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NPR's On Point had Yuval Levin sounding off about the scale of government. What is your opinion of him?

This is not the terrible Mark Levin. I think he has a moderate following on his paper. He is closer to Rand Paul than Ron, but who is really all that close to Ron anymore besides you and me?

I thought he had some very accurate thoughts about the way to go with governement. The host tried to trip him up by making him feel guilty by cutting people off from entitlement packages, but he handled it well. NPR, by its very nature, will always be liberal.

Here is a link:

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I stopped listening to NPR...

after their pathetic excuse of coverage of Ron Paul. However, I may give them another chance because they do perform a lot of quality investigative journalism, and it is very difficult to find any other news sources that do that. I will just have to hold my nose at times.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Yeah, I mean its not RonPaul radio

but its fun to listen to somewhat objective stories. I always run it through my BS filter, however. I remember hearing a few RP stories during the campaign, but they pale in comparison to Mitt's amount of coverage.

The liberals know Obama is gonna trash Romney, and honestly I dont think the Republicans really care. They want Obama in there when the economy implodes on itself. The only one that can save us is Ron Paul, and its a slim chance. We need that mindset in Tampa on Aug 27th. We need Ron Paul to be put on a pedestal.

I listen to NPR

They have a very unique perspective on things and I like to hear.
they have some really really interesting global topics and did a show on China a few days ago that was very interesting.
Of course it is from a lib point of view usually, but an educated person can see what they are missing and where they go wrong.
The intentions are good with libs, I just wish they understood the role of government and fiscal policy better.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Yeah, I usually enjoy it

They usually bring in a wide variety of opinions, so I dont mind. Its not a secret they are liberal, but usually they are objective in their stories presentation and they keep it light mostly.

there is nothing inherently 'good' or altruistic

those people who bother have their voices heard as progressive activists usually already have their livelihood connected in one way or another to the policies they espouse.. what they say naturally has to have some interest to the party they present their views to. i have no idea now an engineer working day in and out to compete with his fellow experts and lower the cost down so ordinary people can have their electronics or home appliances for cheap to use on a daily basis is any less honorable, that these progressives need to be specially categorized for 'good', having 'good' intentions. by all means, the whole of these people without a useful job is sub standard. and possibly their apologists as well.

we have family trading partners with day in and out dealings with chinese officials in china. we hear about china's troubles first hand unbiased. if anything, the last thing we would hear from is an armchair talk from some couch experts that amounts to nothing more while drinking afternoon tea, going 'hum, interesting'.