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(Video) Troops In Door To Door "Wellness Checks" In Virginia And Ohio

(Video) Troops In Door To Door "Wellness Checks" In Virginia And Ohio

Concern as National Guard and FEMA deployed in wake of severe weather

Steve Watson
July 3, 2012

National Guard troops are conducting door to door “wellness checks” in areas of Virginia and Ohio following power outages due to severe heat and storms.

WDTV in West Virginia reports that “The National Guard is checking to make sure everyone is doing well.”

The report also states that some guardsmen have been instructed to go to people’s homes and carry out “personal health checks”.

“Since thousands were out of power in Harrison County and there’s been times the 911 center was down, the National Guard was going from house to house in places like Lost Creek, West Milford and Johnstown to see how everyone was holding up and getting them the help they may need.” the report states.


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Virginia is incapable of guarding itself?

Shame on you, Virginia.

Free includes debt-free!

Video stopped

I was only able to see 1/3 before the picture stopped, and after a few seconds I could hear, but the picture remained stopped at what appeared to be a hospital lobby room.

In Virginia, they have been

In Virginia, they have been doing polls on health of residents lately. The first time I said I am not interested and promptly hung up. The second time they called, I was like um ok, sure, as I was waiting for something to finish downloading.
Let me say, I must be an outlier for health. Almost every single question I answered no to(for the yes/no). I have no major health problems. I get a basic amount of excercise. I dont eat tons of junk food.(but do not keep me away from my candy! hah I must have candy once a week) I am not overweight and I am in fact lighter than most people. I dont drink or smoke and have never tried, etc etc etc.
I have to wonder how many people fit in this category.(havent been to the dentist in like 6 or 7 years though, but my teeth aint falling out)

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.