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They want to manage me.

I don't like doctors because they try to manage me and disregard my sense of choice for myself. I don't go to get a yearly check up. I don't do the gynecologist. After my first managed birth I decided on home births. I do have one condition that requires that I see the doctor every year to get a prescription. I shop around for doctors and have chosen one that helps me manage my health instead of insisting on managing my care.

I called his office to see if he would write my prescription but they said I had to come in for a visit. When he came in to talk to me he started talking about neurologists, yearly physicals, pap smears, medicine blood levels, and liver screening tests. This was out in left field because this was the same doctor that I took my home birthed son to and he didn't blink an eye at the shoe string I used to tie off the umbilical cord and he said NOTHING about my lack of OBGYN care.

After pointing out to him that I've never been one to seek "unneeded" medical care, HE pointed out that my health insurance provider now sends him a report if I have skipped what they see as necessary. He then showed me the reports that his office had received about me over the last year. There were six of them. One of them told the doctor that I was late in ordering my prescription, therefore I wasn't taking my medicine.

So now I'm really freaking out and he can see that. He goes on to explain that he has two sons who are doctors and are in Wahington D.C. They have told him that by 2014 doctors will be rated and paid accordingly. Every time a doctor gets a report like the ones I'm receiving it will count against the doctor. So doctors will have to pick and choose, and dump patients like me to make money in there practice.

I can't wrap my head around this. If I want to get away from managed care I can dump my insurance, but wait, now I can't without being taxed.

I was so freaked out that I called my brother and we argued about who is doing this? He believes that there is a central power that is using government and corporations to control us. I believe that the corporations are using the government to control us. Any thoughts.

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Do you have your own practice or do you work for a health network? From what this private practice doctor was telling me after 2014 doctors will be rated and paid accordingly. You are safe from this if you work under an umbrella of a hospital or a clinic or a facility, where you will have an entire department that does nothing but check up on people. But if you are in private practice you would have to screen your patients before you accepted to treat them so that they wouldn't bring down your rating.

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I work for a hospital

I currently work for a rural health clinic that is owned by a nonprofit hospital. Your doctor is somewhat correct. Insurance companies and many branches of healthcare has been trying to move towards this system. It's called "pay for performance" and is very similar to the same system they were implementing in the school systems. Teachers and schools were being rated by how well their students did on the standardized tests and if you had bad students, it brought down your grade and the schools received less money. As a result, some schools cheated on these standardized tests, teachers started teaching students just how to pass the tests instead of teaching actual material to the students. The same thing has already happened in family practices and in healthcare overall. But starting 2014, they plan on pushing this even more, and providers that have "noncompliant" patients will be penalized. For example if you are a diabetic patient who doesn't check her blood sugars regularly, doesn't take her medication daily and your blood sugar levels are not well controlled, it will reflect poorly on your doctor and they will not be reimbursed 100% by your insurance. Because the insurance believe that your doctor has not done their job in taking care of your health so it is his fault therefore they will not pay. In theory this makes sense but in practice it does not. I believe if a doctor/provider is not caring for you, YOU should be the one to stop seeing them. YOU should make that decision, not an insurance company.

What you will see is less and less family doctors being available. That's already been going on for the past 10 years. It is not viable for doctors to go into family practice anymore. The debt they incur in med school is too much and they lose too much money trying to fight the insurance companies to make a living. This is why I hate having large corporations or big government-run healthcare because they start dictating how health CARE should be done.


and if you don't do exactly what your MD tells you and take every drug he prescribes he will refuse to treat and then eventually you will be refused care.

I do not believe health care

I do not believe health care is a right just like education is not a right. You have the right to your freedom as Ron Paul has said over and over again. And therefore you have the right to choose what will go into your body. But you do not have the right to dictate how a provider will treat a disease or run their practice. It is the price we pay for being free. We cannot pick and choose when we want to be free.

I say the same thing to my own dad who smokes 2 packs of cigarettes/day. He has the right to smoke but do it knowing that he will risk the chance of gettting lung cancer. And if and when that happens, he does not have the right to demand that the doctor fix it and how it'll be fixed. He doesn't have the right to demand the insurance companies to take him on and lose money because the cost for his chemo will affect their business. Every business needs money or else they cannot run or be in business. We cannot demand doctors/NPs to care for us at the point of a gun because we choose to hold them at a different moral standard.

Lucky day!

Studies show that Doctors are the number 1 cause for death, followed by heart attacks and cancer.

Free includes debt-free!

wouldn't that make sense though

why go to the doctor to have him tell you things and then you don't do what he (or she) says? Then you keep going back and saying you did this but didn't do that as far as his (or her) recommendations. What are they supposed to think? If the economics works there will always be new docs trying to start a practice and taking on loads of debt that they need to pay off. So, the thought is if one passes you up or "refuses" to treat you then another may not. But, what's wrong with that? go to an herbalist or something else if you (in general not you specifically) are not jiving with docs.

The issue is much deeper with fee for service and the bill bill bill mentality. Docs don't even realize they do this because it becomes so much of their operating procedure (pun intended). The pay for performance is a great idea and it's unfortunate that it has taken this long to be a real thing in the marketplace.

This stuff isn't sinister in my opinion. Its really about academics trying to find a sneaky way to make our private health world better, more efficient and more available as well as cost effective to the people. The problem is that if their goals don't work, which they won't, the ignorant public will eventually get frustrated with the whole thing and cry out for socialized care because the hybrid is too "confusing" or not working.

The three pillars of our healthcare system need to be engaged to really make an impact. Obama vilified the insurance companies and thus the PPACA was passed. they now have the MLR, and the exchanges and the penalties for employers and individuals. It's a complex form of price fixing in my opinion and we know what that will get us.

The other two pillars doctors (the clinicians/hospitals) and the users the consumers the people the patients are the third. These two areas need to be addressed. People need to be responsible and take charge of their health. Doctors need to stop using defensive medicine and be able to offload some of the vast liabilities they take on. At the same time getting paid under a more pay for performance model or something different than bill for sixty things so I get paid on sixty things and won't get sued.

If your on a group plan or your employer plan and not seeing your doc and getting your check up your effin with other people now. If you get have a "shock claim" or something big happens because you have been stuffing herbs up your nose for six years and not taking the generic blood thinner for your blood pressure your claims (medical expenses) will impact the rest of your employers medical cost for the next year. Which means that every other employee now has you to thank for their slightly higher benefit cost. I am not advocating for only doing the science way or medicine way but docs don't generally get into medicine to hurt people or simply get rich it's usually to help people. So, if you have a dialogue with them there can be common ground and you can still help make sure your healthy and not impacting others on your plan. Which would be irresponsible and the exact opposite of what we claim to be, self reliant and not a burden on society.

You are mistaken. It's about money not health

If you have high blood pressure it is a calcium and trace mineral deficiency. Animals get high blood pressure and arthritis also. Vets cure it without drugs.

Free includes debt-free!




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IMO the alternative care community is the

most innovative and safest direction for remedies and health management. I hope you can find someone good in your area, and online health sharing forums and websites are invaluable.

A terrific one is: http://chriskresser.com/

The big question is

Will alternative care qualify for obamacare? Or will we still have to buy THEIR approved insurance and go to THEIR doctors?

Narturapathic Care is NOT covered by any insurance in my state

honestly if my Naturapath was covered by Obama Care or ANY insurance I'd probably be for it. The main down part of the whole scheme is that PEOPLE ARE FORCED to buy insurance.

Suppliments and Alternative Therapies Outlawed

Government is going after key suppliments and has already made certain therapies illegal. The Gerson Therapy is on of them. They have to operate outside of the country to cure cancer with food and suppliments. For now, we can still do it for ourselves.

Just do what you're told slave

You don't own you, the government does. The sooner you understand that, the happier you'll be. If they tell you to report each thursday for a whack on the head with a 2x4, at least carpool to save the planet.


I think its time to find a good veterinarian.......

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Don't Tread on Me!

Dead Doctors Don't Lie.

Dead Doctors Don't Lie.

More on the first comment on this thread.

Free includes debt-free!

I have always thought of it as 'medical advice'

now it is pretty much force. Keep your ideas about your own healthcare to yourself... and 'do what I say or find someone else'. =( I used to think it was doctor ego that was the problem until I opened my eyes to the bigger picture. Sadly I believe we lost good medical care with the last generation of doctors.

Now IMO doctors are more 'sales reps' for drug companies and hospitals (we need more tests, more and more and more prescription drugs).

Medical industry seems to be the focus vs medical *care*.

And then there is bill gates and friends...

There is No Healthcare System Only Disease Care

I am a holistically oriented Medical Doctor and I can assure you that our so-called "healthcare system" is not only expensive and wasteful, it really does very little good for prevention of disease. We actually have a Disease Care System.

Do mammograms reduce breast cancer? Do pap smears reduce cervical cancer? Do colonoscopies reduce colon cancer?

No way!!! These tests are merely looking for diseases to treat. Half the time these tests will pick up diseases that are not there (false positive) or miss stuff that is there (false negative) Hence generating the "need" for more tests and plenty of anxiety.

The bottom line - if you want to be healthy. Take good care of yourself. Unfortunately, much of the advice on healthy living comes from the same source of misinformation that is running the show, TPTB.

I have just written a new book, titled Edibolic Stress, How the Lies you are Being Fed are Making you Sick. You can get it through my website, www.MDWellnessMD.com or WWW.Edibolic.com

Check it out, protect yourself and your family.

Check out my new book; Edibolic Stress-How the Lies you are Being Fed are Making you Sick. www.edibolic.com

Diabetes, athsma and autism are prime examples

These ailments have become increasingly common yet there is no concern for cause, only "treatment" and "care". That's where the money is. There is no $ in healthy people for Big Pharma or the health"care" industry. Our dysfunction is their good fortune. It is a small leap to actually MAKING us sick. That's why the state touts that disease producing food pyramid and tries to scare us off meat, eggs and fat while pushing carbs and processed crap and "diet" products. Carbs are killing the people of this country.
Go Primal.

The firing of Jerry Louis

Did you hear about Jerry Louis being fired as the spokesperson for "Jerry's kids". Alex Jones had a doctor on who spent a lot of time trying to get ahold of Jerry to let him know that he has documented proof of a cure. The next thing this doctor knew, Jerry wasn't doing the telethon. The doctor persisted in finding out what happened. The official story was that Jerry was ill. The doctor found out through Jerry's personal assistant that they fired him, and any staffers that supported him. Jerry got the information and took it to the non-profit. They rejected the information, and Jerry.

They don't want the cure. Most cancers have been curable for a long time. Natural cures, gene therapy, and others have all been rejected by the FDA, and the AMA for decades. These cures have been proven with scientific studies. The system wants to kill you. Really, they do. Part of it is to keep the many billions of dollars flowing, but eugenics is the driving force behind it all.

Dr. Joel Wallach DVM, ND.

He sued the FDA and won. It was his law that allows us to use supplements without government intervention.

Free includes debt-free!

Uh oh, another primal blueprinter...

I'm so glad I discovered that diet. It really is amazing.

I didn't believe it either

But it WORKS and you don't have to starve yourself or spend hours working out or running.

Ya..the government and all

Ya..the government and all these agencies have access to and evaluate our healthcare, but if your own daughter is over 21, you can not find ONE thing out about her medical stay in a hospital unless she signs something saying you can. The really scary thing is, I have talked to some young people and they DO NOT CARE about privacy, nor the government knowing all about them.


My daughter does care about these things because........she is my daughter. Poor girl will never know the joy of blindly trusting a doctor or trusting politicians to pass laws, because they are for her own good.

I have probably set her up for a life of paranoia and cynicism. A comment she made the other day when I was talking about taxes and health care with a friend. "If it comes from the federal government it's probably evil".......she's 13.

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Reminds me

of when my dtr was young. She had stomach aches and diarrhea we (her dad and mom, not the dr)traced to gluten and lactose intolerance. Before we figured it out she was being examined by the dr and they asked to talk with her alone. We assumed it was the usual questions about sexual activity they don't like parents to hear but they wanted to know who was preparing her food, insinuating that her mother was poisoning her. We homeschooled and opted out of Gardisil so her mother was CLEARLY a candidate for Munchausen by proxy.

I don't want to alarm you,

but since you have a teenage daughter, that is what they will use to force you into the system.
It is a well-known tactic of theirs to send Child Protective Services to any home where a child is not being subjected to the state's demands for "care". They will demand she be in the system, and also demand you be in it as her parent who is responsible for her.

If you do not comply, it is highly likely that they will send CPS to take your child away from you and put her in a foster home.
This is not an exaggeration.
You need to take this possibility into account, and have contingency plans for that.

These are tactics that they use to force people to do as they say. They call you an "unfit mother", accuse you of "child abuse" for not following state-mandated rules, and take the child. There are many thousands of cases of this happening.

Hey Big T

I live in Massachusetts the most socialist,nanny state in the Union. I have raised an autistic granddaughetr since she was 2. She is now 17. No vaccines, no psych drugs, and yup your right I have had DSS called on me. Your biggest plus is knowing your rights and never, ever letting them put you into defensive mode. I always believed the best defense was a good offense. That included pediatricians as well. Knowledge is power but it will only serve you if you are not afraid to use it.

Dss showed up at my door and I refused them entry without a warrant. They came back with a cop and I said now officer you need to do your job and defend me and tell her she has no right to enter without a warrant.

He looked a bit shocked but told her, She is right, you cannot go in without a warrant. It was the school that called on me cause I refused to drug my GD. I hung a Miranda rights card around her neck and told her what it was. I told her to refuse to answer any questions and demand her Grandmother, or attorney be called. I also called the school and told them she had the Miranda rights card and knows her rights and if they violate them I'd sue them. Yes I actually did this the the socialist nanny state of Massachusetts. It worked.

Then I had her moved to another school and my understanding is that the Nazi social worker that called DSS and filed the false claim was terminated.

These tactics are not for the faint of heart and these people can smell fear so if you are going to use it, do not back down for any reason.

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Keep her far away from Gardasil...

and flu shots.

Sounds like you're doing a

Sounds like you're doing a great job raising her. Keep up the good work. Cynicism is healthy in this day and age.

Blessings )o(

She's 19 now

and doing much better since we figured out the gluten connection. Poor kid suffered for years. Funny thing is she knew exactly what they were doing when they started asking her leading questions when they got her alone. She makes light of my skepticism and thinks I'm paranoid but she knows. The always asked her also if she was depressed. She told me she always had an urge to hang her head, look all sad and woebegone and sigh say "No", play with their heads. I told her not to mess around and say as little as possible. They REALLY hated it that we refused the Gardisil.."Don't you care if your daughters get cervical cancer"?? Once we had to go to the ER for a fractured ankle and the ER staff started in on the questions about is she sexually active, on drugs, pregnant, etc. I laughed (she was 12) and told them "No, she's homeschooled. We know where she is and who she is with all the time". They just gave me a look like I was stupid and started to lecture us and then the Dr came in and heard me. He happened to be a homeschooler also, had a lot of kids. He understood and they dropped it.