called his office to see if he would write my prescription but they said I had to come in for a visit. When he came in to talk to me he started talking about neurologists, yearly physicals, pap smears, medicine blood levels, and liver screening tests. This was out in left field because this was the same doctor that I took my home birthed son to and he didn't blink an eye at the shoe string I used to tie off the umbilical cord and he said NOTHING about my lack of OBGYN care.

After pointing out to him that I've never been one to seek "unneeded" medical care, HE pointed out that my health insurance provider now sends him a report if I have skipped what they see as necessary. He then showed me the reports that his office had received about me over the last year. There were six of them. One of them told the doctor that I was late in ordering my prescription, therefore I wasn't taking my medicine.

So now I'm really freaking out and he can see that. He goes on to explain that he has two sons who are doctors and are in Wahington D.C. They have told him that by 2014 doctors will be rated and paid accordingly. Every time a doctor gets a report like the ones I'm receiving it will count against the doctor. So doctors will have to pick and choose, and dump patients like me to make money in there practice.

I can't wrap my head around this. If I want to get away from managed care I can dump my insurance, but wait, now I can't without being taxed.

I was so freaked out that I called my brother and we argued about who is doing this? He believes that there is a central power that is using government and corporations to control us. I believe that the corporations are using the government to control us. Any thoughts.

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They are in the wrong order

Medical industry is first by far. And when you add the intentional deaths they cause then there is really no contest. The medical industry is the #1 cause of death.

No doubt. I heard the

No doubt. I heard the statistic rattled off recently, and it is abundantly clear that it is designed to kill people. Especially when you research how many cures have been rejected, and even made illegal, by this government.

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A provider

As a member of healthcare provider, it is sad to say that many doctors in this country are no longer practice medicine for healthcare.

Many times, I have patients complained as "why can't I do this". It is not that the doctor decided what this patient is capable of. We have to treat everyone as a potential legal problem in the future. No matter how ridiculous the rule is, I will have to follow it. Why?! Read this one,


These days, doctors don't run the healthcare. The society decides, and gives this power to their lawyers and legislators.



I know what you mean! We've got a fascist doctor!

My 11 y.o. daughter is a Type 1 diabetic and has been seeing a pediatric endo. for about three years. The doctor is very young - and, well should we say "zealous" for doing things strictly by the book. She's always seemed a little heavy-handed to me - compared to our very laid-back, family doctor who practices alternative medicine.

Anyway, this last appt. with the endocrinologist was awful! My daughter's blood sugars had been a little on the high side since the previous visit and this woman starts "suggesting things" to my daughter as reasons for that. For example, here's just a few of the things she said, "_______, you seem a little depressed to me. Is that because you're homeschooled?" "Do you think if you were in the public school you would have better blood sugars?" "I really think you should see one of our counselors here at the clinic." Now, mind you - there was nothing wrong with my daughter other than a couple months of slightly above-average blood sugars! No signs of depression - nothing! So then, at the end of the appt., the doctor turned to me and said that she "insists" that I get counseling for my daughter. She actually said, "No, really - you don't have a choice. I want to hear by the next appointment that ________ has been seeing someone."

Well guess what?! No, she's not! She doesn't want to "see" anyone and she doesn't need to see anyone! We're taking our business back to our family doctor who works with many diabetic patients. I can't tell you how mad I was after that last appointment with the endo. - and I'm really feeling like this kind of stuff is coming down from the government.

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

My son also.

His endocrinologist had the bedside manner of an Orc. Manners prohibited me from spitting on him

Dr. Richard Berstien has lived with Type I for 72 years. Has even reactivated his insulin supply.



Free includes debt-free!

It is called

mercantilism or crony capitalism. The corporations use the state held monopoly on aggression/violence to control people and force them to pay for what they want (socialize their costs onto taxpayers, steal property, etc.), force you to buy insurance, etc. and the state crats get paid off and are owned by elites. The government is just a fake front for a legalized mafia. A mafia that is much more pathological than the Corleones.

It is much worse than that.

As RPers should know, we have a global elite who buy off our government with money and power. Obama Care is just another landmark globalist piece of legislation, and has been passed for the purpose of control and part of the process of shutting down this country. Ultimately it fits in very well with their eugenics program. One other thing that it does is that it gets most everyone in the system, and accounted for. It will also be used to force deadly vaccines upon the population. As others have said, and I have recently seen happen, they will use this to force their deadly health care upon us by using our children as the reasoning. They do, and will, take our children if we don't comply.

This will also be used for the purpose of taking our wealth. Such things as real property and income through the IRS. If a person has a home paid off, and are low income, they will not qualify for government assistence, and will now have to pay for unaffordable health insurance, or pay the tax. If they do not pay the tax, they will be penalized severely. Eventually, they will start taking property.

Insurance companies wrote the legislation years before Obama took office. They needed a liberal in office to pass it, because the republicans don't have the political positioning to do such a thing. The false left/right paradigm is set up in such a way as to switch back and forth to get all of this devistating legislation passed. The non-partisan establishment in D.C has the same goals on both sides of the isle.

Bohner covers for Obama by no bringing thing to the floor for a vote. Now we have seen the "conservative" chief justice cover for the liberals. Effectively, we do not have three branches of government anymore. There is no ideological difference or real power struggles happening anymore.

The UN, IMF, CFR, etc. are the ones who push for these things to happen under a global scheme to shut down the industrialized world. Their ultimate goal is to preserve the resources for themselves, while killing off much of the global populations. Agenda 21 is part of their schemes. NAFTA and GATT were of the same agenda. All of our federal agencies are enforcing regulation that has the same end.

Global corporations do run the country, but at the top levels, they know that the system will collapse, and our country will go into a full blown fascist authoritarian system. Our currency will collapse, and we will be held down by the debt, while a new global currency is created to fund the police state and the new global military.

We are being shut down in such as way as to establish as much control as they can get before martial law is fully implemented. We have been in a state of emergency since 1933, and Obama just recently declared the continuation of it. We do not have a constitutional government, because we are in a perpetual state of emergency. They only pander to the constitution to keep the public from knowing what they are doing.

Property ownership

in most of this country is an illusion, we rent from the government which claims the right to throw us off our property any time it would profit them or their cronies. I would advise against property ownership except maybe a small cabin in the sticks. Keep assets liquid. And I doubt that I would have kids in this governmentmental set up. Why birth little slaves for the commies to utilize? Soon they will begin the eugenics in earnest and the sheep will go along with it, maybe it will be a new "reality show" and they can vote on "survivors". Democratically. Garet Garret wrote of the revolution that was engineered while maintaining the old forms and language of the Republic in "Ex-America" in "The Peoples Pottage" (available on line and a great first hand account of the "New Deal". It has all been accomplished through government "school" behavioral training and brainwashing.

Exactly. I have been telling

Exactly. I have been telling not to buy property for years. For starters, because you never own it. I won't even get into the inflated prices and the fraudulent mortgages.

Copies of birth and marriage certificates

now required by our old insurance agency. Apparently, SSN's are no longer sufficient enough. Whodda thunk?

Sign everything under duress.

If not you become an admiralty citizen and not a citizen under the common law.

They sock it to you if you ask for it. Step into their game and you lose.

Free includes debt-free!

huh...marriage certificate

huh...marriage certificate for what? For identification?

Medical coverage for spouse.

It's all stupid because the company already has everyone in the system and SSN's have been required for a long time.

Seems like if it's good enough for the IRS, it ought to be ok for the insurance company.

But Wait! There's More!

Hey ratgirl. We sound like we have a similar outlook regarding doctors. I quit my neurologist a few years ago (only see her for the prescription) I stockpile my medicine (which cost about $4000 a month)and rely on homepathic and dietary stuff - so I always have some medicine on hand. However when I don't renew my prescription (because I have always have a month extra) all the sudden I'm flagged - like you stated. AND NOW the State and Social Security want to see my FINANCIAL RECORDS! I'm getting to the point where I don't want to deal with any of this stuff anymore. Sure - they are there to "help" but its getting creepy and stressful to have to do up paperwork that doesn't even make sense on my financial situation because I didn't call in my prescription on their time line.

If you sign your tax forms you agree to Admiralty Law,

They own you, and you gave yourself to them.

I did also. Who knew.

Free includes debt-free!

Can i ask if you are on regular insurance or are you on

disability with Medicare?


I wanted to get a teeth cleaning. I do not want x-rays. Just


They will not do it. I assume this is state law but don't know.

They will only do a teeth cleaning (I called 4 different dental offices) if I have x-rays too.

Anybody know what ths is about? Is it state law or what?


It is about radiation

It is about radiation accumulation. Go travel via airplane and you get irradiated. Go to get you teeth cleaned, and the same. Government raised the safe levels after Fukashima to hide the radiation risks. They don't want a national conversation on radiation accumulation.

That happened to me

and all I would allow is bite wings, not a full mouth. It's has noting to do with your dental health, it is about the money.

I remember the dentist saying that I may have periodontal disease. I said if I do I certainly don't have the money for the surgery so it doesn't matter a dam and if you refuse to clean my teeth I will definitely end up with periodontal disease.

periodontal disease is osteoporosis of the mouth

A calcium deficiency. Bears don't floss but they don't get periodontal disease. Ask a vet. When you look at a horses teeth you look for periodontal disease, a calcium deficiency.

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah, uh, that there is freaky.

"General rules are general rules cause they will steer you right about 85% of the time" a man once told me.

I got dumped out of the health insurance thing at what I considered to be a bad time. I'd just been diagnosed with a very serious ailment. Actually had to pay for my diagnosis out of pocket. "They got me paying to die" I'd joke myself.

Frankly they told me I'd be pushing up daisies by now. Apparently nobody told this disease I'm a fighter. But anyways now all anybody can tell me is get on government health care. At the state, county, federal, whatever level.

NO WAY JAY. Not this kid. I know that is just the beginning of a very poor end. I know once they got their hooks into me they will never let go. Once they got my number it's up. And I don't feel that those people (yeah I said THOSE PEOPLE) have much to offer me. They want to shoot me up with toxic waste for a few months. For something like a 30% chance of a cure if it doesn't kill me. And beyond that, what would that do to my pride? My honour? Would that have the same 30% chance of survival? And I see others getting into this world of dependency. I see it as a massive trap. A spiritual trap.

No thanks. Somehow what I'm doing is working and it feels right even if I don't always. It's still gonna get me, I'm just making it take a really long time. I'm totally on all the holistic stuff, I visit a naturopathic MD twice a year and she tells me what to buy in bulk and how to prepare it. And I'm still my own man, I owe no man, I work for my living. By the grace of God and the benevolence of my ancestors.

I say this not to convince you but to encourage you as one who walks the walk if that's what you decide to do. We're not alone in this path. You yourself have to consider your options. Do you have children? How might this effect their future. Do you cherish your career? What's to say at this point that if you hop on the bandwagon you can't hop back off at some point? None of us really knows what the future holds.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

NP perspective

Being a nurse practitioner I run into this scenario all the time.

Here is how I view the patient-provider relationship. It is a partnership. You come to your doctor/provider asking for a service. In this case you want them to write you a prescription to treat a sort of disease or condition you have. Your provider now has a responsibility to care for you and for that condition. Writing a prescription is not just writing some words on a piece of paper, it comes with liabilities. If something happens to you because of taking that medication and your provider is not aware of it because he hasn't seen you in a year but he continues to write for your prescriptions, he is being negligent. If the medication can cause liver or kidney damage or anything else and he is not doing regular blood tests, he is being negligent. And if you sued him, you could win. Now with that being said, if you understand the risks of not being thoroughly cared for and only want him to write for your prescriptions and your provider is ok with that, I would recommend you sign a contract with him, freeing him of his responsibilities and stating that you understand the risks. This is what I do with some of my patients.

I have patients that do not want to do mammograms every year and regular paps, or do colonoscopies. I explain that without these preventative measures, there is a risk of death from breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colon cancer. If they still choose to decline these tests, they sign that they understand and this covers me as the provider and allows the patients to continue to receive the care they are seeking.

I Michigan drugs are risk free. No suit allowed.

The run all the same scams anyway.

There is no clinical proof the standard medical practice is beneficial to ones health. It is beneficial to the Doc's pocketbook.

Free includes debt-free!


Who DEEMED the relationship a partnership? I didn't. If I need an antibiotic for an ear infection I have to sign up for a relationship? That's like getting married because you need someone to clean your house! Who sees it as a relationship? The doctor? Maybe, so that he can treat you like you are a child that NEEDS his guidance?

Blue Republican

Hey ratgirl, I feel your

Hey ratgirl, I feel your pain. I am a doctor, and unfortunately the law deems it a relationship. It's part of abiding by the restrictions of our license, scope of practice, and professional ethics. There are some things a doctor needs to do to ensure she is delivering responsible care.

However, when you get a third party involved (insurance, government provided or private), it distorts the doctor-patient relationship. The doctor starts doing things to appease that third party so that payment will be received. In my own practice I am out of network with insurances, so thankfully I do not need to deal with that. But the medical profession has backed itself into a corner with their intertwining of medicine and pharmaceuticals with government.

The licence is a creation of the AMA. A joke organisation.

They have no proof they provide good care but stick to those standards anyway.

Free includes debt-free!

It truly is a marriage of

It truly is a marriage of money and practice, pharmaceutical companies and medical doctrine. Good thing I'm a chiropractor and nutritionist and don't prescribe medications :)

You can choose whatever word

You can choose whatever word you'd like to describe that relationship you have with your provider. I call it a partnership, you don't have to. Now here's the thing, if you want the provider to treat your ear infection you are asking them to provide you with a service. They have the right to treat you or refuse to treat you. They went to school to determine the difference between a regular ear infection vs a severe ear infection that may need IV antibiotics or need surgery for example. You are going to them for their expertise. If you could do it by yourself, more power to you but you don't have the right to tell the provider HOW to do their work. You only have the right to refuse and go to someone else. If you can come up with an agreement, then that's great. When you order a maid service to clean your house, if you don't like them, you can stop using them.

I personally didn't go to school, rack up all this debt to have other people tell me how to run my business and my practice. Just as I don't tell my patients how to run their lives and their health.

I find your attitude the most offensive of any in this thread.

You completely miss the relationship between a customer and a service provider.

I used to be a mechanic. People would come in an tell me what they wanted. They would ask my advice and then they would decide what to do. Only in extremely complicated aspects (like to what extent we replace things in a transmission) would they completely turn it over to my decision.

I also used to do computer work. In service, technical support, programming and design, I had the same relationship. I was hired, asked my opinion, consulted, etc. and finally told exactly what to do.

I'm guessing you wouldn't let your maid service do anything in your house that goes against your wishes, would you? Of course not. Similarly, I will not allow a doctor or NP do anything to my body that goes against my wishes. Either I allow it because I don't know better or because I agree that it's sound practice or you've convinced me.

Coincidentally, the absolutely most arrogant customers I've had in any field are doctors. One hired me to find an intermittent rattle/popping sound in his brand new Continental. After 40 hours of removing and reinstalling parts like the whole dash or front fenders, it could not be repaired so he refused to pay. The courts didn't agree. Those who pull the 'school & debt' card completely discredit themselves because every technical industry has endless learning. Many just operate on different time-frames or in different classrooms.